Building Temples Of Peace And Freedom
- Political And Cultural Spirituality - A Paradigm Shift

- By Bahram Maskanian

My dear fellow Americans, the current social and political events are clear indications of America’s social and political maturity, motivation and readiness to develop and maintain a true democratic system of government; but this democratic effort has been effectively stifled by the ruling elite. United States of America’s parliamentary dictatorship governing system has been masquerading itself as a washed-up democracy long enough. It’s time now for America to try real democracy.

A real democracy feels and looks completely different than the one we know and despise as the US governing regime. We are fooled to believe the current system is a democracy. In fact the United States of America has never been a democratic country. According to history and the US Constitution, the US governing scheme is a form of a Republic governing system not a democracy, designed by the elite for the elite. In reality, members of the Electoral College, which is a body of electors chosen to select the President and Vice President, choose who will be the next President and Vice President of the United States, not the public. See United States Constitution - Article. II. Section. 1.

Now that the elitist presidential selection show is over and the selection process is complete, I am positive the whole election was rigged, as I am sure many of you do too. I have been a democracy activist all my life. I try to educate my fellow Americans and Iranians in the hope of building Temples Of Peace, Freedom And True Democracy here in America, consequently to lead to a wide spread social and political evolution, supporting and encouraging a non-violent uprising in Iran, making Iranian national referendum possible to get rid of the terrorist ruling mullahs.

I have been writing essays and publishing authors and investigative journalists articles exposing the true nature of the United States of Nation-Less Corporations and their covert or overt actions here and abroad in conjunction with a few European countries, supporting and disseminating Islamic terrorism in Africa and Asia for centuries. Through publishing these works, I am hoping to raise the alarm and alert the American public in the hope of transforming the United States of Nation-Less Corporations (USNC) into the United States of America.

Currently, regardless of who becomes the President and CEO of the United States of Nation-Less Corporations at the conclusion of any selection show, the fact remains that the United States of Nation-Less Corporations’ two (2) political parties, Democrats and Republicans may exhibit some trivial differences between them but in reality Democrats and Republicans are the two (2) wings of the same brutal predatory bird. The USNC President and CEO work for those who paid for his multibillion-dollar election. Not the public.

Allegedly, one fifth (20%) of US citizens, fifty-nine (59) million, voted for the born again, evangelical George W. Bush mostly due to Evangelical Christian mullahs scaring the hell out of their parishioners to VOTE for GOD or face eternal damnation and go to hell. In light of such alarming developments where large numbers of people are forced to vote their fears not their hopes, we must begin a massive educational campaign to free these deeply brainwashed people.

The only force capable of bringing safety and sanity to our lives to establish the rule of reason and common sense to our society and government, is the constant re-examination and improvement of our understandings, cultures, traditions and behaviors. Only under such behavioral manner the public will regain its collective political power, dignity and freedom to get organized, stay organized and alert in order to defeat organized corrupt religions, organized crooked politicians and organized criminal Nation-Less Corporations.

This grave task will take more than just political rhetoric, wishing or passive suggestions by politicians from the left. To transform those who perceive themselves as friends of God into friends of humankind, and those who perceive themselves as lovers of God into lovers of humanity and life, and those blindfolded believers to become open-minded and objective thinkers shall require revealing and truthful social and political discourse.

Until we, the people, recognize the obvious fact that better solutions are always ahead of us, and are not hidden in any religious scripture, or political philosophy, we shall for eternity stagnate and be forced to choose from the lesser of two (2) evil remedies, at any given life condition.

We, the people must become organized under the banner of Defense of Secularization. It is the duty of those of us who can, the progressive democracy activists, to make political activities and discussions into a fun, warm, communal and exciting hobby and yet an important part of people’s regular daily life. I do believe, providing evolutionary upbeat music, dance lessons followed by dance parties, poetry, literature, political satire and a variety of other communal fun and constructive activities, organized in a large group social event format, could pave the road for a long lasting democratic movement, guarantying enormous success for democracy.

