'Iran Liberty Walk' calls for regime change

Philly to D.C. travelers will urge Iranians to protest election

"Atomic Iran" author Jerome Corsi will lead a 128-mile walk from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C., to help promote peaceful, democratic change in Iran and call on Iranians to protest their June 17 "sham" election.

Corsi, founder of the Iran Freedom Foundation, or IFF, plans to begin "The Iran Liberty Walk" May 16 at the Liberty Bell.

Reports from the event will be broadcast to Iran via radio, television and the Internet, including live interviews with participants.

"I am 58 years-old and yet determined to walk the distance," he said. "I invite all who share our purpose to join me for as much of the walk as you can."

The IFF estimates about 40 million Iranians will follow coverage of the walk, expected to take two weeks.

Along with sending a signal for peaceful change, the IFF is calling for civil disobedience from Iranian citizens.

Corsi and the IFF urge Iranians to flood the streets June 17, the date of the presidential vote, and vote "no" in the "sham elections the mullahs are planning."

The event will be filmed by Timothy Watkins, producer of the documentary film "In the Face of Evil," which recounts the courage of Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II and their resolve to stand up to communism.

Corsi says the IFF is resolved to do the same with the mullahs in Iran.

"Please visit our website and plan to follow us in our march for freedom in Iran, a destiny we know will soon come to the Iranian people," Corsi said. "The tide of freedom sweeping across the Middle East will not be stopped, even if the mullahs spend billions in public relations to fool the world about their evil intentions."

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