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July/August 2006
Volume VII, Number 37

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Kamran Amid, a talented artist

Dr. Shapour Bakhtiar

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Poet and satirist Salahi dies at 60 ‘without informing us’

Emran Salahi remembered - an interview with Bijan Assadipour

The Last Dynasty - Sassanian Glory Exhibit in Paris
By: Darius Kadivar

The Exhibition entitled Les Perses Sassanides, Fastes d’un Empire Oublié exhibits at the Cernuschi, Museum Paris, France 15th September to 30th December 2006.

A Blend of Opera And Traditional Songs Of Iran

San Jose, Le Petit Trianon Theatre

Saturday, November 11, 2006 - 8 P.M.



Shab Nameh

By: Bahram Maskanian

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   Commentary by Dr. Kaveh Farrokh on Dr. Kamal Said Qader's article " the Kurds and the KGB: The secret history of the Barzani dynasty"

All the pictures are from Dr. Farrokh's arcives

A very interesting article regarding the history of Russian manipulation of Kurds to further their geopolitical interests:

2 articles by: Houshang Moinzadeh

Anousheh Ansari

Negaahi No' be andisheh-haay-e Khayyam

By: Houshang Moinzadeh

A very interesting discussion about Mr. Moinzadeh's works on Paltalk

Dr. Jalil Doostkhah's kind note about Rozaneh on his valuable site " Iranshenakht "

Some of the comments on Rozaneh's birthday!:


Az ketaab-e Bahaeegari, Shiigari, soofigari

By: Ahmad Kasravi

Democracy: A Zarathushtrian Perspective

By: Dr. Ali Akbar Jafary

This is how “democracy” is defined by the Webster’s Dictionary: a] A Government by the people, especially rule of the majority. b] A government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation involving periodically held free elections.

Iran, the beautiful

I yearn not an outing, for....where you are is my resort....Sa'di

A review of Manouchehr Khorasani's recently released great book " Arms & Armor from Iran: The Bronze Age to the End of the Qajar Period"

By: Dr. Kaveh Farokh

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce a book that stands among the premier works of scholarship in Iranian studies and history. This is Manoucher Mostagh Khorasani's book;

Chahar negah be marg dar adabeeyat-e kohan

By: Dr. Majid Naficy

This is an excellent article, please read it

Remembering the massacre of 1988 in Iran: September 1st may become an International Day in Remembrance of the Massacre of Political Prisoners.

And before ..................

Gerneral Manouchehr Khosrowdad

Picturing a Dark Time

Arni Haraldsson documentary about the Revolution

Sent by: Darius Kadivar

Akbar Nazemi's "Unsent Dispatches from the Iranian Revolution, 1978–1979"

"My heart sank when Katrina informed me that the negatives were fading. It seems as if the images are gradually vanishing. I was speechless; these were not just images but a record of the history of my homeland.

History repeating?

In 1090 Hasan-e Sabbah obtained control of the inaccessible mountain fastness of Alamut in northern Persia. Here, and in similar bases established in Syria in the following century, the Grand Masters of the sect commanded bands of devoted and fanatical followers, waging a campaign of terror and 'assassination' against the kings and princes of Islam in the name of a mysterious hidden Imam. The emissaries of the Grand Masters carried out a series of daring murders of prominent Muslim statesmen and generals, including the Nizam-al Molk himself in 1092. The terror of the Assasins was not finally exoricized until the Mongol invasions of the thirteenth century, after which Ismailism stagnated as a minor heresy. (Bernard Lewis - The Middle East )

Iran, the beautiful

Reading the Holocaust Cartoons in Tehran

By: Roya Hakakian

THE news of the exhibition of Holocaust cartoons in Tehran took me back to a moment in my childhood. In 1974, his first year at Tehran’s Academy for Visual Arts, my brother mounted an exhibition of his own cartoons. The drawings were a novice’s best attempt at political satire, but they were enough to alarm my law-abiding father into sending my brother away to America. Our family was never whole again.

