Let’s Abandon the Distorions of Achaemenid Studies

The Spiegel Controversy



(1)The case of Gotarzes II

(2) Jona Lendering Hates Cyrus the Great

(3) Dangers to pre-Islamic sites in Iran today

(4) Ahuramazda

(5) Nomenclature: Confusing “errors” with linguistics

(6) Median Architecture

(7) Persepolis and the New Year Festival

(8) Achaemenid Archery

(9) The Achaemenid Navy

(10) “Digressions” or Consequences of military history?

(11) Chronology: The example of Croesus

(12) Mithraism

(13) Salamis

(14) Herodotus

(15) Falsifying the state of Iranian Studies

(16) Is Lendering an expert on ancient Iran?

(17) Alexander in Iran: A Brief Note

(18) Trivilializing Professor Richard Nelson Frye

(19) Do Academics of Iranica agree with Lendering?