Lendering states:


On p.81, the author maintains that the Persians never challenged the Greeks at sea after the naval battle of Salamis, apparently unaware of the outcome of the Social War in 355.


The statement is simplistic if not outright misleading. The Social War in 355 is tangential to the main thrust of the statement. The fact remains that Achaemenid naval power never managed to dominate the Aegean area at Hellenic expense, especially after Salamis. Is Lendering claiming an “alternative” history” in that Persia did mount a massive effort in 355 on the scale of Salamis? This is clearly false and illogical; the state of Persia’s military and economy was already seriously in decline by 355, as Farrokh correctly mentions in his book. The 355 war is at best worthy of mention in a footnote. Here is a case of Lendering using historical trivia to take statements out of context.