The Guardians of Democracy

Bahram Maskanian

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In order to understand and ascertain Democracy, one needs to look at the definition of the word Democracy and the actions associated with it. How to invoke, maintain and constantly improve democracy requires for the public at large to continuously keep their governing rulersí feet to the fire at all times.

Democracy is the means to invoke, mobilize, and galvanize a government by the public, answerable to the people and responsible for public safety and welfare. A democratic system of government is where people are able to exercise their inalienable right to directly elect representatives or impeach their elected representatives via popular vote.

Democracy is a social, political and economical method of managing and maintaining a society and its government. In a democratic system common people are considered the primary source of political power. Democracy means the majority rules. Democracy is the instrument to protect principles of social stability, social equality and respect for individual human rights within a community.

The ruling opposing forces to human rights and liberty are hard at work to prevent true democracy from ever taking root. This opposition to democracy appears in different forms and behaves in different manners in any given geographical area around the world.

The most popular form of dividing and conquering the public is to establish opposing political parties and to set them up against one another calling them left or right wing. For example lets take the United States two (2) political parties, democrats and republicans, there may be trivial differences between them but in reality they are the two (2) wings of the same predatory bird, none of which, are ever truly on the side of the public.

Political parties are easily bought, sold and manipulated due to the fact that political party bosses and members are not working for the public. Rather, they are working for those who fund their endeavors and pay for their policies.

Any successful democratic movement, which is fragmented and branched out into different political parties, is doomed for failure. Only a grass root coalition inclusive of the whole population can and will maintain a democratic civil society.

One of the ruling opposing forces to any democratic movement is religion. All religions are dead set against any democratic progression and are clearly poison to the mind. Religionís deadly venom is used very effectively by the Adam & Eve based religionsí Mullahs to persuade the public to support their medieval laws or modified versions of them, thereby protect their elitist controlling positions in society.

The progressive thinking public in search of democracy must beware of religious influence and prevent any enrollment or involvement of religious supporters and mullahs, never allowing such interaction and partnership to take place. Religion must and shall remain a private affair for those who wish to believe in one. Religious activities have absolutely no place in the political and social governing of a democratic society.

The breath and oxygen of democracy should be supplied by common sense and reason not by symbolism. There is absolutely no place in a democratic civil society for any type of symbolism. Common sense should be the ruling factor, not imagery, flags, statues or any other symbols.

The good news is that no matter what geographical area in the world and what tools are employed by the ruling opposing forces there is only one way of diffusing their deceptive misleading means and begin establishing a true democracy.

Diffusing obstructive measures, which oppose the development of democracy, requires constant involvement of the public. This involvement should encompass a direct honest communication and exchange of information at the grass root level at all times amongst the public.

An ideal democratic society requires the entire populationís participation and is based on three essential pillars, education, education and education!!! The ideal democratic society cannot be brought down and paralyzed by the assassination of their social, political leaders and officials.

A key principle and component of a democratic society is a free, fair and unbiased press. One other key principle of a democratic society is the informed public.

People are informed mainly by the activity of free press, it would be impossible for the public to make an informed decision without having a free, fair and unbiased press when they go to the ballot box.

Without a bold and courageous press that is ready and organized to tell the public the truth a genuine democracy could never come to existence.

Respect and discipline are the other two strong and necessary pillars of democratic development. People must learn to respect each otherís opinion and also learn to respectfully argue their points until a common sense solution is reached.

The Guardians and Founders of Democracy are the informed, involved and watchful citizens of that society. What fuels and energizes democratic systems of government are everlasting vigilant informed voters.