Dream Interpretations

by: Roya Forouzesh


Normally most of us consider dreams unimportant due to its bizarre nature of  theme. We think whatís with the faceless stranger at night, or the half dog,  half cat with yellow and green tail animal, or a sleek car turns into a leaving room in the middle of a sea, or walking naked on street and taking shower at train station.

Symbols are "words" used by dream language and learning them is almost like learning a foreign language. Each one represents an idea, a memory, a mood, or an insight arising from unconscious. However, unlike the foreign language, dream symbols can change their meaning from one personís unique life history and their contemporary experience to another person.

Here are some universal symbolic meanings:

Water- is the symbol of the unconscious, the depth of imagination, the source of creativity.

 Sea - facing the sea indicated the dreamer is ready to face the unconscious.

 River  - is a metaphors for passing of time.

Fire - fire destroys, but it also cleans and purifies. It can signal a new beginning. Or disruptive emotion, or a need for purification.

Flying - sense of freedom and exultation, if flying unaided  indicates higher self, our own element that rides above space -time constrains of the material world.

Houses - Usually represent the self. Itís dreamerís various levels of mind and body. Rooms and floors all perform different functions of personality and mind. It has front and back, windows that look outside the world, doors that open or closes (indicates the need to be more accessible or not be overly accessible). Stairways and living room indicates the consciousness. Cellar indicates the first layer of unconsciousness, while upper rooms are dreamerís spirituality and higher aspirations. An unfinished house suggests to the dreamer that work is required on some aspects of mind or body. A church or temple represents the spiritual side of self and allowing more time for inner exploration.

Anxiety - Come up in forms of falling, drowning, being chased, trying to run but canít move, trying to scream but have no voice, being frightened, and frustration.  These kinds of symbols try to draw the dreamerís attention to the urgency of identifying and dealing with the sources of anxiety, a mild sign of danger, and a wakeup call for the dreamer to tackle the source of worries.  Perhaps an unacknowledged anger toward someone, bottled up feelings, and frustration may come up in dreams such as bottled up gas or volatile, preparing poison, or dam bursting.

Nudity Ė is the authentic self, symbol of vulnerability, a desire to shed defenses, freedom from shame, and love of truth. However if dreamer feels anxiety about it, it suggest fear of honesty and openness, and it may also mean a failure to accept oneís own sexual energy.

Birth - giving birth, or being born, or watching a baby coming to the world, is associated wit new ideas, solutions, creativity, sometimes a wish fulfillment, but mostly indication of actual possibilities waiting to be explored.

Death - many have no association with mortality, it may relate to psychological life, or a change in life-circumstances such as retirement, losing a job, moving house, ending a close relationship, ending a marriage. Symbols of death - may be a reminder that life carries a limited time span in which to complete projects.

 Funeral - may denote the need to an end, to a particular phase of dreamerís life, or a reminder of passing time, or reminder of not establishing too many emotional attachments.

Climbing - indicates success, searching and trying to reach higher.

Falling - indicates insecurity in worldly ambition, internal pressure, may at times indicate failure.

Air - is associated with wisdom and clarity of mind. It may also indicate the danger of losing contact with reality.

Weddings - union have opposite yet complimentary parts of oneís self, promise of future fertility. Union within the dreamers internal fundamental creative forces.

Body parts - Heart, center of emotional life, love. Eyes- window into soul and it clues to the dreamerís state of spirituality. Mouth Ė is verbal  expression, or aggression, it can also represent the psychosexual  development. Hair- symbolizes vanity, vitality, and energy of life. White hair represents wisdom.

Toilet dreams - usually represent the dreamerís public anxiety or shame, or  the urge to unburden the self for creative, or cathartic reasons. If the dreamer is anxious that the toilet lacks privacy, it may indicate fear of  public exposure or a need for greater self-expression.

Since dreams can be expression of deep-rooted feelings, or preoccupations, or wishes, or means of fulfilling desires, or highlighted unresolved emotions and events from past or present everyday life it makes sense to  keep a journal of the outstanding dreams, specially the Relatively  Consistency of some, meaning the frequently of certain dreams. Because dreams are conversations we have with ourselves, sending a message from unconscious to conscious. ; We can use these meaning while relating them to our own life  history and make interpretations.