* * * * * * * * *
Every science has a system of fixed and unalterable set of principles as its basis. The laws of Universe and life are regulated and governed by such principles. Humankind cannot make principles. We can discover them only under the right circumstances and having previously acquired the right essential information.

Combined distinct parts and elements, which form the whole of the Universe and life it contains therein, is what has taught us, the humankind, the known sciences and gave us the knowledge we have today. The Universe structure is an ever-existing exhibition of every principle upon which every part of mathematical and biological sciences are founded.

Political Spirituality is one of the many unexplored sciences currently demanding our attention. We must begin to explore and learn Political Spirituality, with the goal of being truthful and factually correct, not politically correct, free from religious dogma and fictitious reality.

While in search of a new political paradigm we shall examine the performance records of different existing political philosophies, which have already played their part on the world’s social and political stage. We then identify the parts and parcels of best ideas, which have worked well to serve its constituent to improve upon them. To prevent any mistake we shall constantly remind ourselves that if our perception and understanding of the world around us is inaccurate, consequently shall be the judgments made based upon them.

To discover the infinite wisdom and nature of life we, the people need to congregate in peace, tranquility, free from fear and hate in order to share and educate ourselves. Humankind’s destiny lies in infinity, due to the constant renewal and boundless nature and source of life. New approach of thinking and exploration are desirable at different crossroads in life to discover what path any given society requires to take. The newly found social and political direction and governing system must support the infinite realm of life with an ever-greater utilization and progression of common sense and human intellect.

We must ask ourselves, what kind of social, political guidance and inspiration do we, the people need in order to prepare ourselves, politically, and even individually, to go towards that boundless future. The answer will become obvious when we determine what is the most precious value that any given society can ever provide for itself.

The answer is in the treasure chest of our constant self-exploration, self-realization and self-development of all of us, members of the society as evolving intellectual and spiritual species. Beyond any shadow of a doubt, we cannot ask for greater treasures than what has already been given to us by Mother Nature.

* * * * * * * * *
I invite you to reflect on the higher possibilities of the human spirit to discover and explore the soul and potential of humankind within a nurturing and supportive environment of the Temple of Peace and Freedom.

Spiritual Politics is inspired by humankind’s deep social desire and comfort of being part of and engaged in a community. In the absence of free and objective social and political spiritual community, people will tend to search for different sources of spiritual community, such as religion, to congregate around it. In essence, religion and superstitious myths of religion will replace the logical forces of common sense that any society needs to govern itself.

America’s unique and incredible diversity of people, races and cultures along with the great dignity and worth of each individual citizen is what shapes the soul of the American society. This is precisely the reason why any social governing system made of, by, and for the people, will not perish and will last as long as the soul of the society is the driving force behind it.

The other vital and celebrated quality of America is the possible amalgamation of its incredible intellectual diversity of two (2) cultural wisdoms and heritages of the East and West.

Each society is comprised of different types of personalities: self-centered, selfless, wise, ignorant and compassionate. A soul of a society carries the blueprint of its highest and lowest purpose and ideals. A successful society discovers its soul by strengthening the higher and the noble purpose and ideals to embrace the wise, the kind and the truth.

The soul of any given society shall express its sense of wisdom and generosity of spirit or lack thereof. The soul of the society holds the internal blueprint for that society’s development and fulfillment of its higher and noble purposes.

Honorable integration of major ethnic and racial populations and resolving bad social policies of the past and ultimately, achieving self-transcendence and identification with the good of the larger community of humankind, our society.

America is yet to truly reach its potential and utilize what has been invested in its society. The current American government and social infrastructure does not support nor encourage what could make America a bastion of peace, harmony and freedom. It is upon us, the people, to recognize the vast, enormous and wonderful possibilities that we can acknowledge, utilize and encourage within the walls of a Temple of Peace and Freedom.

