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Bijan Assadipour is an extremely talented artist/writer/caricaturist/humorist Iranian. Daftar-e Honar is one of his great achievements during the years of exile.

His newly released book " Doreeyat " is now available to order .

Please listen to the interview about the book and if you can order a copy.

An Interview with Bijan Assadipour on his newly released book: Doreeyat

Interview by: Firouzeh Khatibi

Doreeyat by: Bijan Assadipour

to order please contact Mr. Assadipour at:

P.O. Box 7387
Stockton, CA 95267 USA


Tel. & Fax (Daftar-e-Honar): 209-469-0100

Bijan by Shapour

Bijan by Mr. Mozafari