A cancer called Islamic Republic 

by: Amil Imani

The hand of Vengeance sought the bed
To which the purple tyrant fled;
The iron hand crush'd the tyrant's head,
And became a tyrant in his stead.”
William Blake

Today Iran’s enemies are those whose arrogance are destroying our Persian heritage and culture and supplanting them with insane and alien concepts of total social control. Anyone who disagrees with their planned totalitarian

rule is pronounced ‘insane’ or a “drug addict” and or “an infidel.” He is seized quietly, conveyed to a prison, tortured and usually permanently injured and most likely killed.

To continue the so-called the purity of the Islamic revolution, Islamic Republic has created a reign of terror that denominates everybody as an enemy, particularly anyone who objects to the terror. Islamic Republic has

even gone further and conceded that anti-revolutionaries and pro-democracy and freedom seekers, are infidels and agents of the great Satan, working against the will of Allah.

This is how the Iran's ayatollahs would like to expand their reign of terror that they have imposed upon the afflicted Iranian people and the people of the Middle East and throughout the free world. The US State Department has described Islamic Republic as "the most dangerous state sponsor of terrorism." “Fake trials throughout this country are followed by public hangings and floggings, stoning, torture and imprisonment, which are reported daily by international media.”

This is hardy news to Iranians who have witnessed the achievements of the Islamic Republic in the past Twenty-Five years in their country:

“1. Execution, flogging, stoning and amputation of limbs in public.

2. Mass killings of political prisoners.

3. Assassination of political dissidents outside of Iran.

4. Political serial killings in Iran.

5. Construction of many new prisons holding thousands of political


6. Political oppression.

7. Promotion of international and domestic terrorism.

8. Violation of human rights in every category.

9. Lack of civil liberties.

10. Improvement and growth of Iran's Cemeteries.

11. Killing and imprisonment of journalists.

12. Violation of women's rights.

13. Censorship and closure of publications.

14. Forcing Iranians to flee the country resorting in five million refugees

throughout the world and "brain drain".

15. Oppression of religious minorities.

16. Filtering the Internet.

17. Jamming out of country satellite TV and radio stations.

18. Stealing Iran's wealth by the Mullahs and transfer of funds to abroad.

19. Destruction of Iran's Economy.

20. Widespread poverty throughout Iran.

21. Severe Inflation.

22. Devaluation of Iranian Rial.

23. Increase in unemployment.

24. Increase in the crime rate.

25. Promotion of corruption, prostitution and addiction.

26. Housing crisis in Iran.

27. Malnutrition, retarded growth and increased rate of depression among

Iranian youth.

28. Public health crisis in Iran.

29. Making Iran an international "embarrassment".

30. 1979 Occupation of the US Embassy in Tehran and holding hostages for 444


31. Conflict with neighbouring countries.

32. Iran-Iraq War resulting in millions dead, wounded, handicapped and


33. Destruction of Iran's Airline Industry.

34. Causing economic sanctions against Iran.

35. Producing weapons of mass destruction.

36. Inability to get Iran's fair share of natural resources from Caspian Sea.

37. Promoting regional conflicts in the Middle East.

38. Destruction of Iran's industries.

39. Lack of technological advancements.

40. Air and environmental pollution crisis in Iran.

41. Destruction of Iran’s agriculture.

42. Destructions of fine arts, theatre, cinema and music in Iran.

43. Promoting Islamic Fundamentalism.

44. Closure of Iranian Universities under Cultural Revolution for three years.

45. Attacking University campuses to kill and crack down on students.

46. Violating the constitution of the "Islamic Republic".

47. Hiring hooligans to beat and crack down on Iranian citizens.

48. Improving and selling contraband by regimes elements for additional income.

49. Selling Iranian women as sex slaves in the United Arab Emirates.”

The signs of hope in which Iranians will soon reaching their ultimate destination of full-scale democracy declined even further after the phoney parliamentary elections held by the hardliners last month. The wheels of freedom seems to have stopped and the attacks on the prisoners of conscience yet to regain ground in a full-scale war against the innocent Iranian people who dare to challenge the Mullahs’ reign of terror. It may take another turn

for the worse with its renewed terror campaign, the regime aims to push back people's protests by instilling more fear in the population at large.

"Stalin and the Stalinist mentality is everywhere. The idea that the rule of Guardian Council is everything and the individual nothing is still all-pervasive in the land of “Cyrus the Great,” said an Iranian who managed to flee the country after spending many years in the terror chambers of Islamic Republic.

So now the basic picture remains unchanged. By restoring to the methods of the Stalin era, Islamic Republic secret agents will continue their tortures and interrogatories of political prisoners before being herded like cattle

onto the most horrifying black dungeons and eventually, to their death.

The myth of reform is now painfully evaporated from once public perception, and has turned into feeling of despair and ennui. Mr. Khatami’s once personification of reform had been played an important role in the most

brutal human rights abuses of the Islamic regime during his tenure. It is both sad and ironic indeed while many Iranians are cursing and have turned their back against the sincerity of Mr. Khatami, the Western media, and

journalists continue to label Mr. Khatami as a moderate man, and a reformer. The result is that Islamic Republic once again has waged war against writers and journalists and intellectuals and anyone who dares to write andchallenges the most merciless regime that the world has seen.

Islamic Republic tyrants have always known the unique power of writers in that country, and attempts at silencing these troublesome beings were usually the result of fear. Why the rulers bother with such drastic measures

shows their awareness of the writers’ enormous potential influence in a society. Journalists and writers had been frequently verbally attacked by the members of Guardian Councils and by the head of the judiciary, and alsoby the supreme leader himself.

The first such killings, which later became known as “ The Chain Murders,” started off by killing of Mokhtari and Pouyandeh which heightened revulsion to an unprecedented level. It was the first time that writers were confirmed as murdered for political reasons, which later was revealed that this act of barbarism was done by the members Intelligence Ministry and the direct order of the supreme leader.

With tightening the grip on the internal situation, now Islamic Republic seriously and actively and desperately is trying to build the ‘bomb’ so that it would enable them to use it as a bargaining chip against the pressure of

the West, mainly, the United States and Israel.

It was not long ago that former Iranian President Ali Akhbar Rafsanjani conjectured about what it would mean to use a nuclear bomb against Israel. This is how Mr. Rafsanjani is quoted in the English-language Iran News, last year:

"If one day the world of Islam comes to possess the weapons currently in Israel's possession [meaning nuclear weapons] on that day this method of global arrogance would come to a dead end. This is because the use of a

nuclear bomb in Israel will leave nothing on the ground, whereas it will only damage the world of Islam."

Many Iranians think that the escalation of violence in Iran is the result of the double standards of civilized countries, which allow murderers and criminals and their inspirers to join their coalition.

Iran is the “Cradle of Civilization.” No other country on Earth has been more involved for longer in civilization's history than Iran. It was the very gate of God on Earth. With this in mind, we call upon the Western countries to use their influence in order to force the Islamic Republic to abandon their terror and fear on the innocent and peace loving people of Iran and pressure them to conduct a peaceful referendum for Iranians to decide their own form of government. We still hope and pray that this can be achieved with political means, not military methods or another bloody revolution.


Amil Imani

March 15, 2004