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Our tribute to classic movie stars of the Golden Age.

Sophia Loren, always so talented, gorgeous and wise




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At this year's Academy Awards
bash, former Beatle Paul McCartney
told director Peter Jackson the
band had been keen to make a film
version of The Lord Of The Rings in
the Sixties. Paul was to play the
Hobbit Frodo with John Lennon as

Ben kingsley
"people think if you play a man like Gandhi somehow it rubs off on you," said sir Ben kingsley of hi Oscar-winning role in the 1982 biotic about the peace-loving Indian leader. "they were convinced I must have evolved spiritually when I did that film. "I didn't. I worked my socks off, learned my lines, lost a lot of weight and acquired probably the most eccentric set of mannerisms ever seen on screen. I had no time to evolve spiritually."


Celebrated entertainer Dudley Moore died on Wednesday night at his New Jersey home. The 66-year-old comedian, actor and musician had been suffering from the rare brain condition, progressive supranuclear palsy, which led to


Queen Mother of England Died at the age of 101 in March


The New Queen of Morocco

The 38-year-old King of Morocco, Mohammed VI,
signed a marriage contract with computer engineer
Salma Bennani at the royal palace in Rabat 
in March



Victoria, Canada

Provnia, Bulgaria

How to use the fingers of your left hand to give yourself the best night's sleep of your life!

Place the index and middle finger of your left hand on the inside of your right wrist, three finger-width elbow the crease of your wrist. Do this while you are seated comfortably. Press gently and hold this position for up to 3 minutes; and then release. Switch hands and repeat. 

You have just found one of the most powerful sleep-promoting pints in Oriental medicine. If you doubt that it works, try it tonight, just before you go to sleep. Many have been amazed and they've stopped taking their tranquilizers, sleeping pills and antidepressants. 


An allergy alert

Knock out an allergy attach with 600mg. of quercetin, which is derived from onions.  Taken with vitamin c, it stops histamine release in its track

From easy does it periodical



How to banish the blues in 3 minutes

There are lots of pills for your stomach and lots of little pills for your head and their side effects are as irritating as the problem they try to cure.  Much quicker and better is that little orange box that is sitting in the back of your refrigerator.

That's right: bicarbonate of soda.  Mix half a teaspoon in a glass of water, drink it and watch what happens.  Your intestinal pH goes from acid to alkaline, protein s broken down and ...amino acids are produced for your brain to make into neurotransmitters and ...suddenly...YOU'RE HAVING A GREAT DAY!


Learn from the child

Sit on your heels.  Bring your forehead to the floor, stretching your spine as far over your head as possible.  Close your eyes.  Let your arms rest behind you, near your feet, with palms face up.  breathe regularly.  Hold for 5 minutes


For skin that glows

Apply 1 teaspoon vitamin C serum or cream each morning and put 2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil on your vegetables or popcorn.  The vitamin C will make your skin glow and the essential fatty acid will make it moist and supple from the inside out.  If you have a washstand cluttered with expensive goos and creams, you'll be able to get rid of the whole lot! Try it.

from: easy does it periodical

Penelope Cruiz

Jennifer Connelly

A beautiful Mind star Jennifer Connelly seems to have come out of nowhere to join the likes of Kate Winslet on the Academy Awards' Best Supporting Actress short list for 2002. But the dark-haired beauty with a somehow familiar face has actually been making films for two decades in a career which has taken her from child star to Oscar nominee.