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     September/October, 2002 An Online Magazine  Volume III, Number 13



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Moscow hostage death toll soars

Iraqi prisoners taste freedom

Analysis: Turkey's war on poll leaders

'Urgent need to cut greenhouse gases'

Montazeri backs Khatami against conservatives

Sweden and Iran expel diplomats

Khatami won't attend dinner in Spain if wine is served

Quake shakes town near capital Tehran

Nationalists triumph in Bosnia poll

Iraq's children suffer as war looms


Congress voting on Bush war powers

Iran's army to stage military exercises, warns "enemies"

Hungarian author wins Nobel prize

Iran hanging stalled by heart attack

Paris mayor stabbed at City Hall

Brazil chooses its future course

Terrified mother awaits stoning appeal

Russia and Israel draw closer

"Iran will not militarily oppose US attack on Iraq"

Vatican approves Mother Teresa 'miracle'

Dutch 'should be spoken in mosques'

Iran's GC rejects full divorce rights for women

Iran, Russia discuss caspian Sea issue

Russia resists new Iraq resolution


Milosevic goes on trial for genocide

US intelligence detects al-Qaeda training camp in Iran

Iran's Khatami wants more powers

Iraq accuses US of seeking 'pretext'

Swedes to vote in close election

Tehran court cuts jail term of Iranian-American dancer

Iranian police arrest 145 in raid on "miscreants"

Bush issues ultimatum to Iraq

Khatami in Saudi Arabia

America Mourns

Palestinian cabinet resigns

Iran to get World Bank money

Iran vows to honour Iraq border

UN warns of Iraq consequences

Thousands honour slain Afghan hero

Iran Says Tests New Surface-To-Surface Missile

Rio 'worse than a war zone'

Nigerian woman made Rome 'citizen'

Karzai survives attempt on his life

Iraq strike 'would open hell's gates'

Call for action on Iran constitution

Leftist tendencies, a necessity in Iran today

Mandela warns Bush over Iraq

Iraq seeks European support

Anti-Iranian remarks by Iraqi vice president, denounced

The famous Iranian singer, Farhad, Dies in Paris

Russia begins work on Iranian reactor

German race enters final stage

In pictures: Diana remembered

Diana remembered in royal prayers




















Clinton's coded jibes at Bush give conference what it wants to hear

Jonathan Freedland
This was the speech of a president in exile. Like a deposed leader seeking refuge in a friendly nation, Bill Clinton came to Blackpool to deliver a message that can barely be heard in today's America

Robert Fisk: What the US President wants us to forget

Each day now, someone says something even more incredible – even more unimaginable – about President Bush's obsession with war. Yesterday, George Bush was himself telling an audience in Cincinnati about "nuclear holy warriors". Forget for a moment that we still can't prove Saddam Hussein has nuclear weapons.

Click to read in full

Memoir from Afghanistan
by: Hedy Firouzbakhsh

Since the revolution of 1979, I was only trying to survive, moving from one day to the next, with no hope and no aspiration whatsoever.  Until then, life was nothing but a series of obligations to me. Maybe a quick glimpse into how I volunteered and was accepted to work for the Red Cross will help explain my story. (In Full)


A Review of Abbass Milani's "Tales of Two Cities"

From: Middle East Journal 

Autobiography is not a well-established genre in Iran. The value of privacy in Iranian life is strong enough to make the personal memoir a sensitive and embarrassing phenomenon. (In Full)



Rostam & Sohrab
Western Foil for a Persian Tragedy
Ferdowsi’s Sophisticated Morality


By writing his own version of the story of Rostam and Sohrab found in the classical Persian epic, The Shahnama, the British Victorian Matthew Arnold has provided an illuminating perspective for examining the older work. (In Full)

Persian TV.



by: Khalil Gibran

I was eighteen years of age when love opened my eyes with its magic rays and touched my spirit for the first time with its fiery fingers, and Selma was the first woman who awakened my spirit with her beauty and led me into the garden of high affection, where days pass like dreams and nights like weddings. (In Full)


The Glass Marbles
By: Pari Mansouri

The man hurriedly opened his black briefcase, taking out the papers inside. He looked at them carefully, one by one, and quietly put them back. ( In Full )


by: Shirin Tabibzadeh

It is Mahmood khan's birthday. He wakes up on this humid August morning, startled by birdsong echoing across the garden outside and, for a long time, he stares in confused remembrance of a past long gone at the swelling orange sun burning the faded floral wallpaper across from his bed.  (In Full)













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