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The Grey Wolves of Turkey are perhaps the most actively racist pan-Turanian organization in existence today. Europe has had first hand exposure to Grey Wolf violence: the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II (1920-2005) on May 13, 1981 in Rome’s St. Peter's Square (below left photo taken seconds after incident) by Grey Wolf activist Mehmet Ali Agca[i] (below right photo – taken during his arrest by Italian police):



PopeShot Mehmet



Another example is Colonel. Iskander Hamidov, a member of the Azeri chapter of the Grey Wolves, whose brutality against Armenian civilians (esp. 10 April 1992) is legendary (see also Part IV, item 2).


In reality, it is the Turks who have suffered most at the hands of the Grey Wolves. During much of the 1970s, the Grey Wolves murdered hundreds of distinguished public figures, trade union activists, lawyers and human rights advocates, journalists, and students. For more information, kindly refer to Martin Lee’s article in the Web References.



(1) Who are the Grey Wolves?


The origins of the Grey Wolves may be possibly traced to 1968, when they were apparently built up by certain elements in Turkish intelligence (as well as Suleiman Demirel) mainly as a counterweight to left-wing Communists (?) and possibly student activists. They derive their name from the Grey Wolf legend and use their hands to mimic the heads of wolves (Part I, item 2b). The Otuken website provides further insight into BozKurt (Grey Wolf) ultra nationalism (see Web references).


There are three Grey Wolf mottos worthy of mention:


(1) The Nation of Turks is neither Turkey nor Turkestan, but the great nation of all Turks, the great and immortal kingdom of Turan (see Matini, 1989 in references, p.448)


(2) Our aim is to unify 100 million Turks into a single nation (see Gokalp 1952 – esp. p.28 & 1959 in references)


(3) All things are for the Turks and for the benefit of Turks (see Matini, 1989 in references, p.448).


There are surprising parallels between the above statements and the beliefs of Nordic Nazism. The first two mottos resemble the pan-Germanic philosophy of creating a vast Germanic super state from the shores of the Atlantic to the borders of Siberia. The third motto bears the echoes of the Nazi “Aryan superman” or “ubermensch”, in which the Nordic-Germanic race (HeerenVolk) is to tower above all others by ruling and enslaving them.   


No longer confined to the lunatic fringes of Turkish society, Grey Wolf-ism is now emerging among mainstream politicians. Note the photo of Turkish politicians Devlet Bahtseli in Turkey (below left) and Alpsalan Turkes at a rally in the Republic of Azerbaijan (right)



Delvet Bahtseli



Mr. Turkes has been reported as being fully supportive of Grey Wolf anti-Iranian and anti-Armenian activism in the Republic of Azerbaijan. He has been described as a fanatic racialist. Given these circumstances, the translation of Nazi literature into Turkish and its mass distribution should be viewed as an alarming development (Part IV, item 1).


There are also disturbing reports of Grey Wolf expansionist ideology spreading among the highly educated Turkish elites. On the 6th of February 2001, Meral Aksener, a strident pan-Turanian activist who was Interior Minister during the Tansu Ciller-Mesut Yilmaz government (1994-1996), openly advocated to media outlets for the union of the Republic of Azerbaijan with Turkey[ii]. This is chillingly similar to Nazi Germany’s Anchluss (re-union) demands with Austria in 1938. Aksener’s statement appeared to have the blessing of the Turkish armed forces (TAF) and National Intelligence Agency (MIT)[iii].


Perhaps most tragic is the appeal of the Grey Wolf movement among the youth of Turkey (note photo of a youth wing of the Grey Wolves):






It is the youth who are the future. Most important of all is the question of their views with respect to Greeks, Armenians, Iranians and all others who are seen, one way or another, as “obstacles” to the dream of a “Greater Turan”


(2) Supporting Mr. Chehreganli


There are unofficial reports that certain prominent Turks are working with Mr. Chehreganli and other separatist organizations to dismember Iran as a sovereign state. The Turks are simply being used and misled by Mr. Chehreganli, a man who at the very least, fabricates information and falsifies history to suit his own ambitions. Chehreganli’s assertions of full Turkish support for his schemes appear to be validated by the following undated photo with Mr. Mohsun, a Turkish government official.






