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January/February 2006


Choreographer Maurice Béjart stages new Ballet Zarathustra

Swiss Ballet choreographer Maurice Béjart ( one of the founders of the Roudaki Opera in Iran under the supervision of Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi in the late 60's see photos below) is staging in Lausanne Switzerland his latest new ballet on Zarathustra the persian prophet who inspired German writer/philosopher Nietzche . It will include music compositions of Wagner, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Offenbach as well as Iranian music.

Béjart has repeated in previous interviews and bio's that he was greatly influenced by a sufi musician during a visit in kurdistan in the early 70's. It was one of the reasons that led him to convert to Islam. Although a Mystic, the Swiss choreographer who has worked with such greats as Rudolf Nureyev said that since September 11th he felt shook in his personal beliefs.

Is his new ballet on Zarathustra an answer to his personal religious and artistic introspections or further questionings on faith?

Ballet viewers and specialists will decide ...

Darius KADIVAR Reports from Paris

Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi and Shahbanou Farah congradulate Rudolf Nureyev for his ballet performance at Roudaki Hall, Tehran 1970's.

Mary and Frederik were both dressed to impress when they arrived at Christiansborg Palace on December 31

King Abdullah's half-sister, Princess Haya, is in the African country of Malawi to learn about its food crisis in her role as a United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) goodwill ambassador.

The Jordanian royals have been enjoying a visit to one of the world's most fascinating cities. King Abdullah II and his wife Queen Rania, who are both keen students of history, got a glimpse of Greece's glorious past when they were given a guided tour of the country's capital city, Athens.

Pope uses message to attack hardline Iran

THE Pope has used his inaugural new year message to launch a veiled attack on Iran’s hardline leadership.
Pope Benedict’s comments follow calls by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for Israel to be “wiped off” the global map and his recent dismissal of the Holocaust. The Pope said: “Authorities who incite their citizens to hostility to other countries bear a heavy responsibility and make the future of humanity more uncertain and anonymous.”

The Royal Couple of the Month:

actress Clotilde Courau (36 years old) and Husband Prince Emanuelle de Savoie of Italy (32 years old) . The French actress married the Italian prince two years ago and has been presented to the media as the new face in the European Gotha. They were also present at the Official Ceremony marking the enthronement of Prince Albert II of Monaco.

The ancestor of the Italian Prince King Victor Emmanuel III, was married to Hélène de Monténégro, in 1896.The Savoie Family was banished in 1946 due to the racist laws voted during the reign of King Victor Emmanuel III under Mussolini's Fascist government. The family was finally allowed to return to Italy in 2002.

Ironically Clotilde Courau will be playing the part of Giovanna di Savoia in the film "Mafalda di Savoia" an Italian TV production about the dramatic real story of the Italian princess, born and raised in the comforts of a golden court, but who will be forced by war to share the fate of ordinary people in a concentration camp.



The other one is courtesy of point de Vue Images du Monde

Break Fast at Tiffanies ? Royal Romance between Prince Albert II of Monaco and Sharmine Sharivar hinted by European Press

The German People Magazine Bunte as well as French Magazine Gala have hinted a would be romance between former political science student and Miss Europe 2005 Sharmine Sharivar. The beauty queen born to an Iranian father and German Mother was been at the Red Cross Gala in Monaco earlier this year and was seated close to the Monaco Family during the formal dinner. She is said to have been befriended by Princess Stephanie and that she also was seen with the Prince with whom she is said to have spent three months and accompanied him on a plane to the United Nations Yearly Reunion Conference.

Diamond necklace which once belonged to Russian Empress Catherine the Great sold at auction for $1.5m

bicentennial celebrations in barcelona of birth of Ferdinand de Lesseps, the constructor of Suez canal

Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary visit hotel attacked by suicide bombers in Amman, jordan

Chignon, a la mode!

Haute Couture

Alexander McQueen


Elies Saab



Some of the information/pictures have been taken from Hello Magazine