Famous Historical Persian Women

by: Dr. X

Persians, Patriots, Friends and Comrades:

My word is particularly with you, The Persian Woman,

The purpose of this article is specifically for the Persian youth and then the Persians in general, to know their valuable historical Persian Women. The youth shall be aware of their rich & glorious history. Women in Ancient Persian Empire were valuable beings; they often had important positions in the Courthouse, Ministries, Military, State Department, and other official administrations. Later on, during the First Arabo_Islamic Invasion_Occupation (651 AD), some of the Persian Women gathered Commando & Guerrilla armies, & some associated with their fellow men, combining the resistance forces against the foreign oppressor.

Those brave Persian Women with cooperation of their brave male partners, had managed to free Iran from the "First Arabo_Islamic Invasion_Occupation" (651 AD). The sacrifices of Iranian men & women, under the leadership of Yaqub Leis Saffarid, the son of a simple Ironsmith, had freed Iran on 873 AD and ended 222 years of Arabo_Islamic occupation (651 AD - 873 AD) of Iran. Now we are once agian under the occupation. Do you have what it takes to end the "Second Arabo_Islamic Invasion_Occupation" (1979 AD) of Iran?!

It is essential for the Persian Women to know & understand their glorious history of the past, because without it, they will not be able to plant their place in the future of Iran. Young Iranian ladies shall understand that they were not born as second rate citizens, yet this is an Islamic present to the Iranian women! Islam had made an abomination out of proud Persian women!

This article is also for the viewers to observe & compare/comparison the value of the Persian women in the past & the present insult & oppression of the Islamic Regime towards them. Imagine @ a certain era women in Iran were wisely running the country, yet @ the present, they practically count as properties of men, legally they count as half of men in all legal documents, physically they should be wrapped in bondage of hejab & chador, so the men will not be sexually turned on (ultimate Islamic male chauvinism)! Technically, according to Quran, women were originally created from a rib bone of the man! Women cannot attend certain important positions such as judicial, military, etc., for the reason that they are not completely alert @ all times! This is due to the reason that they go through the monthly cycle, & PMS! During this period, they cannot & are not qualified to run sever political positions in the government, religion, judicial, military, etc.

Islamic Scholars have went as far as calling women "Naqes ol Aql" (Mentally Retarded)! Islam clearly states that women are second rate citizens! They must be manhandled, owned, protected, well covered, safe kept & if not obedient, then must be beaten by firm hands of muslim men!

Women of Iran, once upon a time, you were Queens, ministers, secretaries of state, Generals, & Admirals, & Empress of the land, yet now you are petty slaves, properties, & sub human wrapped in bondage of hejab, looking like crows or penguins! Isn't it time to wake up? The day will come for the women of Iran to put things right, that will be the day that the Mullahs shall be afraid of the sweet revenge .....

Persian Woman, you were not born incarcerated behind the Chador and Lachak! The day will come for you to burn the chador and lachak; therefore, you can regain your status as a Persian Woman. Look @ what you were and what you are! This is your wake up call!

Observe the beautiful names & deep meanings of the Persian names, then review a few female Arabic names & check the silly, superficial meanings of them in encyclopedia, you be the judge!
Here are the results of my research, hope you enjoy.

Historical and Famous Persian Women
(The meaning of the names are in parenthesis.)

1. Doqdu (selected)
Mother of Zartosht Spantman (Zarathustra Spitmata), the Persian Philosopher/Prophet.

2. Hovi (owner of the fine cattle)
Devoted wife of Zartosht Spantman.

3. Chista (intelligent)
The wise daughter of Zartosht Spantman, great preacher of Zoroastrianism.

4. Mandana (eternal)
Wife of Cambysis, mother of Cyrus the Great (the 1st Persian Emperor & the writer of the first declaration of human rights in the globe, named The Cyrus Cylinder).

5. Amitis (wise friend)
Shahbanu of Iran, daughter of Astiak shah of Mad (The Median King), Wife of Cyrus the Great.

6. Atusa (beautiful body)
Shahbanu of Iran, wife of Darius the Great, daughter of Cyrus the Great, mother of Xerxes the Great (Kheshayar Shah).

7. Esther (Star)
Shahbanu of Iran, wife of Xerxes.

8. Pantea (strong & immortal)
Commander of the Immortal Guards, Achaemenids Dynasty. An important & sensitive military commander of Cyrus the Great, wife of General Aryasb the Achaemenid's Arteshbod (General).

9. Artunis (true & faithful)
Commander of Achaemenid's Army, daughter of Artebaz, Sepahbod (Lieutenant General) of Darius the Great. She was a mighty brave woman.

10. Pari Satis (angel-like)
Arteshbod (General) of Achaemenid's Army, wife of Darius the Second.

11. Mahruyeh (pretty face)
Shahbanu (Queen) of Iran, wife of Cambysis (Kambujiye) the Second.

12. Amestris (friend)
Achaemenid's military commander, daughter of Darius the Second.

13. Aspas (guard of strength)
Commander of Achaemenid's police, daughter of Ardeshir the Second.

14. Artemis (the great speaker of truth)
Artemis or Artemisia, The legendary Grand Admiral & leader of the Persian Navy during Xerxes, Xerxes' great love. A great powerful, independent & intelligent woman.

