A few letter to Michael Ledeen on AEI Conference

Dear Mr. Ledeen,

Because I know your background I was not surprised to hear you out.

Not only you are in the verge of dreaming for split Iran but also you are permitting yourself to change a nation’s name??.

The term Persian is WRONG (www.peymanmeli.org/page10.asp)

There is only ONE IRAN, and ONE NATION, and that is CALLED IRAN, and the people called Iranians.

MR. Ledeen, let me tell you; does not matter who is your audience, and does not matter, even, if you mysteriously call one from LORI speaking Iranians to your conference for its legitimating purposes. In any case what you have initiated is WRONG; this business is non-of your and it remains for Iranians to decide; if and when and how they have to deal with their internal provinces.

Tomorrow is late,,, faster… stay out of this NOW!


Dear Mr. Ledeen,

I am an Azerbaijani. My family name is proof of it. I do not need to identify myself any further.

I always appreciated your efforts to free Iran.

But this recent act of holding a conference of Iranian separatists has come as shock not only to me but to the majority of Iranians.

I have to confess that I am an Iranian First & then Azerbaijani, not the vise versa.

Please carry on your good work & do not disappoint patriotic Iranians!

Thank you Sir,


Dear Mr. Ledeen,

The individuals who are the panelists at AEI’s event on October 26, 2005, “The Unknown Iran; Another Case for Federalism?”are not representatives of Azerbaijanis, Kurds, Baluchis, and Arabs. Some of the panelists support extremist views that are not supported by most Azerbaijanis, Kurds, Baluchis, and Arabs. Some of the panelists have a record of activities against the interests of the Iranian people. Some of the panelists have supported the effort to disintegrate Iran.

The overwhelming majority of the individuals and groups in the Iranian democracy movement support a democratic form of government that will respect the rights of all Iranians, including Azerbaijanis, Kurds, Persians, Baluchis, Arabs, Turkmen and other religious or dialect minorities. However, there are different views regarding federalism, and it is not an issue that can be resolved before the liberation of Iran. Emphasizing the issue of federalism today will cause further harmful divisions among political groups, and delay Iran’s liberation from the despotic rule of the mullahs. The best course is for political groups with diverse views to work together to achieve the high priority goal of liberating Iran, and resolve divisive issues such as federalism after the fall of the Khomeinist regime.

Many Iranians appreciate previous efforts by AEI to support the Iranian democracy movement, and they are shocked and disappointed by AEI providing a platform to extremist individuals who promote distorted and divisive agendas. Those who seek to disintegrate Iran are not part of the solution; they are part of the problem. Any activities to promote extremist separatists will help the agenda of the terrorist Islamic Republic.

I urge AEI to be very careful in its actions regarding Iran, and avoid activities that will help the terror masters in Tehran. AEI has previously provided important support for the Iranian democracy movement, and we hope that AEI will continue to stand with the Iranian people in the future in the struggle to free Iran and the world from the tyranny of the Islamic Republic.



Might as well add my 2 cents here too.

My parents are from Khorasan. My ancestry is not Iranian but Uzbek and I look very much Uzbek/Turkaman. Europeans rarely guess I am of Persian origins.

The pact made by my great great parents and the people of Iran is acceptance of the supremacy of Iranian culture. Any effort otherwise would lead to the disintegration of not the Islamic Republic but of Iran. And following the horrendous experience of the last 26 years, probably a lebanonisation of Iran.

If after decades of failed policies towards influencing Iran, the AEI thinks that they can pressure the mullahs by pushing the separatist interests, they may well get just what they wanted, a Soviet style collapse of Iran.

Only problem is that the Russians nationalist leading the Communist cause were weakened by the Soviet collapse. The Persians who are not in control of the country will be weakened as well for sure. But the Islamist, the maggot brained groups in power today, will be strengthened by a collapse of the social fabric of the country. They breed in negative thoughts and dark realities. If they feel they might loose power in the near future, they will welcome such a scenario.