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Volume II, Number 11

May/June 2002







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Zereshk & Visa Entry Reform Act
by: Farrokh Ashtiani

We are told that there are two sides to every story. Just a few days ago the Senate passed the Resolution on Visa Entry Reform and the solid votes of 97-0 and that is only because the other 3 Senators were gone to bathroom when the votes were taken otherwise it would have been a landslide of 100-0. (In Full)


Letter to Bin Laden and to all the men like him!
by: Fariborz Mofidian

I let my imagination run wild the other night, and wondered the impossible: What if I were YOU! What would I have done if I possessed your immense wealth, and inherited your blind hatred for America and Americans. (In Full)


Tales of Subversion -Women Challenging          Fundamentalism in the Islamic Republic of Iran (Last Part)
    by: Dr. Azar

When the Islamic revolution triumphed, women had been involved in all aspects of Iranian life.  During the first half of the seventies "the number of girls attending elementary school rose from 80, 020 to 1,508, 387; the number of girls attending vocational training schools rose tenfold; the number of women candidates for r the universities rose seven times. (In Full)



Kateebe-ye Kartir Dar Naqsh-i Rajab
by: Professor Touraj Daryaee (Persian) (Click to Read)


Mazar-e Ya'aghoob-e Laith-e Safaari Sardaar-e Bozorg-e Irani Va Sokhani Taazeh Az Jondi Sahpour.
by: Dr. Saeed Fatemi (Persian) (Click to Read)




A luxury Swiss Retreat Entirely Inspired by Persian Culture 
By: Yves Ghiai, Architect

When in 1996, I was approached buy a Dutch billionaire residing in Switzerland to design an exclusive resort hotel and retreat, my mind could not escape my father’s quote about the “Magic Wand”.   I therefore engaged in searching for the Essence of Persian Mysticism and applying it to this extraordinary project located by Lake Geneva near Lausanne. (In Full)



An Interview with Babak and Pedram Falsafi, the talented classical guitar players
by: Shirin Tabibzadeh  (Click to Read)

Bozorgan-e Mosighi-e Iran
by: Ali Asghar Nekoogar (Persian) (Click to Read)


A Review on Iraj Tabibnia's newly released book "Andar Setiz-e Rostam-o Sohrab"
by: Dr. Esmail Nooriala (Persian) (Click to read)


A response to Dr. Nooriala's review (Click to   read)
by: Iraj Tabibnia


   by: Masoume Price

Sadeq Hedayat’s ‘The Blind Owl’ is one of the most important literary works in Persian language. The central theme of the story is an attempt toward the resolution of the writer/narrator’s dualistic experiences of the real versus unreal, the sensual against the spiritual and death as opposed to life.(In Full)


Zanaan-e Naami-e Adabyat-e Iran, Parvin-e Etesaami - (Persian)
    by: Nosratollah Nooh
(Persian)(Click to read)


Open House, a short story
   by: Shirindokht Radi

She got out of the car and stood in front of the house for a while.  The red brick pathway to the dark blue entrance door was surrounded by purple and white-blossomed flowers.  She started walking toward the house, took a glance at the big “Open House” sign, held in a sigh, and knocked on the door. (In Full)


Masterpieces of the World (Persian)
Wuthering Heights (Part II)
    by: Emilie Bronte

    Excerpt and Translation by: Shirin Tabibzadeh(Click to read)






Over 500 killed, 1,000 injured in the earthquake

Images from two quake devastated villages

Iran speaks up for water rights

Dutch getting tough on asylum seekers

EU softens immigration plan


Chirac names new government

Iraq scorns US covert operations

Afghan assembly split over cabinet

Social Democrats lead Czech vote

Cuba votes on 'untouchable' system

England brush Danes aside

US runs low on snakebite antidote

Afghans set scene for new era

France dismissed by Danes

Iran to launch Hebrew service

Iran's battle with heroin

Afghan loya jirga ahead

France gears up for vote

Cheney urges action on Iraq

Visitors to US face fingerprinting

Israel withdraws from Ramallah

US steps up pressure over Kashmir

Chirac rallies French voters

Europe heads for space

Buckingham Palace blaze out

Palestinian hardline meets in Iran

EU pushes for Mid-East conference

India stands firm on Kashmir dialogue

Millions at risk in southern Africa

Musharraf rallies Pakistan troops

Analysis: Bush's European tour

Iran rejects US terror charge

Bob Hope hits 99

New York takes on 'spam' e-mail

Moscow summit hits Iran snag

US 'rethinking' Iraq attack

Shah's 'secret daughter' lays claim

Norwegian princess weds author

Cannes builds up to glitzy finale

Iran rejects US terror charge

Bush starts Europe tour

Iran's reformists lose ground

Bush to announce Cuba crackdown

Britain 'a racist society' - poll

Iran opposition lawyer jailed

Arafat under pressure to reform

White House 'not warned of attacks'

Iran faces 'social explosion'


Israeli forces sweep through Jenin