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     July/August, 2002 An Online Magazine  Volume II, Number 12



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France speaks out against US war plan

'Iran-bound' cargo returns to Israel

Iran denies report of buying military cargo from Israel

Earth Summit: Ask the EU

Mystery over Mexican 'Marilyn' death

US presses case for attacking Iraq

Iraq confirms Abu Nidal's death

US seeks Saudi hijack associate

Berlin hostage crisis over

Russia's Iran nuclear link angers US

Beirut's downtown revival

Vaccine call for Hajj pilgrims

Elvis family prepare to pay tribute

Iran condemns 'misguided' US

Profile: Kemal Dervis

Iran 'handed over al-Qaeda fighters'

Asian haze poses 'widespread threat'

Iran 'pressures' Afghans to return

German jobless total tops 4 million

Conservative MPs want names of IFM supporters

Khatami to visit Kabul on Tuesday

Tehran schoolgirls shed the veil

Turkey to scrap death penalty

Russia plays down Iran nuclear deal

Iran rifts deepen as tension mounts

EU in 'constructive' Iran talks

UN plea to aid Afghan children

'Assassination plot' revealed in Kabul

US to host anti-Saddam talks

Iran honours returned war dead

Iran bans reformist newspaper

Iran's reformists attack intervention

Opposition leader accuses US of wanting monarchy

Rape 'common' in southern Pakistan

Turkey: Battle of the headscarf

Morocco tells Spain to leave island

Bush’s secret message to Khatami

Saddam scorns threats to Iraq

Court upholds jail sentence of Foruhars' lawyer

Bush's "flagrant support" for reformers slammed

US options on Iraq

Chirac attacker committed

Royal revels to mark King's marriage

Iran press gagged after cleric's attack

Milosevic predecessor arrested

First woman PM for South Korea

Benazir Bhutto's extraordinary career


Demonstrations in Support of the Students in 18 Tir from across the Globe

Murdered Afghan minister buried

Iran appeal court hikes jail term for Siamak Pourzand

New Palestinian constitution in force

Awesome Hewitt wins Wimbledon

US issues new terror warning

US quake aid arrives in Iran

Starving Ethiopians to get aid

Profile: Mohammed Dahlan

Missed flight put youngsters on doomed plane

'Scores killed' in US Afghan raid

Palestinian anger as US sidelines Arafat

Brazil plans epic welcome

Dutch Queen unveils slavery memorial

Latest Wimbledon scores

In pictures: Gay pride celebrations











































Restoring Ancient Glories
The Last Empire Of The East (224-637)
From the Sasanian Paradiseo To The Islamic Eden

About the palace built on the Tigris for the Sasanian king Khosrow II-Parviz (591-628), Edward gibbon tells us with relish, "the adjacent pastures were covered with flocks and herds: the paradise or park was replenished with pheasants, peacocks, Ostriches, roebucks, and wild boars; and the noble game of lions and tigers was sometimes turned loose for the bolder pleasures of the chase. (In Full)



A Voice of Exile

A Review of  "A Stranger Within Me" by Shokouh Mirzadegi

by: Jaleh Pirnazar

MOST CHARACTERS IN PERSIAN NOVELS, written in exile since 1980, manifest feelings of alientation, loneliness, and disconnectedness.  They have experienced personal loss, displacement, and disbelief. (In Full)



An Iranian Story
by: Linda Ghasemi

Last night Baba came from Iran and Babak (my brother) picked him up from
the airport. I couldn't go, I was busy at work.
(In Full)



Animal Farm
by: George Orwell
An Overview and the Historical Background

Russian society in the early twentieth century was bipolar: a tiny minority controlled most of the country's wealth, while the vast majority of the country's inhabitants were impoverished and oppressed peasants. (In Full)


The Myth of Sisyphus
by: Albert Camus

Albert Camus was born in Algeria in 1913 and died in France in 1960.  He published plays as well as two notable novels, the Stranger and The Plague, and two volumes of reflections, The Myth of Sisyphus and The Rebel.  He was close to Sartre at one time, but the two men broke after Sartre decided to make common cause with the Communist Party in France. (In Full)












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