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July/August 2004

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 Volume III, Number  24


Insurgents Quit Mosque in Najaf After Peace Deal

Violence Flares in Najaf Area as Top Shiite Cleric Returns

Senior Iraqi official shot dead











































































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Persian / Iranian Protocol – Character And Personality

Bahram Maskanian

I worked as an undercover officer in the Iran Royal Air Force. I was responsible for investigating the business dealings and corruptions within the - - Iran Aircraft Industries - - a division of the Iran Royal Air Force formed through a partnership with the US Air Force and a few American weapons manufacturing companies. 

August 5, the  anniversary of  Iran's Constitutional Revolution

During the early 1900s the only way to save country from government corruption and foreign manipulation was to make a written code of laws. This sentiment caused the Constitutional Revolution. There had been a series of ongoing covert and overt activities against Naser o-Din Shah?s despotic rule, for which many had lost their lives. 

Different Historical Points of View on 28th of Mordad

Today is the 9th of Mordad. We have 19 more days until the fateful day of the 28th of Mordad. The rest of this month will be dedicated to that event 51 years ago. Articles presented this month will be by different authors, representing different points of view. Even at the risk of being controversial, we need to look at this event from historical, not just ideological, points of view.

Sentimental journey

For many thousands of Iranians who were forced to leave Iran following the fall of the Shah in 1979, the Rifa'i mosque in Cairo has become a place of pilgrimage.

By Cyrus Kadivar

Two articles by: Bahram Maskanian

Price of Liberty is the Everlasting Eternal Vigilance

Failure or success of any massive uprising for change rests upon the behavior and presentation of those who wish to make the change. The message and its delivery system must be unambiguous and clear. The opposing forces of any such change will do whatever they can to disrupt and derail such uprising. The only way that a righteous uprising can succeed in a tyrannical ruling system is by silently communicating the message of hope and change.

The Guardians of Democracy

In order to understand and ascertain Democracy, one needs to look at the definition of the word Democracy and the actions associated with it. How to invoke, maintain and constantly improve democracy requires for the public at large to continuously keep their governing rulers’ feet to the fire at all times.

Book Review


A criticism on Simak Sotoudeh's "Zan va Sex"

Iraj Tabibnia




Celebrating James Joyce’s brilliant masterpiece—Ulysses

Maryam Tabibzadeh

For James Joyce enthusiasts around the world, June16th of each year marks a day filled with extraordinary celebration. Known only as "Bloomsday" to those in the literary world, June 16th has become a scholarly holiday of sorts where Joyce diehards and curious visitors can congregate to rejoice James Joyce’s brilliant masterpiece—Ulysses.


Terror in the Skies, Again?

By Annie Jacobsen

Note from the E-ditors: You are about to read an account of what happened during a domestic flight that one of our writers, Annie Jacobsen, took from Detroit to Los Angeles. The WomensWallStreet (WWS) Editorial Team debated long and hard about how to handle this information and ultimately we decided it was something that should be shared. What does it have to do with finances? Nothing, and everything. Here is Annie's story. 

Racial profile yourself 

Sara Sefeed

To Ms. Ann Jacobsen in response to Terror in the Skies, Again?

 July 9, 2004

The released videotaped footage of blindfolded British soldiers captured by the Islamic Republic was evocative of another Western humiliation in the hands of Iranian religious fanatics.


Today, everyone is an Iranian.

Amil Imani

"You have powers you never dreamed of.  You can do things you never thought you could do.  There are no limitations in what you can do except the limitation of your own mnd."  Darwin P. Kingsley.

"Please ....Call Me an Iranian, Not a Moselm"

Farhad Mafie

Hold on to Your Hat!

Some days the Persian Gulf is referred to as the Arabian Gulf.  Some days Rumi–the great Iranian poet and philosopher—is referred to as a poet from Afghanistan or a poet from Turkey.  Some days Sina or Avicenna, Razi, Farabi, Birouni—the great Iranian scientists—are referred to as Arab scientists.  Some days Iranian arts are referred to as Islamic arts in famous European galleries. 

Mr. Suspicious!



Shojaat-e Akhlaghi-e Maa Iranian

Hasan Naraaghi




Parthia (Old Persian Parthava)

Satrapy of the ancient Achaemenid empire, the north-east of modern Iran.

The borders of Parthia were the Kopet Dag mountain range in the north (today the border between Iran and Turkmenistan) and the Dasht-e-Kavir desert in the south. In the west was Media, in the northwest Hyrcania, in the northeast Margiana, in the southeast Aria. (The road from Media through Parthia to Margiana is the famous Silk road.) On the other side of the southern desert was Persia proper. The country south of the Kopet Dag is fertile and was well-irrigated in Antiquity. There were large forests.

Human Rights timeline:

Parye Mazda

From "Speak Truth to Power": an educational and advocacy package in collaboration with Amnesty International and Umbrage Editions.


The dilemma of Norooz!

21st of March labeled as the Baha'i New Year!?

A response to the article "21st of March labeled as the Baha'i New Year!"

Shadam Tofighi

Dr. Dooskhah's response to Shadan Tofighi



Sean Connery in the movie, Cyrus the Great

Sent by: Amil Imani

The world's richest head of state, The Sultan of Brunei, is believed to be part of a group of wealthy investors in talks with the UK-based production company Chayaha which is behind the £50 million independent film Cyrus.

