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Warning to America: 'A False Sense of Security Will Destroy You'
Exclusive Interview With The Shah of Iran

U.S. News & World Report, March 22, 1976 [2nd of Farvardin, 1355]

[Shah Mohammad-Reza Pahlavi of Iran:”…let me ask you a question. Could the United States afford to see Iran lost? Could the whole world afford it? You can't just live in your dreamland - your "fortress America" - and let all the countries of the world eventually disappear. A false sense of security will destroy you - like nothing. ( Read More)

Napoleon and the war of Iéna

( In Persian)

The beheading of Marie Antoinette

(In Persian)

The Sassanid Salt Man

In the winter of 2003 near the city of Zanjan in Iran a well preserved human body was found by the salt miners. The body has well preserved hair and beard, having been buried in salt, initial study dates it to be from about 1700 year ago. Late Ashkani early Sassanian era. The DNA study shows the man to be 37 years old and his blood group B+. He was about 175 cms and seems to have died by falling down a shaft in the mine and his right skull is broken and the right side of his face is badly damaged due to the fall.

He has a gold earing in his ears and was wearing a leather boot with highly professional stiches, the cloth of his dress were also sophistically woven, all this and the silver he carried place him highly in society. Attached is his photo.

Fariborz Rahnamoon,
Vancouver, Canada