A brief history of Khuzestan

It is a high time to renew our knowledge about Khozestan!? Therefor……

This is true ..

What you read below, is from a person who his uncle used to be part of Mossadegh’s Cabinet once… However check with Mr.Shamshiri about the below stated "History" as well. I sent it out a while ago, and I copy it below for your information.

It is about Lieutenant General Fazlolah Zahedi. This Hero of Iran, had saved Iran many times. Once in Khuzistan and once in 28 Mordad 1332. Zahedi was a man who always placed Iran ahead of his own safety and well being. Reza Shah aadam shenaas bood. In setaareh ra shenaakht va beh kaar bord. Iran ra hefz kard!


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Has a News Story about Shaikh Khaz'al's Grand Son carrying on with his Grand Dad's treason and mischief of attempting to dismember Iran.

It reminded me of a young brave daring young Military Officer name Major Fazl-ol-lah, "Maazhor Fazlolah Khaan", who with almost NO support from Teheran marched single handedly with only two other accompanying Officers - all dressed up in full Military Uniform and shiny long boots! - into thePalace Compounds of the secessionist Shaykh Khaz'al. Him as the most Powerful man in the South West Iran and under the British Empire's Protection Privilege. Him, the holder of Medals from the British Empire!

Him, a wealthy Shaykh because of the Oil Royalties! Him, the Traitor that wanted to secede from Iran!And the fearless patriotic Major marching briskly into the Palace and forcing his way straight into the Court Chamber of His Highness, Prince Khaz'al. Walking up to him, ordering him to stand up and be notified he is under arrest of the Imperial Iranian Army Command!

The shocked and awed Shaykh dropped onto the boots of the young Major begging for a compromise. How about this diamond? This huge emerald? This chest of gold coins? How about these massive strands of the PERSIAN GULF pearls? In those days even that renegade Shaikh called it PERSIAN GULF!

No! The spartan and dutiful Major would have none of this talk. He was incorruptible! Duty, Honor, Nation was his Motto.

Shaikh Khaz'al was carried off of his Palace before the startled eyes of his body guards and courtiers! And off to Teheran into the custody of His Imperial Majesty's Chief of Army. Shaikh Khaz'al went on to live in pomp, and despite the strenuous British Protestations, under virtual house arrest in Teheran. Him dying with the unrealized ambitions of creating his own kingdom! And the British loosing one of their most subservient local rulers.

Major Fazl-ol-lah being promoted to the rank of Colonel and eventually to Brigadier General all the way up to Lieutenant General - those days the highest rank of the Army.

Do you know who Major Fazl-ol-lah was? Lol! The same General Zahedi who led the removal of Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh from his throne! The Premier who was Elected according to the Iranian Constitution by the Parliament's Vote AND Appointed by the Shah; yet decided to Dissolve the Parliament AND Defy The Shah's Order of Dismissal.

Many claim he was the Constitutional Prime Minister! The Legalists and Constitutionalists disagree! He was a renegade!

I ask how could he have been?! Without a Parliament he could NOT have had any LEGAL Standing! Only Shah could have Appointed and Dismissed Prime Ministers in the absence of Parliament!!

General Zahedi, the man who was Dr. Mossadegh's First Minister of State (Vazir-e Keshvar), and who as the NEW Prime Minister saluted the OUSTED Premier (in front of the Officer's Palace) and exchanged hugs and

pleasantries, and had his hands kissed by Mossadegh; has since been vilified by the supposed Nationalists as a CIA Agent, British Intelligence Agent, a Courtier, a ...

Such is the Style! That ANYone who opposed Dr. Mossadegh was to be smeared through filth and hatred. Even a Zahedi who saved Khuzistan and Iran has not escaped the emotional wrath of Myth Makers of Iran! They forget that Zahedi was one of the very few - almost the ONLY one - Iranian generals who attained his stars because of victories battle fields! He was a "Razmi" (Battle Field) General and not a "Bazmi" (Party) General!

Believe it or NOT, Iran had many OTHER Nationalists, Patriots, AND Heroes! Zahedi was ONE! And Mossadegh was NOT!


N. R.