Spotlight on the Iranian Foreign Born

Historical Background:

--The Iranian foreign born are a relatively new population whose migration to the United States was concentrated around the years of the Islamic Revolution (1978-1979).
--Between 1980 and 1990, the number of foreign born from Iran in the United States increased by 74 percent.
--The number of Iranians granted lawful permanent residence peaked in 1990, with an estimated 24,977 Iranians admitted.
--From 1980 to 2004, more than one out of every four Iranian immigrants was a refugee or asylee.

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Iran, the beautiful

Famous Iranians

The Year 2006 is the 100th anniversary
of Rouhollah Khaleghi's birth!

By: Golnoush Khaleghi

The center is proud to present Rouhollah Khaleghi's memorial tribute Ey Iran. This wonderful book contains essays written by Khaleghi, articles written by others about his life and his work, his travel memoirs, and excerpts of his private letters as well as pictures from the Khaleghi family private photo album. To purchase a copy of Ey Iran visit our Online Store: http://www.rkac.com/CD/nfoscomm/catalog . KAC has undertaken several projects to honor to commemorate his birthday.

The true story of two tenors


Iran, the beautiful

This well-lighted house I won't abandon

Kill me, but her I won't abandon ......Molana

Darius Kadivar's Corner

Paris Report

About the Author: Darius KADIVAR is a freelance journalist born to an Iranian father and French mother. He works and lives in France.


The World of Cinema

Persian Golden Lioness Awardee Shahrokh Moskin Ghalam's Adaptation of Classic Kafaneh Siah Play Takes Wing with North American Tour

Report on WAALM® by European Correspondent Darius KADIVAR

30 Bird Productions present: The World Premiere of THE PERSIAN REVOLUTION

By Mehrdad Seyf

Celebrating their 10th anniversary, 30 Bird Productions present the World premiere of THE PERSIAN REVOLUTION by Mehrdad Seyf at Lyric Hammersmith from 26 September ­ 14 October. Press Night 28 September



Raeeka Shehabi-Yaghmai, mezzo-soprano; was born in Tehran, Iran. She developed a love for poetry, music and the performing arts at an early age.


Titanic's artifacts shown in San Francisco

By MICHELLE LOCKE, Associated Press Writer Fri Jul 14, 3:20 PM ET


TITANIC: The Artifact Exhibition, http://www.sftitanic.com, Open through Sept. 15. Metreon, 101 Fourth St., 4th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103. (415) 369-6000. Open daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Box office prices, $22 for adults, $20 for seniors, $15 for children, group rates available for 20 or more.

SAN FRANCISCO - Wistful music plays in a darkened room as visitors file past glass cases displaying the detritus of tragedy past.


































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More articles about Iran

Argentina Seeks Arrest of Rafsanjani for 1994 Bombing

Steve Schippert


In a bold move, Argentinean prosecutors have requested Argentine and international arrest warrants for former Iranian president Hashemi Rafsanjani, former intelligence chief, Ali Fallahijan, and former Foreign Minister Ali Ar Velayati as well as several leaders of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Text of Original Draft Sanctions Resolution on Iran

The following is the original draft resolution prepared by Britain, France and Germany calling for economic and diplomatic sanctions against Iran for its refusal to suspend uranium enrichment activities. The draft was circulated to China and Russia on Tuesday and obtained by Kyodo News on Thursday.

US General: Strikes on Iran possible by 2007

US Air Force General reveals details of possible US aerial offensive against Iran should diplomacy fail to solve dispute over Tehran's nuclear ambition; says 'doing it alone' is not an option for Israel

Stand and Fight, or Cut and Run: You Decide

By: Amil Imani

Mid-term elections are just around the corner. Polls show that many Americans are unhappy with the Republicans and are likely to vote for Democrats. Fine and dandy. This is America where the voter is king. And when one is king, he needs to be a wise king.

The Mullahs' Massacre on the Road to Qom

By: Michael Ledeen

News filtered out of Iran this Sunday of demonstrations protesting the arrest of supporters of Ayatollah Mohammad Kazemeini Boroujerdi, an Iranian cleric fighting against the “Political Religion” that has dominated his country since Khomeini.

