I do not think what to make of Reza Pahlavee, standing next to an usurper. For what National Geographical has done is a very grave thing: it has taken a big chunk of Iran by stroke of a pen; yet Mr Pahlavee is standing next to him, greening, showing his big white teeth as if he is extremely pleased about this man who is so "brave" so "courageous", in his (Reza Pahlavee's) opinion, that he has dared to steal vast parts of Iran without a shadow of doubt that leading Iranians, such as Reza Pahlavee will approve of what he has done.

Reza Pahlavees big grin reminds me of President Mohammad Khatamee's never disappearing grins / happy face, which always makes me think: what is he so happy about? Has his English-American diplomacy not resulted in losing Islands of Abumusa and the two tonbs? Russia released all central Asian provinces of Iran in the early 1990s, enabling IR to claim back what was his own: Georgia, Gazagestan, Azarbaijan, Armanestan and so on..... But not only there was no rush on the part of Iranian govt to repossess them as his rightful territories, but also, as soon as Khatamy and his foreign minister Kamale Kharazy took office in the 1997 presidential elections, they immediately began diplomatic relations with England and asked British govt to step in and do all it can to take over all the freed Iranian territories as its own mostamereh / colony. Mohamad Khatamy and Kamale Kharazy actually gave Britain the money it needed to organise a coup in all these Central Asian provinces and possess them, so that Russia will not be able to exercise influence in those region again.

Yet whenever you see Mohammad Khatamy and Kamale Kharazy, they are grinning, laughing from the bottom of their hearts as if they have really achieved something during the past 8 years. Which brings me back to laughing face of Reza Pahlavee, as he shakes the usurpers hands in his own firm fists.

I read the statement below the picture to see if he has actually persuaded this man to reprint National Geographic Periodical anew, after having re-editted it, for the sake of giving Persian Gulf back to Iranians, to whom it really belongs. But no .... there is no such triumphant sentence or declaration anywhere in the statement. So why is he so pleased with himself?
We have lost Persian Gulf with stroke of a pen; and Reza Pahlavee is overjoyed by it?

This bewildering situation brings me back to President Mohamad Khatamy, and his always laughing face. As we all know, Khatamy and his cabinet are engaged in organising a coup in Iran for the sake of bringing Britain and American govts back to power in Iran, so that they could manage the oil industry and any other mines and natural resources Iran has, for their own sake; so that they can take as much as they like without resorting to ways and means they have resorted to in Iraq. After all Iranians leaders are prepared to give their all for the sake of being considered, at least in appearance, Rulers of Iran, even though they are not. I mean, we all know afsaare Khatamy and his cabinet is in the British hands; yet the men of Iran like to pretend otherwise, so as to make Iranian general public feel self-confident, able to hold their head up in the world stage by claiming that Iran is the only 3rd world country which is independent, and unlike the Indian subcontinent, is not a British colony.

These days Khatamy is grinning more than ever and constantly talking about the country of Iran going through a memorable historical episode; by which he means a coup is going to take place in the month of Ordeebehesht, as a result of which the whole Country of Iran will be declared a joint British-American colony officially; as a result of his eight years in office.

Yes, Mohammad Khatamy and his cabinet have been able to do what no other previous King of Iran was prepared to do: let the English take over the whole country and be done and over with once for all. Exactly like Reza Pahlavee's achievement after a long meeting with the President of National Geographical institute, who has stepped in on behalf of the British and American to do all in his power to bite off another big chunk of Iran without a blink.

Ladies and gentlemen we are, as Mohamad Khatamy puts it, going through a historical break through, which is, we have succumbed to the British colonialism wholeheartedly, thanks to our foolish, naive and unimpressive leaders. They are laughing; cannot hide the pleasure at the bottom of their heart for what they have achieved for British and American govts; but we the wise and helpless and powerless nation of Iran cannot help crying, being ashamed of Reza Pahlavee and President Mohamad Khatamy and his Foreigh and Home secretaries who are prepared to do all in their power in order to bring British and Americans into Iran and tell them to feel free if they wish to take over the whole country: khejaalat nakesheeda ... khoneye khodetooneh ..... har jaye Iroono ke mekhaine bardareen,,, mohmoone ma .... {feel free, take as much as you like, don't be shy.... consider it your own homeland......}

What else am I supposed to understand when I look at the big grin on Reza's face; his white teeth showing as if he has been having the time of his life with the thief of our land.