* * * * * * * * *
Building Temples of Peace And Freedom
Through the long path of social evolution, each society just like its members develops its personality through self-exploration, self-discovery and self-expression. Just as individual members of any given society, the society itself will struggle a lot less if the cultural and philosophical integration of the public is encouraged and celebrated.

We must find an effective means to attract those who have decided not to participate in our grass-root democratic exercise and remain silent. People must be reminded of the fact that silence and lack of participation will eventually lead to the erosion of the public’s rights. For the first time since WWII, the social and political atmosphere is ripe for forming an independent grass-root movement with the aim of building a long lasting democracy in the United States of America and soon after in Iran.

I called this new and exciting grass-root political movement, - Visionary Movement -. This new movement is percolating and emerging as a powerful and promising political culture, with tremendous potential and endless possibilities. This new political development is also illustrating a whole new fresh mindset exhibited by the Iranian and American public, separate and free of religion and corporate intervention. Therefore we must come together, organize ourselves and form Visionary Movement, as a new grass-root ethical and political culture aimed at the elimination of criminal corrupt regimes wherever and whoever they may be, through education and non-violent social and political reforms.

We, the American people have learned for the first time in our recent history that the social preservation and deliverance from destruction, difficulty and malicious force is a collective effort and rests on the shoulders of all members of society. By the same token, all people of society should also benefit and share the collective riches and rewards of their society, not just a handful of the business, government and academia elite. All social wealth and power comes from the whole of society and the weight is always on the back of the public.

My salvation is directly linked to the salvation of the whole of the society in which I live. The currently celebrated individualism, however, will always create a wide divide, destroying social fabric and salvation, leading to bigotry and extreme selfish, self-centered patterns of behavior by the selfish and self-centered elite and wannabes. While the individualistic elite is exploiting and depriving the public of their basic human rights, dignity and needs, they are heavily overindulging themselves. Individualism has neither a place nor any use in a just, fair, wise, democratic and civilized society.

Through humanistic grass-root movements by the American people in their own local communities, unity is becoming more and more possible. This new political phenomenon calls for a formation of a grass-root, futuristic and visionary political movement, free of any religion, based on an innovative, liberating and visionary platform, governed by the unmatched and superior power of reasoning, common sense, ethical and honorable means of providing for and managing public safety and social equality.

* * * * * * * * *
I am seeking allies to begin building Temples of Peace And Freedom. The Muslims have their mosques, Christians have churches and Jews have synagogues. Places where large groups of brainwashed people voluntarily congregate to receive misleading, dogmatic, social and political indoctrination. All of these institutions have been accepted by their followers to be places of worship, not what they really are, facilitators of social degradation.

It is estimated that there are over fifty (50) million atheists in America alone. Aside from the atheists there are millions, upon millions of agnostics and others who do not believe in any of the three (3) Adam & Eve based religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. We, the people, have no temple within which, to rally, share and organize. How can we, the progressive activists effectively confront the wave of spiritualism dictatorship sweeping America and the theocratic dictatorship already sweeping Iran and the Middle East?

Those of us who are not followers of religion are at a serious disadvantage when it comes to organizing and educating others and ourselves. It is our responsibility, as well-informed progressive democracy activists, to attract and build the necessary numbers in our respective groups and societies at large to confront religious political dictatorship we are faced now. I see no alternative but to build Temples Of Peace, Freedom And Democracy, governed by ethical and moral standards of common sense, to develop social structure, respect for secularization and separation of religion and state. I am absolutely convinced that if we build Temples Of Peace, Freedom and Democracy, people will come.

Our Temples Of Peace, Freedom And Democracy can be erected at first in concert halls, stadiums and amphitheaters. We can educate, energize and empower the public to evolve using the power of good meaningful and evolving music, books, philosophy, poetry, love and truth. Good books and good music has always been the best sources of my political activism.

