Sham election in Iran
Jun 17, 2005
Amil Imani

We, the Persians, are united in the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood, to let the world hear our voices of boycotting yet another phony and sham selection (not election) by the illegitimate Islamic regime in the land of Iran.

We are standing together to let the world hear our continuous, everlasting veracity and our aspirations for a free and democratic Iran. Today, we pledge ourselves under divine afflatus to stand beside Iranians in Iran and echo their voices around the globe. Today, we make history, yet again.

It is very difficult for the civilized world to envision the sufferings of the Iranian people under the absolute theocratic terrorism in Iran. The matters we have been seeing are beyond belief and simply incomprehensible. Islamic terrorism has been responsible for the torturing, imprisonment and death on false charges, of hundreds of peace-loving Iranian souls.

There are simply no logical reasons for the actions of these monsters who call themselves the Islamic Republic. The true reasons would be, of course, for them to destroy or disorganize all possible sources of the opposition groups and impede their progress until they develop the Atomic bomb, and, destabilize, not only Iran, but also the entire region and the world.

The theocratic despotism's ultimate goal is sacrificing the Persian nation and turning it into the most aggressive Islamic terrorist nation the world has ever seen.

Iranian people have been resisting oppressive and tyrannical governments for centuries. They have been struggling to achieve their liberty and freedom. They have continued to pay the price of liberty and independence from the aggressors and the totalitarian regimes with their blood.

The Iranian revolution, which was supposed to lead to a glorious dream of independence and freedom, ended up being a travesty, devastatingly reminiscent of the Dark Ages of the Arab occupiers.

Today, the theocratic Islamic fascists, insisting upon absolute Stalinism-terrorism, and imposing an atmosphere of claustrophobia and oppression to run Iran, and are trying to turn back the clock to the era of the invasion of the ruthless, heartless, merciless Arab Imperialist-terrorists. They impose their own Islamic version of historic tyranny.

George Orwell's riveting novel 1984 should have been written exclusively for the empire of evil of the Islamic regime in Iran. "War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength." That is how Islamism defies the world.

Orwell saw it coming, but he was unaware of its exact date and place. Like Emmanuel Goldstein, the face of Ayatollah Khameneh-i, "the enemy of the people," was shown on the big screen. "Big Brother is watching you." The Islamic Republic's two-minutes of hate has become hours-long Friday prayers, chanting death to America and death to Israel.

Yes, I believe Orwell unconsciously wrote his fictional book 1984 about the emergence of the new Empire of Evil; for the evildoers of the Islamic Republic in Iran have made life intolerable, unbearable and miserable for the courageous and valorous people of Iran.

Throughout history men have had an intuitive understanding that the mind can be manipulated. Ecstasy rituals, frightening masks, loud noises, eerie chants - all have been used to compel the crowd to accept the beliefs of their leaders. Even if an ordinary man at first resists a cruel shaman or medicine man, the hypnotizing ritual gradually breaks his will.

Those who have lived in Muslim countries in general, and a Shi'a country in particular, would understand the repetition of the rituals and the reinforcement of the mass brainwashing technique. As a matter of fact, it is through these rituals that they have been successful in enflaming people's emotions to commit crimes for the sake of Islam and their thirst for power.

Iranian people don't expect the world to come to Iran and fight for them. Every decent and freedom-loving nation knows that the Iranian people have the right and the duty to change their form of government. One American stated that "What we can do for the Iranian people is to lend them our support: Not to fight on their behalf, but to stand by their side. To cheer their struggle and clearly signal that we have no intention of propping up the clerics, no matter what, in their growing desperation, they may offer us in exchange."

Once again, we are at the crossroads of making another vital decision about our country, Today, we are marching for the support of the voiceless students and the Iranian people in Iran. Today, we categorically and adamantly refuse to participate in this sham "selection."

Let us show the world once again that nothing less than the demolition of the Islamic Republic will satisfy the people of Iran, and nothing less than justice, freedom and liberty is acceptable to the Iranian people. The Iranian struggle will continue.

Amil Imani is a poet, writer, literary translator, essayist, novelist, and a political activist who speaks out for the struggling people of his native land, Iran.