Shirin Neshat of Sarbazan : The IRI Regime in Iran is a Terrorist Cabal
Posted on Thursday, June 30 @ 00:24:27 EDT by mark

Shirin Neshat of Sarbazan, an Iranian organization dedicated to the memory of Imperial Iranian Armed Forces members who died in the service of trying to protect the Persian Monarchy from Islamic fundamentalist hoardes during the 1978-79 Revolution in Iran, warns the United States today that the election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the Presidency of the Islamic Republic is a catastrophe for the entire civilized world.

Ms. Neshat warns America and the West specifically that Ahmadinejad's election does not simply suggest that war between the United States and Iran will now occur over Tehran's nuclear program. Even more ominously, Ms. Neshat insists that the unfathomable failure of American and European governments to remove Islamic fundamentalist fanatics from any physical presence in America and Europe will insure the manifestation of terroristic tragedies in both places---an apocalyptic nightmare caused by an appeasement of Islamic fundamentalism that began in earnest with the cowardice and defeatism of ex-American President Jimmy Carter.

Ms. Neshat knows whereof she speaks. Her father, the late General Ali Neshat, headed the Shah's Imperial Guard. Responsible for the safety of the Persian Royal Family and the Tehran-based Niavaran, Saadabad, Marmar, and Golestan Palaces, General Neshat was executed by the terrorist Islamic Republic in Iran (IRI) regime in April of 1979.

Ms. Neshat gave the following statement to Mark Dankof of BATR:

Shirin Neshat of Sarbazan to America: The Terrorist Islamic Republic in Iran Regime Will Terrorize America
Shirin Neshat on Islamic Republic in Iran Terror

"In the name of the Persian people and the 2,500 year old Monarchy of the Persian Empire, I wish to tell the American government and the American people that there can be no compromise with the violence and evil perpetrated by the terrorist Islamic Republic in Iran (IRI) regime.

"Not only the United States and its people, but all civilized people and nations of the entire world, are endangered by this regime and the murderous tyrants who lead it. This is a war between good and evil. There can be no compromise between the two.

"And the great danger for the people of America, Europe, and the world is this: that the war that is coming is with an enemy--the Islamic Republic in Iran regime--that is capable of any atrocity, any crime, any outrage that it believes serves its own purposes. These outrages will occur not simply on the streets of Tehran, Baghdad, Beirut, Cairo, and Tel Aviv, but in the cities and states of an America that has never known such a war before---within its borders and on its shores---with an enemy who will stop at nothing.

"And so, as a loyal Persian-American, loyal to the history of the Persian Monarchy and the American Constitutional history of Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin as well, I call--and the blood of the martyrs of the Imperial Iranian Armed Forces calls--upon our President Bush and the American Congress, to rid the American homeland of the presence of the agents of this terrorist Islamic Republic in Iran (IRI) regime from our nation. I (we) call upon President Bush and the American Congress to protect the people of the United States from the terror and the tragedy perpetrated in the nation of Iran in the last 26 years of history. And finally, I (we) call upon President Bush, the Congress of the United States, and the good and godly people of America to give Persian patriots the resources and support necessary to reclaim our land and to restore our 2,500 year old Persian Monarchy---not simply for the patriots of Iran, but for the peace and security of the Middle East and the entire planet in which we are all members of the human family created by the good and great God of history."

"Payandeh Iran "

Shirin Neshat

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