The Islam Conundrum

By: Amil Imani

Pravda Ru

The dictionary defines religion as, “The expression of man’s belief and reverence for a superhuman power recognized as the creator and governor of the universe.”

On the Edge of the Precipice
Reza Bayegan

A while ago, commenting on the wisdom of the restoration of the monarchy, Abolhasan Banisadr, the exiled ex-President of the Islamic Republic, declared that Iranians do not want to return to their old vomit. I believe a great many Iranians including myself share with him a similar repugnance towards the revisiting of old disgorgements.

Global Poll Finds Iran Viewed Negatively

September 21, 2006

A major BBC World Service poll exploring how people in 33 countries view various countries found not a single country where a majority has a positive view of Iran’s role in the world (with the exception of Iranians themselves

Proving the Pope right

By: Amil Imani

Pope Benedict XVI in his speech of September 12 at the University of Regensburg, Germany, perhaps unintentionally provided the Muslims with a golden opportunity: the opportunity to prove to all enemies of Islam that Muhammad indeed gave the world magnificent new teachings.

Disinformation, Inc.

Professor Daniel M. Zucker - 9/17/2006

For the past twenty-seven years, we in the West, especially in the United States, have been on the receiving end of a very, very sophisticated campaign of disinformation dished out by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS), or in Farsi – Vezarat-e Ettela’at va Amniat-e Keshvar (VEVAK).

2 Articles by Amir Taheri

Iran May Fall Victim to Law of Unintended Consequences

“We are putting up the sandbags and erecting the barbed wire fences,” says Dahbashi. “We expect the siege to start at any moment.” .......

End Tehran's free ride
Danielle Pletka

Iran has conducted its recent diplomacy with extraordinary skill and astuteness. Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and President Mahmoud Ahmadinezhad may live in their own bizarre parallel universe in which terror, weapons proliferation and tyranny are acceptable norms.

Arab and Iranian Reaction to 9/11 Five Years Later

I Confess

Reza Bayegan


BBC news reported on August 30 that Ramin Jahanbegloo, Iranian writer and university lecturer had been released from prison.

Marg-e Valiolah-e Faiz-e Mahdavi

We should not pass by the blood of our innocent children, no matter what group they belong to, we should not!

Bush Brands Iran Leaders a 'Tyrants'

September 05, 2006
Agence France Presse

US President George W. Bush branded Iran's president a tyrant and compared leaders in Tehran to Al-Qaeda terrorists who cannot be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons.

Great News: Ramin Jahanbegloo is free



Declines to provide escort, or offer state support for trip

Governor Mitt Romney today ordered all Massachusetts state government agencies to decline support, if asked, for former Iranian President Mohammed Khatami’s September 10 visit to the Boston area, where he is scheduled to speak at Harvard University .

Khatami's Academic Enablers
Joseph Puder

Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government welcomed former Iranian President Muhammad Khatami last week. The current Iranian government led by its anti-Semitic, Holocaust-denying president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has sent Khatami on a “charm offensive” to neutralize America’s resolve to seek sanctions against Iran.

Welcome to the Land of the Great Satan, Smiling Mullah Khatami

By: Amil Imani

Great news! Great news! The deadly confrontation between the U.S. and the Islamic Republic of Iran is about to become history. The dove of peace is here in the person of the Smiling Mullah Khatami. Just look at his serene face with and ever-present reassuring smile. It makes you forget all your troubles, doesn’t it?

Tasavor Kon


Britain 'is now biggest security threat to US'
By: Francis Harris in Washington

Britain now presents a greater security threat to the United States than Iran or Iraq, an American magazine said yesterday.

Khaavar-e Meeyaneh Dar Aatash

by: Mehdi Ghasemi

Enzevaay-e Hezbolah dar Lobnan

By: Dr. Shahin Fatemi

by Amir Taheri
Wall Street Journal
August 25, 2006

The way much of the Western media tells the story, Hezbollah won a great victory against Israel and the U.S., healed the Sunni-Shiite rift, and boosted the Iranian mullahs' claim to leadership of the Muslim world.