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Andre Gide's " Les Nourritures Terrestres"

Andre Maurois

Like Thus Spake Zarathustra, Les Nourritures Terrestres is a gospel in the root sense of the word--glad tidings. Tidings about the meaning of life addressed to a dearly loved disciple whom Gide calls Nathanael. The book is composed of Bible verses, hymns, recits, songs, rounds, held together on the one hand by the presence of Nathanael and on the other by the doctrine Gide seems to be teaching him. I say seems because we shall shortly see that Gide would accept neither the idea of teaching nor that of doctrine.(Read More)

How My Father Won My Mother

Gabriel García Márquez

My mother became a woman in a godforsaken hellhole. She had spent an uncertain childhood plagued by malarial fevers, but, once cured, she was cured completely and forever, and with her health as strong as reinforced concrete she was able to celebrate her ninety-fifth birthday with eleven of her own children, and four of her husband's, and sixty-six grandchildren, seventy-three great-grandchildren, and five great-great-grandchildren. Not counting the ones nobody ever knew about. (Read More)