As the preliminary charter and plan of action for our new grass-root ethical and political culture, Visionary Movement, I propose the following:

A - The major corporate media has gone out of control and must be dealt with now. Through a widespread educational campaign we must encourage and educate the US public of the severity of the major television networks’ and radio stations’ corruptions and their contribution to our social degradation. We must begin by organizing locally right here in New York to take our airwaves back and put into effect a complete boycott of the three (3) major television networks, ABC, CBS, NBC and local radio stations owned by Clear Channel and all of their corporate sponsors. To start with, we must apply the force and power of public opinion to enact and enforce a widespread boycott of, - - General Electric, Viacom, Disney and Clear Channel - -.

We, the people, must demand to reinstate The Fairness Doctrine - Balanced Coverage; which was the policy of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that became known as the - - Fairness Doctrine - - was an attempt to ensure that all coverage of controversial issues by broadcast stations be balanced and fair. The FCC took the view, in 1949, that broadcast station licensees were - - Public Trustees, - - and as such, media stations had a legal obligation to afford reasonable and equal opportunity for discussion of contrasting points of view on controversial issues of public importance. The FCC later held that stations were also obligated to actively seek out issues of importance to their community and air programming that addressed those issues.

We, the people, must demand that within forty-five (45) days starting, for example; February 01, 2005 to March 08, 2005, all of the above corporations must relinquish their shares and put them up for public purchase. All large institutional shareholders of such media networks should also be forced to sell their shares to the public and allow these three (3) networks and local radio stations to be owned and operated by the public locally. In case of no compliance and if we, the people, are not satisfied by the set deadline, we must continue our boycott, petition far and wide and do whatever it takes to pull their licenses and get them off the air.

B - All issues on the path to reach our goals must always be framed as Humankind and American issues. Visionary Movement should never align with any political party and must remain an independent grass-root ethical, political and cultural movement. We want to inspire political creativity, ideas, and progressive thinking and support independent minded people who cherish and practice the above ideas.

C - Our aim should be to defeat ignorance at all levels in order to achieve true democracy and freedom, to be free from tyranny, prejudice and religious bigotry. To be free from being forced to accept an edict in place of common sense. We want to defeat hunger, poverty, group thinking, intolerance in every human endeavor and docile acceptance of what life has to otherwise offer.

D - We must inspire the public to change their way of thinking using common sense and if necessary teach them what thinking actually is and how an independent-minded public should be thinking. We can easily make political spirituality and dialog into a fun communal hobby and an important part of the public’s daily life.

E - Utilizing ethical resources including businesses, vendors and service providers who are supportive of our objectives to promote our causes and goals will greatly enhance our ability to reach far and wide.

F - We will have to keep our friends close and our enemies even closer. Our politics should be always governed by the unmatched and superior power of reasoning, common sense, ethical and honorable means of providing for and managing public safety and social equality.

* * * * * * * * *
- Evil will only triumph when good people do nothing to stop it. -
* * * * * * * * *
Meditative Chant for Temple of Peace and Freedom
May we as inhabitants of Planet Earth be guided by the Divine Will and Wisdom of Mother Nature to evolve and rediscover the sacred flame of our heritage, for which so many have given their lives to advance and safeguard.

May we find it in our hearts to allow the grievances of colonialism and globalization to be healed by opening our hearts and minds to listen to the truth on all sides, allowing us to remedy the past injustices and scars thus finding a higher truth that includes us all.

May we learn to honor, celebrate and enjoy our diversities and differences as a people, more deeply to reach our fundamental unity and as a united people, move with clear and directed purpose to take our place within the community of nations on Earth to help build a better future for all humankind.

May we as a united nation dedicate ourselves to truly live as caring and concerned human beings, in peace with Mother Nature, preservation of her environment and the fabric of life, with liberty and justice for all. And may Mother Nature’s resolve be done for all nations of Planet Earth, as we, the people, align ourselves with Mother Nature’s Resolve.

* * * * * * * * *
- - Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, the tempest tossed to me. I lift my lamp beside the Golden Door. - -
* * * * * * * * *