IRAN - The Legend of Tir and the First Month of Summer in Persia
Aug 12, 2006


The first month of summer is called Tir in the Persian language which translates into English as arrow. Choosing of this name was not an accident. There are many customs associated with the month of Tir, which itself is associated with the legend of the arrow.

Tirgan, the summer solstice celebrates the life of Arash Kamangir. Arash is an ancient Persian name which means bright and shining in English, and Kamangir in Persian language means one who gets the arch. Arash was the Persian national hero who sacrificed his life to preserve the territorial integrity of Iran.


Bisotun, Iran's Living Witness of History
Aug 9, 2006


A few kilometers from the city of Kermanshah, the capital of Kermanshah province, stands a mountain which bears traces of Ancient Persia. A collection of huge rock reliefs and inscriptions and the gigantic statue of Hercules are all witnesses of the ancient Persian glory and years of civilization.