National Geographic Society retreats

The Marze Por Gohar Party is happy to announce that with the hard work of our compatriots for defending the Persian Gulf, the National Geographic Society has been forced to retreat from their earlier stance regarding the Persian Gulf. The National Geographic Society has reportedly removed the illegitimate name from its maps, however there is an asterisk now explaining that some countries use another (unrecognized) name to refer to the Persian Gulf.
Though the Islamic Republic would like to have Iranians believe that the matter regarding the National Geographic’s use of an illegitimate name for the Persian Gulf has been resolved, only one of the four points our compatriots cited have in fact been enacted by the National Geographic Society. The Islamic Republic has had its foreign minister issue a statement whereby he thanks those outside Iran for defending the Persian Gulf, however they fail to realize that if Iran was being governed by real Iranians concerned with our national interests and territorial integrity in the first place then no entity would dare attempt to infringe upon our culture, history and territorial integrity.

The National Geographic Society has yet to implement the following demands of Iranians:

1) A recall process must be initiated by the National Geographic Society to collect all the flawed atlases.

2) The National Geographic Society must correct all errors pertaining to Iran on its atlases, websites and publications.

3) The president of the National Geographic Society must resign due to the fact that he is ultimately responsible for these inexcusable and error prone policies regarding Iran.
The organizations responsible for pursuing the campaign for the defense of the Persian Gulf were all based outside Iran. During meetings of these organizations it was agreed that since the Islamic Republic is too incompetent and since this regime has openly refused to characterize itself as a national entity, a committee be established with the goal of defending Iranian territorial integrity.
The Committee for Defense of Iranian Territorial Integrity (CDITI) is composed of the following parties, organizations and media:
Marze Por Gohar Party (MPG)
Kashm Organization
Council of Iranian American Jewish Organizations (CIAJO)
Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran (SMCCDI)
National Iranian Television (NITV)
Jam-e-Jam Television
SOS Iran Television (X-TV)
Pars Television
Azadi Television
Radio Sedayeh Iran (KRSI)
Sobheh Iran Daily Newspaper
Asreh Emrooz Daily Newspaper
Iranian Information Center 08