According to the DailyTelegraph, Sean Connery and Angelina Jolie are being considered to play the key roles of Cyrus The Great - the ruler who lived from 580-529 BC and founded the first Achaemenian empire in Persia - and his empress in the film. Chayaha had hoped to begin filming next month but only around 80 per cent of the finance is in place right now. British director Alex Jovy hopes to start shooting in Tunisia, or possibly Pakistan, next year.

Unlike other rulers of the time, Cyrus promoted tolerance of all religion and freed all his empire's slaves. His decrees currently reside in the British Museum and are considered amongst the first documents in recorded history to declare and promote human rights.

The Keeper, the legend of Omar Khayyam

An interview with Kayvan Mashayekh the director of the movie

by Darius Kadivar

Film: Alexandre is coming

Darius Kadivar


Political Articles

And its War With The U.S.
Amir Taheri

Sometime next month, three European foreign ministers are expected to fly to Tehran for what is tipped in diplomatic circles as a "last chance" attempt at persuading the Islamic Republic to stop its quest for nuclear weapons.



Reza Bayegan

The Associated Press reported on July 27 that in defiance of any international monitoring of its program, Iran had broken seals put on its equipment by the IAEA, the United Nations nuclear watchdog agency.


Iranian Talk Of an Attack On America

The New York Sun

There are growing indications that Iran may be planning an attack on American soil. 


Darfur aid worker's diary XIV

For the people working in the therapeutic and supplementary feeding centres (TFC and SFC) there is no escape. Every single day, they are confronted with the daily suffering of many malnourished children. Some of the children are being brought in more dead then alive.


The Power of yourth

Der Spiegel

Young Iranians look to excessive drug use and parties to escape their stifling lives. Following the conservatives' victory in parliament, many have turned away from politics. Religious hard-liners want to see a return to the Islamic model state.


Mullahs' reign of terror in Iran

By: Roya Johnson
sent by: Amil Imani

As a former political prisoner, I have been asked on many occasions what has kept the mullahs’ regime in power in Iran for twenty five years. 


Patriotism Fails Iran,
Sets to Breed Islamic Terror

Amil Imani

The Islamic Republic terror machine once again has taken off at the speed of light in Iran and exemplifies a depraved, clerical system of government, which legitimizes its depravity through a series of terror, fear and intimidation of Iranian people.


Appeasement: Now, More Than Ever
Reza Bayegan

Just as news was breaking that Iran had sheltered more than half of the hijackers in the 9/11 plot, a group of liberal foreign policy hacks were calling for the “liberalization” of relations between Iran and the United States. 


Paul Klebnikov, The Author of - - Millionaire Mullahs - - Was Shot Dead - Late Friday, July 09, 2004

MOSCOW - - The American editor of Forbes Magazine's Russian edition and author of a book about tycoon Boris Berezovsky was shot to death late Friday, July 09, 2004, the magazine said.


Bush, Kerry Have Different Approaches to Iran.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. policy toward Iran, whose nuclear policies and involvement in Iraq (news - web sites) fly in the face of U.S. interests, could hinge on the outcome of the November presidential election.


No Regrets!
Nicole Sadighi

In order to achieve world peace, we must change the political and socio-economics of the world. When the late President Ronald Reagan called the Soviet Empire an "Evil Empire" in 1982 and described his "plan and hope for the march of freedom and democracy..." 


My fellow Iranians,

Amil Imani

The flowers of victory will once again blossom and the celebration of life over the celebration of death will begin. But until then, we must struggle against fanaticism with all our strength. 


 Amir Taheri

WILL this week's transfer of power from the US-led coalition to Iraqis change the realities of life in the newly liberated country?


Defining Terrorism

Amir Taheri

WORKING papers pre pared for today's NATO summit indicate that the alliance now recognizes international terrorism as the most potent and urgent threat to peace and stability throughout the world.


Quietly, U.S. Prepares For Israel Strike on Iran

The United States has been examining the prospect that Israel will attack Iranian nuclear facilities in an attempt to prevent the Islamic republic from completing an atomic bomb as early as this year.


 Amir Taheri

WHILE a section of the Western media continues to predict an "explosion of the Arab street," it is possible that Arab, and Muslim politics in general, may be seeking other, more institutionalized, forms of expression.


Cleric's torture ban recognises Iran's record

The Guardian

The head of the Iranian judiciary issued an order yesterday banning the use of torture and other abuses: an unprecedented acknowledgement of the regime's record of repression.


For Iranian Mullahs' Mission in Iraq, History is repeated
by Hedayat Mostowfi

It would be a dangerous mistake to say we will not negotiate with terrorists but try to use the godfather of international terrorism as mediators.


Strangled, Suppressed and Betrayed

Shahla Samii

1979 was the year many of us left Iran due to turmoil, uncertainty and the catastrophic events unfolding under Khomein's iron will and vengeful plans for the country and its people, cleverly shrouded under the name of Islam and social equality.

Rafsanjanis are Iran's Power Brokers for Investors

At 6 p.m. on Sept. 11, 2003, agents from Oekokrim, Norway's financial crimes police unit, raided the Stavanger headquarters of Statoil ASA, the nation's largest oil company.


by Amir Taheri

 An explosion of spiritual energy in the streets... A sudden intrusion of religion in the affairs of the city..."

It was in these eulogising terms that Michel Foucault, the late French historian and amateur politologue -but then aren't all French intellectuals polyvalent?- described his experience in Tehran in the days of what was to be known as "the Islamic Revolution" in 1978.