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Press hails death of 'Brothers Grim'

Tortured Canadian Photojournalist Dies

Iran's Khatami Offers to Quit

Iranian twins die in surgery

Exiled Prince Warns of Nuclear Nightmare

Thousands held over Iran demos

Iran Says 4,000 Arrested During Recent Protests

British Official to Discuss Nukes in Iran

Iranian Exiles Sow Change Via Satellite

French Arrest 150 From Iranian Opposition Group

Shots Heard as Iran Protests Head Into 6th Night

























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Iran and Cuba Zap U.S. Satellites

Ayatollah Khomeini's Grandson: 'Iran Needs Democracy and Separation of Religion and State;' 'The Iranian Regime Is the World's Worst Dictatorship'

Call for European Union to break with Iran over journalist's death

Reportes Without Borders

Reporters Without Borders called on the European Union today to break off the "constructive dialogue" it has conducted with Iran since 1998 until officials responsible for the death of Canadian-Iranian photographer Zahra Kazemi earlier this month had been brought to trial.

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Azar Nafisi in the Washington Post

'Do I Have Life? Or Am I Just Breathing?'

  Azar Nafisi knows something about using language and literature as a means of withdrawal from a hostile reality. Nafisi, now director of The Dialogue Project at the Johns Hopkins University in Washington, quit her job teaching English literature at an Iranian university in frustration in 1995 and established a secret weekly salon in her home in Tehran. For two years, she and seven of her former students met to discuss forbidden works of Western literature. Her memoir of that time, "Reading Lolita in Tehran," was published by Random House this year.



One Million Iranian March

By: Amil Imani

Walter Lippmann in his essay " A preface to Morals said: " The thinker dies, but his thoughts are beyond the reach of destruction. Men are mortal, but ideas are immortal. Justice William O. Douglas said, " Ideas are indeed the most dangerous weapons in the world. Our ideas of freedom are the most powerful political weapons man has ever forged."

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Dr. Jalil Doostkhah donates his library

to Ferdosi Cultural Foundation of Isfaha

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Iran Shenassi

Chand Nokteh Dar Baarey-e Matn-e Pahlavi-e

 "Shahrestanhay-e Iran"

Sent by: Professor Touraj Daryaee

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The Coinage of Queen Boran and its significance for 

Late Sasanian Imperial Ideology

Sent by: Professor Touraj Daryaee

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The Legendary Fortress of Hassan Sabah

By: Ideh Rashidi

 This text is a report of a trip to Alamut, a region on the southwest of the Caspian Sea and the northeast of Qazvin, near Lake Evan. It was the political and military center of Hassan Sabah, the founder of the Ismaili sect, which came about during the reign of the Seljuq king, Malekshah.

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Cyrus the Great Became Top Leader Of His Era By Championing Just Rule

Leaders & Success 
By Matthew Benjamin

When the conqueror Cyrus the Great rode into Babylon, the city's vanquished erupted in cheers.
Yes, they'd have to bend to his rule. But Cyrus (580-530? B.C.) made sure that wouldn't be difficult. In contrast to other rulers of his day, he was just. In fact, his style of government was a critical factor in his becoming the greatest ruler of his time.

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Life Story

A person of no concern


After the last of his close family in Afghanistan died in vendettas and in the bombings of the 2001 war, Sharoukh Khan set out to find his Eden in England. He had a map, a little money and the huge conviction that he was heading to a new life. He made it as far as Bulgaria, was expelled to Turkey, and is now desperate, poor and alone in Istanbul. He is not yet 20 years old.

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"Orson's last Sigh ..."
The whereabouts of Orson Welles' Testimonial Film
By Darius Kadivar

"In Italy for thirty years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder, bloodshed--they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance. In Switzerland they had brotherly love, five hundred years of democracy and peace, and what did they produce? The cuckoo clock!" - Harry Lime (Orson Welles) in Carol Reed's 'The Third Man'

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Website devoted to the director of the film Alexander the Great

by: Dariush Kadivar

The most expected Epic film of the Century based on Alexander the Great with Leonardo Di Caprio will be shot in Australia due to fears after the terrorist threats and attacks in Morroco. The Latter country is one of the major places which in latter years has attracted Hollywood and European film studios for such films like "The Gladiator" or "Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra", Oliver Stone is also filming s story on Alexander starring Colin Farrel and Anthony Hopkins and it will probably be in my opinion a much better adaptation given the director's talent and personal filmography ( Wall Street, Platton, JFK, Nixon ). Nevertheless this website is about  the film made with Di Caprio and   Nicole Kidman. Who will be cast as Persian King Darius III is still a mystery and whether or not his role will be as important is not sure yet, as for the Persians we shall see.

Some funny yet interesting suggestions on this website actually fansite for Alexander film.

Sent by: Dariush Kadivar

Roger Moore the hero of Kavoshgaran remember the Persuaders is Knighted  for his efforts for UNICEF. See official website :

Sent by: Dariush Kadivar


The latest on Iranian art around the world

Sent by: Dariush Kadivar

A number of Iranian artists were among the 117 international participants at the 6th Sharjah International Art Biennial.  Directed by the 23-year-old Sheikha Hoor Al-Qasimi (daughter of the Sheikh of Sharjah) and curated by London-based Peter Lewis, this year’s event claims to be putting Sharjah on the international art map, while exploring “new art practices.”  Work by artists such as Christo and Jeanne-Claude was displayed alongside works from various regions of Asia and the Middle-East.

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Empress of the Arts

by: Darius Kadivar

Empress Farah's deep interest and personal involvement in the arts have been largely responsible for Iran's cultural many cultural movements and her frequent visits to art exhibitions and performances gave fresh incentive to all Iranian artistic activities

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