Imagine the fury that would be felt across Turkey if Iran officially invited and hosted the leaders of the PKK organization to Tehran, complete with photo-ops, full media and TV coverage, foreign correspondents and publicized meetings with top Iranian and foreign officials. Such an action would correctly be viewed as highly provocative by Ankara. The Turks have accused the Iranians of supporting the PKK in the past (Part VI, item 9).


(3) Operations in Foreign Countries


Many officers of the Turkish army with Grey Wolf leanings have served in the Caucasus fighting Armenians and Russians (in the CheChen war)[iv]. There are unconfirmed reports of Turkish officers training Grey Wolf activists to operate inside Iran. Recall the earlier discussion of Grey Wolf activists inserting themselves into the annual Babak Khorramdin celebrations in Iran’s Bez Mountain (Part II, item 6).


Grey Wolf tactics at information dissemination in Iran are identical to contemporary neo-Nazi organizations in Europe. As noted before Pamphlets and Grey Wolves literature are regularly distributed throughout Iranian Azerbaijan (Part II, item 6; Part IV, item 2). It is also interesting that photos of Mr.s Pishevari and Chehreganli as well as a variety of “Azerbaijan” flags are also actively displayed in the Babak rallies. Like the European fascists, Grey Wolf activists display flags and pictures to deliberately inflame racialist passions and confrontation.


Pan-Turanian activists are working very hard to use the Babak celebrations as a tool to create a violent incident that would pit Azerbaijanis against “the racist Persians” (see also Part VI, item 6b). As in the former Yugoslavia this ”incident” would then be widely reported by media outlets serving as the mouthpieces of geopolitical-petroleum lobbies (Part VI, items 1-4, 7), and of course attract the attention of Human Rights organizations (Part VI, item 2b).


Grey Wolves activists have already been sending thousands of their followers into foreign countries to interfere in their political, cultural and social events.  A little noticed report by Mezopotamya Radio on January 26, 2005, noted that:


…Thousands of Turkmens have been sent to Iraq by the Turkish authorities, aiming to give the pro-Turkish Turkmen Front a better position in the Iraqi elections…several coach drivers…confirmed that they have been involved in transporting Turkmens from Turkey to South Kurdistan via the Xabur border…

[January 26, 2005 – see also web references]


Interestingly, western media outlets are silent with respect to Grey Wolf activities in Iran, the Caucasus, Iraq and the Balkans. Western media and academics make no reference to Grey Wolf complicity in generating the “800,000 Azerbaijani votes” that Mr. Chehreganli continually claims to have collected. Western silence has allowed pan-Turanian activism inside foreign countries to go virtually unhindered and unnoticed.


(4) Grey Wolf Miscalculation: Greece


Greece is not exactly on the Grey Wolf hit list either. As noted in Part I (item 2d), Grey Wolf “historians” claim to have “proven” that ancient Greece (esp. Minoan Greece) was Turkish. Meanwhile, the Greeks have long complained of Turkish jets violating their airspace.


Strangely, Anglo-American media outlets have remained surprisingly silent with respect to Greek complaints. Anglo-American silence is partly due to the successful lobbying of the virtually unknown but powerful Turkish American Council (ATC) in Washington (see Part VI, item 4a).


Greek frustration and concern with Grey Wolf activities in Albania and the former Yugoslavia and Skopje (re-named by Communist activists as “Macedonia” to apply geopolitical pressure on Greece – see Part VI, item 5) go largely unreported in the Anglo-American press.


Ironically, the Grey Wolves have succeeded in creating one of histories greatest ironies: thanks to their rhetoric and activities, the Grey Wolves have succeeded at creating the first ever military alliance between Greece and Persia.


Greece initiated a military alliance with Iran in the June of 1998. This alliance also includes Armenia. Russia, also concerned with Grey Wolf activities and ambitions in the Caucasus, Central Asia, the Balkans, and “Tataristan” in the Crimea, also provides covert support to the Greek initiated alliance. Greek Defence Minister Akis Tsohatzopoulos (photo below) flew to Tehran on June 29, 1999 and met with Iranian officials to hammer out the final details of the historical alliance.





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[i] The pope officially forgave his would-be assassin in the December of 1983.

[ii] Olson, Robert, 2004, p.108-109. Citation from Hurriyet, 6 February 2001.

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