What happened to our revolution

By: Amil Imani
April, 18, 2004

The 20th century has been one of tyranny and mass genocide. One needs only to remember the two million Cambodians slaughtered under Pol Pot, the six million Jews exterminated by Adolf Hitler, 2 Million Armenians murdered by the Turks, and the 20 million helpless lives aborted in America.

The intention of this article is to provoke a much needed debate on the nature of this bloodthirsty, Ayatollah Khomeini who appeared from nowhere and lunched and inspired the largest terrorist activities, our world has ever seen.

Ayatollah Khomeini was a harsh and brutal tyrant. His mission was to purge and create a true Islamic nation. He murdered Iran's best officers in the name of Islam. This act deprived Iran of many competent leaders. When the Iraqis lunched a surprised attack, most of the officers and pilots were either in prison or have already been executed for serving in the previous regime.

Iraqi's launched an invasion which caught Khomeini completely off guard, however our brave Iranians managed to recover and were able to rally their country in an effort to stop the Iraqis from advancing.

When the revolution went sour and her children grew up; with that, it collapsed the dream of Khomeini, of making Iran an Islamic nation. It simply backfired on them and the vast population have already wrote them off, but the regime is refusing to leave peacefully.

25 Yeas has passed since the arrival of Ayatollah Khomeini to Iran. The world is a different place now and his pure form of Islamic prescription did not work on the Persians. He was in a wrong country and a wrong place. We Iranians have never embraced Islam. His medicine could have been more effective in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, but not Persia. Persians love their pre-Islamic history. They relate more with their glorious past than a forced religion.

Unfortunately after twenty-five years, Iran is still entrapped in a nightmare of torture, fabrications, lies, harassment, arrests, murders, and intimidation by the Islamic Regime, and the world looks the other way and trades with this illegitimate government. It seems there is no escaping from this Ahriman, (the Angel of death) that brought tyranny and stole our minds and silenced our beautiful dreams about life.

Khomeini and the rest of the gang particularly learned from Stalinist techniques of establishing informers in every neighborhood or apartment house. This, coupled with savage punishments for real or suspected traitors and their families, created a fear among the population that made rebellion difficult. More importantly, it created a group of thugs, torturers and secret policemen who were hated by the population. This hate was good for the leaders of the Islamic Regime, for it insured the loyalty of these henchmen, these foreign thugs.

After the war, they continued their brutal purges, killing anyone perceived as an opponent, to this utopia of creating an Islamic State. The tyrannical and brutal regime imposed and forced millions of Iranian to run away from their homeland

The key question will always haunt Iranians, Why? Why people of Iran allowed a blood thirsty vampi
r to lead them in the most disgusting way possible is still an enigma. Some have argued because he lied to them. We could not possibly believe a religious person would kill, murder, and assassinate her own children. The riddle will stand and the world will go on and hopefully learn from it.

This blow was a heavy one. We paid dearly with our lives. The effect of this is noticeable everywhere around the world. As we see Americans have to fight terrorism all over the globe and it has become the theme of the 21st century. The news would bring pain to the hearts of all freedom loving men.

But in these dark days all the Iranian nation are getting brighter as we are becoming more and more united in its confidence and inspired with warm love for the knowing that the supreme law governing all activity is to serve the interests of the people and all of us.