Whistle while you work!!!

By: Sheh Pirasteh


A friend once told me “If you are not whistling on your way to work you are in the wrong career…” Whistle I say…. Whistle? Who’s got the time to whistle…I am too busy cutting off the person front of me and to the side while trying to balance a cup of coffee, a lit cigarette (I know, I know, a bad habit …), and my mobile (yes, to this day I still have to call mother every morning for her to know that I am still alive and assure her that no I have yet to meet someone and that I am running late for work…. you would think I could just record this conversation and play it for her each morning, but that would become too technical and well, we just won’t even get to that!…) 

However, since her comment on this whole whistle thing, I have been curious as to if I would want to whistle meaning if I do like my job…I have actually tried whistling while waiting at a red light, but it seems more natural to just scream! I ask myself is that normal?  Then again I think to myself “ how many people truly enjoy their jobs?” I can’t name anyone I know, can you? Sure, some have better status positions
than others do, some make more salary, some have better pension plans/stock options, etc. but I can’t think of anyone who enjoys working! 

Some of my friends work the regular 9-5 jobs and live it up on the weekends, they say it makes up for the work days! Others are the extreme opposite and work 17 hr days and even on the weekends. They always complaint about the work, how it is so stressful, and how they would love a career change. But they do the long hours to either get away from other obstacles in their lives, to be the next in line for
that big promotion, to try to keep up with this prestige lifestyle of theirs (which most Iranians don’t even enjoy their money because they are too busy trying to compete with one another), or because they have nothing else to do. I doubt if they whistle on their way to work! Does being successful count as actually enjoying what you do for work?

Then I think to myself how would I even know what job I would enjoy doing? Let me be a little clearer. I studied a specific subject in college, graduated, got a job with a successful firm (successful in my field of
studies) and have been working there since. To sum it up, I do not even know anything about other professions out there never mind knowing if I would enjoy doing them! Should I switch to a career, which seems intriguing to me even though it might cause a few steps back in my career due to my lack of
experience within the new industry? Isn’t that a little too risky? Then again, aren’t I worth the risk? What would I risk it for, to whistle? 

I have been so frustrated from the whistle comment from this friend that I decided to give her a call and thank her personally for making me feel so incomplete, unfulfilled, and unsatisfied about my career and success in life!

I dialed her number and a strange manly voice answers the phone (she lived alone), I ask for her and he informed me that she quite her job and moved to Mexico to study Yoga and become in touch with her true self and he is subleasing the place from her. I managed to thank the man on the phone and hang up. There I stood, in the middle of my living room, staring into mid-air becoming very angry. This person has made me analyze my entire education, career, self being and now she is living it up in Mexico, doing Yoga, what? And it suddenly occurred to me. She had risked it all. I remember she had told me how much she enjoyed yoga and wanted to practice it. I could just hear it now, the sound of her whistle!