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Gilgamesh tomb believed found

US troops fighting shadows near Iraq-Iran border

American Forces Reach Cease-Fire With Terror Group

Who's who in Iraq

Cleric in Iran Says Shiites Must Act

Analysis: Shia's role in new Iraq

Kiss gets Iranian actress suspended sentence of 74 lashes

US military official confirms ceasefire with the MKO

Divided Iraqis to hold post-war talks

Rafsanjani sets off new debate on ties with US

Iran's delegation meets Iranian expatriates in the US

Resentment on streets of Baghdad

US aims to end Baghdad chaos

Iraq latest: At-a-glance

Iran divided between joy and anxiety over Iraq's fall

Leader tells Iraqi opposition not to collaborate


Congo massacre 'leaves 1,000 dead'

Human remains 'are Iranian soldiers'

Counting the victims of Iraq war

Bush and Blair plan the peace

Iranian cameraman killed by landmine in Northern Iraq

Analysis: US warns Syria and Iran

Baghdad maternity hospital 'bombed'

Power outage blacks out northern, western Iran

MKO says Tehran preparing to join war

'Many dead' in Baghdad attack

Iran vows to stay neutral

Coalition 'breaking Saddam's grip'

Cruz movie to open Cannes

Anti-war speeches dominate Oscars

Fierce resistance blunts US push

Analysis: Arab world faces turmoil

"Neutral" Iran denounces US, UK airspace violations

Tehran warns MKO not to try sneaking in as refugees

Iranians' behavior does not mar Norouz nor Moharram

Hussein's Fate Still Uncertain

U.S. Reports Talks Urging Surrender

Wave of Protests, From Europe to New York

War on Iraq begins

Iran ready to shelter Iraqi refugees in border camps

Time for Bush to see reason and withdraw threat: Iran

Bush orders Saddam to quit

Baghdad quietly braces for war

In Iraqi Capital, People Prepare for the Conflict

Bush counts down to war

Clinton takes symphony role

US voices Iran nuclear concern

Erdogan set to be Turkish PM

Hundred Iranian Youths Arrested for "Pagan" Festival

Bush condemns Iraqi 'charade'

Turkey upsets US military plans

Iranian poet, cinema critics arrested: press

Tremor shakes Mashhad

UK sells Iran 'military' equipment

Syria Suspects Secret Deal Between Washington, Iran

HRW: Press Crackdown Intensifies

Khatamiís Next Move After Friendís Sentencing

US accelerates Gulf build-up

Iran And Weapons of Mass Destruction

Austin Family Facing Deportation to Iran

Iranian Teenager Sentenced To Death For Boozing


UK troops 'to join Gulf build-up'

Iranian writer nabbed by plainclothes police: family

Solomons survivors tell their story

An Iranian musician's homecoming

Venezuela begins importing oil

Reza Pahlavi's Letter  to President BUSHl

Bush assures Iranians of solidarity with new outlet

Swiss ambassador called in on US detention of Iranians














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World of Politics

The Meaning of a Skull


Friday's Times carried a front-page picture of a skull, with a group of Iraqis gathered around it. The skull was of a political prisoner from Saddam Hussein's regime, and the grieving Iraqis were relatives who had exhumed it from a graveyard filled with other victims of Saddam's torture. Just under the picture was an article about President Bush vowing that weapons of mass destruction will be found in Iraq, as he promised.

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Long Distance Arabs
by Amir Taheri

The Don't-Touch-Saddam lobby had prophesied that Baghdad would become Stalingrad 1942. Yesterday, Baghdad became Paris after liberation in 1944. It was a day of song and dance and jubilation in a capital liberated from more than four decades of brutal tyranny. (Click to Read)

The Others
We have miles to go in eliminating the Axis
by Michael A. Ledeen

A year ago, as I was finishing the first draft of The War Against the Terror Masters, I wrote that Syria and Iran could not tolerate an American success in Iraq, because it would fatally undermine the authority of the tyrants in Damascus and Tehran. 
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This person writes from Baghdad

sent by: Sheema Kalbassi

The most disturbing news today has come from Al-Jazeera, they said that nine B52 bombers have left the airfield in Britain and flying presumably towards Iraq, as if they would be doing a spin around the block. Anyway they have 6 hours to get here.  (Click to Read)

Muslim Women and the Politics of Participation
Imagination as Subversion

Part II
by: Azar Nafisi

It has been said with some justification that the most significant story in the Thousand and One Nights is the frame story itself.  Although it looks simple and is less fantastic than some of the stories told by Shahrzad, it is, in fact, the most magical of them all. 

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Norooz Special


by: Khodadad Kaviani

Norooz is one of the most beautiful and joyous cultural traditions of all times and it is as old as time!  The essence of Norooz is about the celebration of progressive creationism, happiness, love and harmony. According to ancient Iranian beliefs, Ahuraa-Mazdaa (The Great Life-Giving Wise One) created the world in six cycles. (In Full)


The Safavids (Part II)

From the water of immortality to the legendary source of Fin

The Royal Quarters Of Qazvin, The Caspian, And Isfahan: City Garden

By 1597, when Abbas had been on the throne ten years, he was in a position to build a capital worthy of the Empire he had created.  Qazvin, not far from the Safavid's homelands near the Caspian Sea, was in a region torn by continual conflict.  And it was provincial.. (In Full )

Older Than The Egyptian Civilization

By: M. Sadeq N‚zemi-Afsh‚r


All the Phenomena considered ordinary and evident today have had a beginning. Up to a mere hundred years ago, rockets, aircraft and even automobiles did not exist. We do know about the origins of thousands of inventions and discoveries, but before that, there had been times when our language did not exist, our religion was unknown, there was no such thing as agriculture, and the human being even did not know how to use fire.  (In Full)

World of Literature

Crime and Punishment

by: Fyodor Dostoyevsky

An Excerpt

Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov, a former student, lives in a tiny garret on the top floor of a run-down apartment building in St. Petersburg. He is sickly, dressed in rags, short on money, and talks to himself, but he is also handsome, proud, and intelligent.   (In Full)


Part III

World of Cinema

"Iranians and Hollywood"

Hollywood and its influence on Iranian society and Film Industry

by Darius Kadivar

Prior to the 1979 Islamic Revolution, however Iranian Cinema was developing into a lucrative and popular bussiness. From 1950 to the mid-1960's the Iranian film industry grew rapidly. Many studios were established as well as others that entered the cycle of the film industry independently. There were 324 films produced during this period (1950-1965). By 1965 there were 72 movie theatres in Tehran and 192 in other provinces.

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Upcoming "Swords and Sandals" films set in or involving Ancient Persia

By Darius Kadivar

A number of Film projects and a TV series are currently being developed in Hollywood Studios involving prestigious names as Leonardo Di Caprio, Nicole Kidman or Mel Gibson. (Click to Read)

Film on Soraya's life finished in Morrocco

By Darius Kadivar

LUX VIDE has finished the shooting the last scenes in Morrocco of film "SORAYA" with Anna Valle in the title Role of the Persian Princess who was forced to divorce from the Shah of Iran after failing to give him a heir to the Peacock Throne. (Click to Read )



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