Movie on the hostage crises soon to be released by Paramount


Paramount studios and  producer Scott Rudin have signed an agreement for a film adaptation of the book  "GUESTS OF THE AYATOLLAH", written by  Mark Bowden who is  also the author of  BLACK HAWK DOWN ( film adaptation direced by Ridley Scott) . The book is due in 2005.

Paramount and  Rudin will be making the first feature film based on this issue according to Variety magazine.

On november 4th 1979, 52 Americans were taken hostage at the American Embassy in Teheran by Islamic students asking for the Shah of Iran's extradition from the United States. Six Americans took refuge at the Canadian Embassy. The Carter Presidency tried to save the hostages after a disastrous attempt and the Hostages were released after 444 days in january 1981. The crisis led to the election of President Ronald Reagan which put an end to the ordeal.