Professor Silahi Diker’s Turcocentric theories of Civilization:

And the Whole World was One Language (Ten Thousand Year of the Turks)


Polat Kaya:

Sumerian-Turkish dictionary


Professor Silahi Diker’s offer of Etruscans as Turks:

Etruscans Genetic Study – Turkic World


North American Indians as Turks:

Red Comrades-Turania


Polat Kaya:

Turkish Language and the Native Americans


Turkish origins of Melungians by Mehmet Cakir:

The Melungeons: Genetic, Linguistic, and Historic Evidence of Their Turkish Roots


The notion of Tajiks being Turks:

Oz Turkler


Turkemenistan President, Separmurat Turkmenbashi narrative of Propher Noah as Turkish:

Pan-Turanian claims to Prophet Noah’s origins


Turkish professor Gunseli/Guzide Renda proposes that the Ottoman Sultans are the direct descendants of Adam:

Prof. Guzide Renda tells about the art of portraiture during the Ottoman era in a series of conferences based

on the exhibition “Turks: A Journey of a Thousand Years, 600-1600”


Professor G.R.F. Assar:

Parthian Language of the Ancient “Turkish culture?


Kaveh Farrokh:

Parthian is not Turkish




A Georgian website discussing the Persian legacy in the Caucasus:

History of Georgian-Iranian Relations.


A website for the Chehreganli separatist movement:

SANAM (South Azerbaijan Independence Movement)


An Azerbaijani website from Tabriz, Iran. This openly rejects pan-Turanianism and affirms Azerbaijan’s historical, cultural, linguistic and theological bonds with Persia

Welcome to Tabriz, Iran: Land of Nobility and Gallantry




Martin Lee’s article on the political context of the rise of Grey Wolf activism. This was originally published on Monday, May 14, 2001 in the San Francisco Bay Guardian:

When John Paul II Was Shot in St. Peter's Square: Turkish Spy Scandals Shed New Light on Papal Murder Attempt


A very interesting Turkish ultra-nationalist website that also collates many of the beliefs and aims of the BozKurt (Grey Wolves):



Mezopotamya Radio, January 26, 2005

Thousands of Turkmen sent to Iraq by Turkey: report




James C. Helicke’s article on the sale of “Mein Kampf” in Turkey

'Mein Kampf' a Best Seller in Turkey (same report in BBC News)


Document and photographic archives of Armenian 1915 tragedy

Armenian Genocide


Website which explains the Armenian Genocide as a Fraud

Tall Armenian Tale: The Other Side of Falsified Genocide


The scandalous contacts between members of the US government and Turkish officials

Did Speaker Hastert Accept Turkish Bribes to Deny Armenian Genocide and Approve Weapons Sales?


Interesting link of South Azerbaijan Human Rights (S.A.H.R.) organization co-hosted by the Arab separatist Al-Ahwaz organization of southwest Iran:

South Azerbaijan Human Rights (S.A.H.R.)


Asim Oku’s Article on the vulnerability of the Republic of Azerbaijan to separatist movements

Iran Can Blow Up Azerbaijan From Within


The Talysh and Lezgian Independence Movements of the Republic of Azerbaijan (Independence Issues) (Human Rights Issues)


The Revival of the Iranian Right-Wing Kaboud Movement – today known as SUMKA

SUMKA (Hezb-e-Sosialeeste-ye-Melee-ye Kargaran-e Iran)


A Persian language Neo-Nazi site:

Neo Nazi in Iran




The Suleymanoghlu offer of Turkish citizen ship to Rezazadeh, see the following article posted at Payvand News Website:

Suleymanoglu offers Rezazadeh Turkish citizenship






A report by Nick Grace for the Clandestine Radio Intel Web on Israeli sponsorship of the VOSA (Voice of Southern Azerbaijan)

Voice of Southern Azerbaijan


The Moscow News Report on US military assistance to Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan Republic.

Russia in a Hurry to Sell Weapons to Iran


Interesting article by Jason Athanasiadis in the Asia Times on the role of the CIA in trying to dismember Iran and separate Azerbaijan

Stirring the Ethnic Pot (Apr 29, 2005)


Michel Chossudovsky’s article on western objectives in Azerbaijan and the Caspian Sea

Planned US-Israeli Attack on Iran (May 1, 2005)


Greek reports of Turkish attempts at manipulating western scholarship

US Scholars Outraged at Turkish Propaganda


A descriptive website of the activities of the American-Turkish Council (ATC)

The American Turkish Council


Christopher Deliso’s article outlining the influence of the ATC in America

How Foreign Lobbies Imperil America


Hellenic nationalist Page reports on Turkish efforts to influence scholarship

US Scholars Outraged at Turklish Propaganda


Doulatbek Khidirbekughli’sa review on Harvard University’s Eurasian Studies Society (CESS), Volume 3, Number 1, Winter 2004

Mysterious Eurasia: Thoughts on Response to Dr. Schoeberlein


A revealing website into Geopolitics and Caspian Sea resources

Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)


Compendium of governmental and academic lobbies

Caspian Sea Region


Greek Protest regarding de-Hellenization of Asia Minor:

Dean Sirigos, Associate, American Hellenic Media Project (AHMP) – letter written to Celator journal on August 2000)


Article by Christopher Bollyn of the American Free Press, outlining British involvement in the Basra False Flag Incidents

Arrest of British Terror Agents in Basra Exposes Source of Iraqi Sectarian Terror Bombing


Arnaud de Borchgrave’s failure to distinguish between religion and nationality on The Washington Times On-line, Aug. 15, 2005

Commentary: Iran's strategy in Iraq


Karen Kelly’s report on Iranian Engineer’s innovations (September 8, 2005)

Engineering professor among world's top innovators: Parham Aarabi recognized for the profound impact of his research on the way we live and work


Fatema Soudavar Farmanfarmaian’s assessment of how short-term politics has resulted in the distortion of scholarship as pertaining to Iranian studies

The Other Terror  (Part I) (Part II)


Farhad Husseinov’s article on the growing democracy movement in the Republic of Azerbaijan

It's Azerbaijan's Turn


Daniel Pipe’s review of books on Kurdish issues website


Political platform for Arab separatism from Iran’s Khuzistan province

The Official Site of Ahwaz and Ahwazi Arabic Revolution (Arabistan) (in Arabic) (in Persian)

(in English)


An academic venue for Ahwaz studies

The Al-Ahwaz studies organization


Kaveh Farrokh’s assessment of anti-Iranian Arab nationalism

Pan-Arabism’s Legacy of Confrontation with Iran (in Persian)


Fatema Soudavar Farmanfarmaian’s assessment of how Iran’s heritage and historical dignity is under assault

Defending Our Turf


Professor William Beeman’s article on geopolitical support for Chehreganli

Rumblings in Azerbaijan -- Bush's Hawks Eye Northern Iran


Professor William Beeman’s article on possible western military cooperation with Chehreganli

U.S. attack on Iran may be in the cards

Professor William Beeman’s article on how false information on Azerbaijan can lead to military conflict

Ignorance on Iran could lead to an Unwise Attack


Interesting article by Professor William O. Beeman on US support for Azerbaijan separatism and Mr. Chehreganli

US Attack on Iran may be in the Cards (June 28, 2005)


Kaveh Afrasiabi’s report on British assessments of Iran’s WMD programs

Building a case, any case, against Iran


Kaveh Afrasiabi’s article on double standards on Iran’s nucluer issues in Asia Times On-line

US media and Iran's Nuclear Threat (May 11, 2005)