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Yul Brynner - Hollywood's Russian Pharoah, so unique!

Our tribute to classic movie stars of the Golden Age.


Yves Saint Laurent



Princess Soraya at Norooz Table

Another charming picture of Princess Soraya


Is she Princess Soraya's daughter as she claims


yTPrincess Margaret, the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II, has died "peacefully in her sleep" at the age of 71. 
She had suffered a stroke on Friday afternoon and, after developing heart problems, was taken to hospital in London in the early hours of Saturday morning. 

She was the Diana of her day, upbeat and glamorous, every bit the princess. As she grew into a young woman, Margaret mania became the fashion. 
She soon found out what it was like to be mobbed wherever she went. And on her early visits to Italy and France she had her first taste of the paparazzi. 

It was a very conventional world she grew up in and she was to discover she could not follow where her heart led. 

Princess Margaret was cremated in a break from usual royal tradition.

Her ashes was  placed beside the coffin of her father King George VI, said the BBC's royal correspondent Jennie Bond.

The funeral was on Friday Feb. 15th, at St George's Chapel in Windsor - the same place and the same day 50 years ago that her father was buried.

At her Wedding




Alanya in Turkey

Vemazza, Italy


Ingredients: (4 servings) 

egg yolks, six 
vanilla, one teaspoon 
sugar, six spoonfuls 
crushed walnuts, 300 grams 


Mix egg yolks, sugar and vanilla and beat well until the mix is quite thick and white. Add crushed walnuts and mix well. Take small portions with a teaspoon and make round. Bake in the oven (on baking paper) at 300F for 20 minutes. 



Ingredients: (4 servings) 

fine rice flour, 500 grams 
very fine sugar, 200 grams 
cooking oil, 250 grams 
rosewater, 1/2 cup 
eggs, two small 


Mix oil, sugar and egg yolks and beat until soft. Beat egg whites separately until they thicken. Add rosewater, flour, and egg whites to the mix and stir well. Pour the mix in a plastic bag and keep in the refrigerator for 24 hours.  Spread the dough on a flat non-stick surface to a thickness of 0.5 cm. Cut with a cookie-cutter, and cook in the oven at 300F for 15 to 20 minutes. Color should not change much. 


Why Not?


Celebrate Who You Are. Each stage of life
has its own beauty. Women of all races,
sizes and shapes are beautiful in unique
ways. Celebrate who you are, and your own
beauty will shine through. 

Nurture Your Spirit. After years of caring
for a family or devoting ourselves to
advancing a career, we are finally searching
for much, much more quality of life,
simple joys, meaning, a sense of value, our
own spirituality, and a renewed sense of
self. Nurture your spirit. By achieving true
well-being, you'll have more to offer yourself
and everyone around you. 

Discover Your Wisdom. Being a woman at
midlife means you are at the center where
you can look back and draw from the past,
yet have a future to create ahead of you.
Midlife means coming to terms with and
letting go of things that once were
important. A few lines and wrinkles are a
small tradeoff for the knowledge, the
wisdom, and the confidence that comes
only with age. Discover your wisdom. 

Practice Healthy Living. Medical and
scientific advances have extended our
lifespan and quality of living. We don't have
to kiss goodbye to our sexuality, sensuality,
health, fitness, well-being or good looks just
because of a date on a driver's license.
Practice healthy living to be strong and
sexy, powerful and pretty, focused and
feminine. Small lifestyle changes can pay
big dividends. 

Create Balance In Your Life. Create
harmony between outer and inner beauty,
attention to others and caring for yourself,
daily work and deep reflection. Balance your
life to make room for joy, spirituality, and an
inner life in the midst of the constant stream
of stuff. 


 Painting by: Marc Chagall



Spring Bride

Russell Crowe

The leading actor of "A Beautiful Mind", one of the best pictures of the recent years