March/April 2005

Renowned Iranian physician passes away in Virginia

Sent by Melinda Barnhardt

Iranian-American Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, 73, died on Monday Feb 7th, in a hospital in Virginia, where he was being treated for complications from pneumonia.

Batmanghelidj was an internationally renowned physician, best known for his research and publications on water metabolism and dehydration. His most famous book, Your Body's Many Cries for Water, has sold ove one million copies and been translated into fifteen languages.

Batmanghelidj was born in 1931. He attended Fettes College in Scotland and St. Mary's Medical College of the University of London. After obtaining his M.D., he praticed medicine in Britain before returning to Iran.

Batmanghelidj helped to develop a number of hospitals and medical centers in Iran during the 1960s and 1970s. However, his best known project was the Ice Palace, an ice-skating and sports complex in Tehran.

After the 1979 Revolution, Batmanghelidj was arrested and held in the political prisoners' wing of Evin prison for two years and seven months. During his time in prison, he treated many fellow prisoners, but with access to few medications, began experimenting with the medicinal effects of water to help relieve syptoms that were aggravated or caused by dehydration.

Batmanghelidj was release from prison in 1982, and soon there after fled Iran illegally via the border with Turkey. He came to the United States, where he obtained a position at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

During the past twenty years, Batmanghelidj continued his research on the natural healing power of water and the role of unintentional dehyration in various degenerative diseases. He presented papers on water metabolism at numeorous conferences in the United States and other countries, and has published articles in medical journals.

Batmanghelidj created the Foundation for the Simple in Medicine and Global Health Solutions, educational ventures to promote public awareness of the health value of drinking water. His message is: "You are not sick, you are thirsty. Don't treat thirst with medication."

Batmanghelidj is survived by his wife, two sons, Ardeshir of Massachusetts and Babak of Virginia, a daughter, Camila of London, and four grandchildren.

Kish Island Development Project

Check out these two web sites about a US $2 billion dollar project on Kish Island by a German company. It includes a luxury city called "Harbor City" built in the French Riviera architectural style and a 7-star hotel called"Flower of the East". This is only the second 7-star hotel being built inthe world. The first one (called "Burj al-Arab") was built in Dubai a few years ago.

Urban development web site:

Official "Flower of the East" development project web site:

The following excerpt is from a June 11, 2004, report from CNN:
The 200-acre Kish project is the idea of a group of European investors led by Iranian expatriate businessman Khodayar Alambeigi, chairman of
Germany's Hansa Chemie AG. Project managers Drees & Sommer AG say the complex will include a 7-star hotel to rival Dubai's 7-star Burj al-Arab,
a marina, 27-hole golf course, sports clubs, shopping malls and 4,700 luxury apartments. They say the project, aimed largely at Iranian expatriates
seeking a holiday home in their native land, will be completed by the end of 2009.


Prostitution Behind the Veil repeats Wednesday, Feb. 23 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBC News world.

In the '80s, documentary filmmaker Nahid Persson fled Iran for Sweden. When she returns 17 years later, she finds the divisions between the classes greater than ever, unemployment has skyrocketed and widespread disillusionment provides a lucrative market for an elderly man, Habib, who sells prophecies on the streets. Persson decided to film this "prophecy merchant" and his customers. And when she went with him to his run-down house, she was both shocked and intrigued to discover he shares his accommodation with Minna and Fariba, who are also heroin addicts.

Putting herself at great risk, Persson manages to film Minna and Fariba's customers. She even gets into cars or apartments where they discuss what services the girls are prepared to provide and what it will cost. Their children are their constant companions, and on one occasion one

customer looks after Minna's child while another man has sex with her in an adjoining room.

Many of the women's customers find a way to buy sex and still comply with Muslim law: they marry with the women in what is called 'sighe'-a temporary marriage legal in Shia Islam. 'Sighe' can last from two hours up to 99 years.

In the documentary, both Minna and Fariba undergo 'sighe' with customers. Habib offers his perspective on temporary marriages: to him, 'sighe' is a way of helping miserable women-an act of mercy done in the name of Allah. \ Prostitution Behind the Veil is directed by Nahid Persson; produced by Jakob Hogel. It is produced by Cosmo Film Docs in association with YLE FST, CBC, SBS & TV2/Danmark. Catherine Olsen is executive producer of THE PASSIONATE EYE.

Prostitution Behind the Veil repeats Wednesday, Feb. 23 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBC News world.

Googoosh Recovering from back operation

According to emails sent by her fans, Googoosh has undergone a spine operation to relieve her of severe backache. For more details see Googoosh: Persia Diva. Here are get-well messages from readers


It stars voices of : Parviz SAYAD, Shohreh Aghdashloo (House of Sand and Fog ), Ali Pourtash and Catherine Bell (JAG Heroine)


Music CD from Bay Area artist Soroush

I thought you would be interested to know that I had been working on a music album for close to 3 years - and recently published a collection of my original compositions under the artist name 'Soroush', entitled "Eastern and Western Harmony". The overall mood for this first album is meditative and meant to create a relaxing and inspirational atmosphere. I have used piano as the primary instrument here, along with supporting strings, flute, and some light percussion.

Sample audio clips are available on:

The CD is also available on and In the bay area, you will also find it in the following stores:
- "East West Store" on Castro St. in downtown Mountain
- "Attari Deli" in Sunnyvale
- "Yekta Market" in Fremont

(just search for the artist Soroush)

Whenever you have the time, check out the sound clips and let me know what you think. And if you know someone else who may enjoy this genre of music... please pass the word along to them.

Rostam & Sohrab puppet opera in Tehran


Sent by: Darius Kadivar

Some wonderful animation by Iranians inside

I think Iranians even in Iran are doing some great things in terms of animation, don't you think ?This clip on a love rendezvous is just an example. You may need a flash plugin to see it.

Its a sad one but so pure like first love.

But there is also this funny one on the Titanic but its not Iranian:

Website for Helping Children Victim of War

Sixty million people have been killed in wars during the 20th Century. As you read this, over 30 wars and conflicts rage around the world. Some fill our TV screens with appalling images of distress, emphasising war’s brutalising effect on man. Many of these wars go unreported, often due to political expediency or lack of interest.
In the last decade alone 1.5 million children have died in wars. Four million have been disabled and a further 10 million traumatised. The severe psychological wounds that war inflicts on children can scar them for life, crippling the very generations that must one day re-build their devastated countries. For the future peace of the world we must do everything in our power to help these war children.

War Child stands on the twin beliefs: that we’re not free to ignore an innocent victim’s plea for help and that children are the seed-corn of society, its future hope.

BBC Interviews Her Majesty Farah Pahlavi


PAINTING: CARL BARKS' "ANCIENT PERSIA" CB 18-71(1) (6th overall Duck Painting)

The first "Ancient Persia" oil painting done by Mr. Barks, and in the expert opinion of the owner--the VERY BEST of them all. "The coloration matches the original Donald Duck Four Color No. 275 cover very closely... This first version features a Persian chandelier topped with "Octopus Arms" and muted flames behind panels of bubble glass . . ."

The digital camera shots below cannot even begin to show the vibrant beauty of this masterpiece, but we've made a good attempt for you. Please allow ample time for the pictures to load, it will be worth the wait!

APPRAISED VALUE: $115,000.00 -- $135,000.00
(4-6 seconds of George Lucas' film budget for 'Episode II').