Pari Zanganeh at the Kennedy Center 

Melinda Barnhardt


Dear Shirin:  

We heard Pari Zanganeh at the Kennedy Center last
night. It is the first time I have ever heard her in person -- and
something I thought would never happen. She is incredible. Her voice is
crystalline, such absolutely exquisite soprano. She sings with such beauty
from the heart, and truly connects with her audience, despite her
blindness. The twenty-something and older Iranians in the audience went
mad, clapping in rhythm with the music, snapping their fingers, and
whistling just enough to let her know how much she means. You can feel the
poignant emotion in her voice. She is certainly doing her bit to keep
spirit alive. This was something very special that I will not forget. It
is part of a whole series of events called "Celebration of the Arts of
Ancient Persia and Contemporary Iran" that is being held in DC between now
and mid-July.There are other music events, and there is some art. On June
14, Farzaneh Milani is going to give a lecture that I really hope to
attend. This is all organized by an organization called "Search for Common




Mr. Bagher R. Harandi a New York resident in the financial sector and 
Importer, has announced his candidacy for the presidency of the I. R. IRAN. 
He says, "His decision was in part due to persuasion by many of his  compatriots in Iran and abroad especially those in the US." Having never had a political inclination, and while sitting on the sideline for most his life,  the 60 year-old told a gathering that he thought he should be of substantive help in leading his beloved motherland. Mr. Harandi has lived intermittently in the US since the late 60's--continuously since 1979. He has established a successful business  enterprise in the US, preceded by his many successful ventures in Iran. 

Moreover, Bagher R. Harandi also known as a philanthropist has been  instrumental in setting up and leading numerous community and humanitarian  based organizations such as Rahmat Foundation. As a dual Citizen of Iran and the US, he feels manifestly qualified to lead the country in such a critical juncture toward further socioeconomic development and democracy. 

Among the pillars of his platforms and not necessarily in any order are: 

--National amnesty and reconciliation for ALL Iranians irrespective of their
political views. 

--Open trade with all nations based on mutual respect and fair global 

--Normalization of diplomatic and economic relations with all countries 
especially with the US based on mutual respect for sovereignty -- Commitment
to uphold Iranian national and international laws. 

--Guarantying democracy and freedom of expression and thought for ALL 
Iranians in an inclusive Society. 

-Privatization of industries and encouragement of joint ventures with global

--Integration of nearly five million people of Iranian heritage outside the 
country and their motherland. 

--Facilitation of cultural, scientific, technological and capital exchanges 
for Iranians abroad. 

--Prosecution of crimes and criminals committed by anyone and consistent
with legal statutes. 

--Revision of professional and academic placement exclusively based on ones 
credential and qualification. 

--Abolition of nepotism and cronyism, extortion and embezzlement circles. 

Mr. Harandi firmly believes that his having resided in the US and his 
frequent worldwide travel excursions within the past three decades has truly helped him develop a global view to trade and human interaction. 

He states, "Having almost 7% of the Iranian population, i.e., up to five 
million INTELLECTUALS, SCIENTISTS, BUSINESS MEN abroad, has in effect 
extended the cultural and economic borders of Iran far beyond her geopolitical 

boundaries." He believes by initiating a nurturing mutually beneficial 
environment, he would be able to sustainably reconnect the Iranian community
abroad with the country for cultural and scientific exchanges and economic 
investment, regardless of whether they return home or they remain in their 
adopted lands. 

The latest brain and capital drain from the country is extremely difficult 
and should be discouraged by creating opportunities inside the Country. 

Bagher R. Harandi acknowledges that Mr. Khatami's first term did bring a 
climate of moderate tolerance, but with no concrete economic progress. 

He is planning on a series of interviews, and travels in and outside Iran 
to confer with his compatriots. 

For more information, and setting up interview sessions you may contact
(914) 725-5111 <>