15. Sisi Cambis (fortunate)
Queen Mother, mother of Darius the Third, she was a remarkable Achaemenid woman who fought, resisted & did not surrender to Alexander the drunk, an epileptic, delusional, alcoholic, homosexual, megalomaniac Macedonian Tyrant. Alexander was very much found of her & had a crush on her!

16.Roxanna (very bright & beautiful)
Princess of Achaemenid, daughter of Darius the Third.

17. Estatira (Creation of the stars)
Sepahbod Princess (Lieutenant General) of Achaemenid's Army, daughter of Darius the Third.

18. Youtab (unique)
Commander of Achaemenids' Army, sister of the legendary Persian Hero, Aryobarzan (Achaemenid's General), she stood side by side to her brother & fought the Greeks & Macedonians to death.

19. Artadokht (Truthful girl)
Secretary of Treasury during Ardavan the Fourth of Ashkanids Dynasty.

20. Sura (Flower Face)
One of the Greatest Heroines of Persian History, A strategical & Military Genius. Ashkanid's General, Sepahbod (Lieutenant General) of Ashkanid Empire, daughter of Ardavan the Fifth, father's right hand.

21. Azarmidokht (Youthful girl)
Empress of Iran, daughter of Khosrow Parviz, ruled Iran after her sister Purandokht, Sassanid Dynasty.

22. Purandokht (Sexy & beautiful girl)
Empress of Iran, Older sister of Azarmidokht, older daughter of Khosrow Parviz, ruled Iran.

23. Shirin (sense of sweetness)
Shahbanu of Iran, wife of Khosrow Parviz Sassanid.

24. Parin (same as an angel)
Sassanid Princess, daughter of Qobad, Counselor of the Sassanid Courthouse, extremely intelligent politician.

25. Turandokht (Turanian girl)
Sassanid Princess, daughter of Khosrow Parviz, sister of Azarmidokht & Purandokht.

26. Golandam (flower body)
Shahbanu of Iran, wife of Bahram Gur Sassanid.

27. Zand (precious)
Wife of Khosrow Anushirvan Sassanid, niece of Bahram Chubin the Sassanid General.

28. Apranik (daughter of elder)
Sassanid's Great Military Commander, daughter of Piran, the great General of Yazdgird the Third. She fought gracefully, as a resistance commander, fighting against Arabo_Islamic Invaders_oppressors during the Arab Invasion, killed many of the Tazis & done many damages to the Savage Arab Army.

29. Negan (good destiny)
A freedom Fighter Leader, A Guerrilla Commander during Sassanids & after the occupation, one of the major resistance fighters of Iran against the Arab Invasion.

30. Banu (Lady)
Wife of Babak Khoramdin (Persian Legendary Freedom Fighter), she fought side by side to her husband Babak. After the occupation of Iran by the Arab Hounds, Banu & Babak worked as revolutionary resistance fighters leading the Persian Resistance Militia. She fought to the end.

31. Buran (Pretty)
The Persian Prime Minister of the Islamic Empire during Caliphate Ma'mun of Abbassids, Buran was the wise Wazir during the occupation of Iran by Arab oppressors, She was daughter of Hassan Sahl, she has done many goods for the Persians & Persian status under the occupation of Caliphate.

32. Azad (Free)
Daylami Guerrilla Commander, a partisan leader from north Iran, who fought for many years with her band of freedom fighters against the Arab Oppressors, during the Occupation era.

Persian, name your children Persian.
Persian, live Persian, love Persian and Die a Proud Persian

This brings us to the end of our research, may this document shed some light to the truth seekers & the bright minds of Iran.

Iranian women, think for a second,
Think about who you were then!
Think about who are you now?
You shall arise,
Once again, such as The Phoenix (Qoqnos), you shall arise from the ashes of defeat, oppression, Islamic slavery & suffocation. Once more, you shall break the chains of Islam from your hands & feet. Once again, you shall dump the Arabo_Islamic book of slavery (Quran) in Dumpster of history! Once again you shall gain your status next to the proud Persian men. Iranian women, my words are with you, never surrender, never accept leash of Islamic slavery, never accept your status as one of the many temporary (Siqeh) wives or one of the four permanent (Aqdi) wives of a Muslim chauvinist Male Pig! You are not Siqeh, Aqdi or Concubines, but you are proud Persian women.

Young Iranian woman,
Your place is high in the skies of Persia,
Your place is not by the foot of a Muslim man, as a lap dog!
Arise and break the Arabo_Islamic Chain of slavery,
Arise and regain your lost "Persian Prestige",
Arise and once more, regain your humanity!
You are a proud Persian Woman.

Woman, Stand Up Now!

I want you to right @ this moment, go out & stand in the middle of the streets of Iran or exile, tell yourselves, you are proud Persian women, then shout it from the top of your lungs:

"I am a proud Persian Woman,
I will break the chains,
Hear me roar, Hear me roar!"

I promise you, The Resistance will be victorious.

Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated!

Pure Persian Pride

Dr. X