Nader Shah, "The Napoleon of Persia"

Nader Shah, or Nader Qoli Beg was born in Kobhan, Iran, on October 22, 1688, into one of the Turkish tribes loyal to the Safavid shahs of Iran. He was the son of a poor peasant, who lived in Khorasan and died while Nader was still a child. Nader and his mother were carried off as slaves by Uzbeks, but after death of his mother in captivity Nader managed to escape and became a soldier. Soon he attracted the attention of a chieftain of the Afshar in whose service Nader rapidly advanced. Eventually, the ambitious Nader fell out of favor. He became a rebel and gathered a substantial army. (Read More)

The Strangling of Persia

Morgan Shuster

A Story of European Diplomacy and Oriental Intrigue

In 1911, an ambitious American was invited by a budding Iranian democracy to bring financial stability to the country. He went with the blessing of the British and Russian governments, both of which enjoyed a wide sphere of influence in the region. However, no one expected him to succeed so quickly in making Iran into a credible democracy and he was ousted by the actions of the Russian and British governments. (Read More)

Marcus Tullius Cicero, the Great Roman Philosopher

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Napoleon still haunts France

The most famous Frenchman in history is being remembered in France, with the 200th anniversary of the coronation of the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. Several exhibitions devoted to his memory have opened around Paris: at the Louvre, the Jacquemart museum and at Les Invalides, where he is buried. (Read More)