The Mullah Conspiracy, by Cyrus Doost


  The novel makes you feel rightfully proud to be Iranian. It exposes the Mullahcracy for the aberration that it is. The Mullah Conspiracy is a work of fiction by an Iranian professor of psychology. It is a page-turner, action-packed with tender love stories, psychological twists and an overarching message about Iranians of honor. The book's dedication reads: Dedicated to the brave and upright Iranians, the guardians of Iran's ancient culture of equality, freedom and justice.

The back cover of the book

On a dangerous trip to his native Iran , Frank Taverna is determined to find his close friend and colleague Jerry Locoweed, an American professor visiting Tehran To study the long-term effects of the 1979 Revolution. Imprisoned on false charges by the tyrannical ruling mullahs, Jerry has been sentenced to death as a CIA spy.


All attempts by the US Government have failed to get his release or even any news about his fate. Arriving in Tehran , Frank runs head on into the mullahs’ ruthless rule. With the secret help of old friends, now high-ranking officials, Frank finds out that Jerry is still alive, but only a week from execution. A daring rescue attempt cements the bonds of the small group and creates a secret mission dedicated to opposing the mullahs’ plans to spread their oppressive rule with the aid of the ultimate weapon.


Readers’ comments

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Mullah Conspiracy. The plot grabbed me from the first page and kept me guessing at every turn. The main characters are so endearing and fully realized, I can imagine drinking tea and swapping stories with them. I didn't know much about Iran before, but the author brought it to life in such a way that I almost feel I've been there. I highly recommend this book and, this is rare for me, was sorry to finish reading it. -- Elizabeth, Northern California , USA


The Mullah Conspiracy is a captivating page turner. It is a mesmerizing thriller that made me feel as if I were watching a movie. The characters are real, the scenes enchantingly exotic and the actions are fascinating. Tender love episodes weaved masterfully in a thriller makes it a true pleasure to read. The psychological twists, such as the one involving Janet, the daughter of an orthodox New York Jewish couple and Ahmad, the son of a Grand Shiite Ayatollah, enthralled me. The saga begins with Jerry’s naïve decision to go to Iran to study, first hand, the Islamic revolution where he is framed as a spy and convicted to death. Then, Frank, an Iranian American friend of Jerry heads for Iran to see if he could find out anything about Jerry’s fate. That sets a whole series of actions in motion that you should read and enjoy. It is indeed refreshing to read a thriller that stands on its own merit without resorting to sex and vulgar profanity. I recommend the book highly and thank Cyrus Doost for taking me on a tour of the places and people that I’ll probably never see. – Bob, San Mateo , California , USA



The Mullah Conspiracy, by Cyrus Doost, ISBN: 0-595-305334, can be ordered from the publisher by phone: 1-877-288-4737, or from any regular bookstore. The book can also be ordered from major online bookseller by clicking on the URL of the store( Amazon and/or Booksmillion).