What am I to make of seeing Mohamad Khatamy smiling, laughing, grinning, being pleased with himself day in and day out, twenty four hours a day, behaving as if he has actually achieved something for his country and his people. While the facts, his actual doings, show and indicate otherwise.

Has not the country become extremely poor under Mohamad Khatamy? Has the gap between rich and poor not widened immensely under Khatamy? Have we not lost big chunks of our country as a result of Khatamy's diplomatic dealings with Britain and USA? Has the homelessness not become catastrophic due to land being possessed by the Islamic elitists and sold back to the poor Iranians for sky-high prices? Does Khatamy not send Buldozers to shanty towns outside big cities to destroy homes / kolbeh haye of the Iranians who cannot afford to buy back the land stollen from them by Khatamy croonies, and so they are now considered by the same thieves as homeless and therefore "unworthy"? Prices of vital necessities of life have gone up so much, under Khatamy, that not even working people of Iran are able to buy enough to keep their families away from starvation, let alone the poor and voiceless of Iran who have had their everything taken away from them by the very rich.

The most disgraceful of these cases is the case of zelzelezadegane / earthquake victims of Bam who are true victims of Khatamy's love affair with the Western big business. Khatamy has given the British, American, French, Italian, Japanese big business license to dig anywhere in Iran in search of oil, natural resources, and archeological finds. You can't believe it, all kinds of business men and archeologists are busy digging various parts of Iran in search of gold, natural resources and archeological valuables. They are using dinamite or explosives to cut through rocks {Iran is a rocky and mountainous country} and as a result there is always some kind of earth quake happening all over Iran. North of Iran, regions near the Caspian sea are nowadays the shakiest parts of Iran; people's homes are constantly falling down due to the deep diggings by Oil Companies such as British Petrulium, which have one contracts to dig out oil in Georgia, Azarbaijaon, Gazagestan and so on.

Bam was the first major victim of these kinds of activities by the big, uncaring, fortune-seeking Western diggers for gold. As you are fully aware the earthquake in Bam was unprecendented throughout Iranian history. All historical sites which attracted tourists have been ruined completely, due to the use of too much explosive by foreign gold diggers.

At no time President Khatamy not even dreamt of paying some kind of compensation to all these victims of foreign gold diggers inside Iran. In the contracts he has signed with these thieves from the rich West no mention has been made of payment of compensation to the people of Iran who may fall victim of their unholy adventures in Iran.

The IR govt does not feel any responsibility towards these people who are losing all they have worked hard for, even their lives, on a constant basis, either, even though it knows full well that people of Bam, people of Gilan and Mazandaran, have been made poverty-stricken by the action of individual statesmen / doulatmardan such as Khatamy and his cabinet; for had they not invited western business men to come to Iran and do as they please, none of these things would have happened to the large number of Iranians; particularly people of Bam, who have lost their all in the previous artificial earthquake, and it is now two years that they are living in tents, surviving off charitable whim of various authorities and organisations; with no prospect of ever being able to move into their own homes. For Khatamy and his cabinet are not prepared to accept responsibility for their own acts of folly and pay up, compensate the people of Bam for all they have lost as a result of crimes committed by Khatamy and his foolish cabinet.

Next time you see Khatamy laugh, smile or grin, and whiten his teeth, do me a favour and ask him, "sir, what are you grinning at? What is there to be laughing at? Why are you so happy? What have you done for the people of Iran which makes you feel so pleased with yourself?" And then let us see, read, hear what he has to say in your reply. Suan Moeen