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January/February, 2003 An Online Magazine  Volume III, Number 15



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UN set-backs for US

Five Iranian girls burn themselves to death: reports

Grammys get under way

Mixed views on Jackson response

Iran plane crash kills 302

Gephardt announces bid for US presidency

Millions join global anti-war protests

UN human rights team visits Iran

Is France right to force a split on Iraq?

Q&A: Iran's nuclear plans

Romanian king's remains go home

Efforts to avert Iraq war intensify

Tehran hosts 'surprise' Iraq visit

Iran mining uranium for fuel

Iranian scholar 'may escape execution'

Sharon issues stark warning

Nobel winners attack Bush economics

Bush plans huge military spend

Patten talks trade and terror in Iran

Mandela condemns US stance on Iraq

French push to tackle pensions

Seven die in shuttle disaster

Iran's Crumbling Revolution

Iraq to chair UN disarmament talks

Iran releases dissident cleric

O'Toole 'silly' to decline Oscar


State of the Union: Key points

Iran outraged by Bush speech

Iran cleric 'still under house arrest'

Iran will never allow interference in its affairs

Billionaire Gates backs philanthropy

Opposition to Iraq war widens

Dissident cleric, Montazeri soon free from house arrest

Satellite Programmes Via U.S. Cut in Most Parts of Teheran

Chicago triumphs at Golden Globes

Global protests against Iraq war

Attack against Iran impossible: EU sources

UK sells Iran 'military' equipment

Syria Suspects Secret Deal Between Washington, Iran

HRW: Press Crackdown Intensifies

Khatami’s Next Move After Friend’s Sentencing

US accelerates Gulf build-up

Iran And Weapons of Mass Destruction

Austin Family Facing Deportation to Iran

Iranian Teenager Sentenced To Death For Boozing


UK troops 'to join Gulf build-up'

Iranian writer nabbed by plainclothes police: family

Solomons survivors tell their story

An Iranian musician's homecoming

Venezuela begins importing oil

Reza Pahlavi's Letter  to President BUSHl

Bush assures Iranians of solidarity with new outlet

Swiss ambassador called in on US detention of Iranians






















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World of Politics

Iran's Revolutionary Fervor Is Now All but Spent


TEHRAN, Feb. 1 Twenty-four years ago today, a 78-year-old ayatollah with fierce eyes named Ruhollah Khomeini landed in an Air France plane to make a revolution.

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Muslim Women and the Politics of Participation
Imagination as Subversion
by: Azar Nafisi

Shahrzad's famous story goes like this: Once upon a time there were two brothers who each ruled over a different kingdom.  One brother, Shahzaman, decided to visit his elder brother.  Shahryar.  On the way there Shahzaman realized that he had left behind his present for Sharyar, and turned around.  Back at his palace Shahzaman found his queen making love to a slave.

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Iran & Iraq or Persia & Mesopotamia

a response by: Shahrnoosh Parsipour

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World of Literature

A message to Rostam on
The Tragedy of Rostam and 
By: A Five Year Old Boy

Many years ago there was a little lovely boy in a Persian family, living in Isfahan, so-called Half The World. He was a five years old one and his name was NIMA. Little Nima had heard some of the anciant Persian epic narratives from his father Jalil and among  them had a special attitude and a deep desire towards The Tragedy of Rostam and Sohrab.

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yAd vAreh



Mithraism and Christianity

Romans usually called Mithras “Sol Dominus Invictus.” Roman writers believed that Mithraism came from Persia and that Mithraic iconography represented Persian mythology. From this beginning modern scholars have traced Mithras in Persian, Mittanian and Indian mythology.

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The Safavids

From the water of immortality to the legendary source of Fin

The Royal Quarters Of Qazvin, The Caspian, And Isfahan: City Garden

The idea of Persia was reborn in adversity.  During the hard centuries after the fall of the Sasanians there was a renaissance in which poetry, painting, textiles, architecture and its attendant gardens entered a golden age. (In Full )


Aryan tribes migrated into the Iranian plateau in the 2d millennium BC. There are over 1.5 million nomads in Iran today. Many of these tribes such as the Kurds, Bakhtiyaris (Bactrians), Lurs, Guilaks, and the Baluchs are descendants of the original invaders who came from Central Asia to settle in the Iranian Plateau.

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Short Stories


Iranian Movies

Iranian film making is enjoying an increase in popularity worldwide because of the quality of films made. Below are descriptions of some recent movies and also videos for sale. As more Iranian films become available for sale we will list them.

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