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A short response to the article "A Tale Of Two Revolutions" of the previous issue.
By: Fereydoun Hoveida.

On the surface all revolutions present common features: demonstrations, riots , fighting, wars, overthrow of authorities in place, new governments and so forth.   Actually in our information age, these visible aspects make the news and flood television screens. Full Text



Dar Zaroorat-e Baaz Negari-e Farhang  (Farsi)
    By: Iraj Tabibnia 
Full Text



Images of Women in Classical Persian Literature and the Contemporary Iranian Novel. (Part II)
By: Dr. Azar Nafisi

Shahrnush Parsipur's novel, Tuba va Ma'na-ye Shab (Tuba and the Meaning of the Night, Tehran, 1989) begins with a series of interesting images. It opens at the end of the Qajar dynasty, at a time when western thought and new ways of living directly begin to influence and change the traditional closed society of Iran. Full Text



  „The West Is Not Enough:š An American Yankee‚s Scaling Heaven Via Persian and Eastern Quotations in Walden.(PART II)
By: Melinda Barnhardt.

The Hindu quotations and the Bhagvat-Geeta provide a basis for examining the concept of reality in Walden. The disagreement Thoreau found with much of Hindu philosophy was its tendency to fall back upon the secureassumption of an inner identification with the eternal coherence and wholeness of Brahme. Full Text



Characteristics of Iranians in Exile  (Farsi)
   By: Mehrzad Broojerdi
   From: Bokhara Periodical, Iran (Part II)  Full Text


Satire of the Month by: Kayvon Sakhosh (Farsi) 




Ricardo: My Second Story of Samarkand
By: Dr. Haideh Salehi-Esfahani.

Ricardo called me at the main office of the economics department at Samarkand State University, in the morning of a beautiful day in May 1996. He is an Iranian-Armenian man who I was told had lived with his family in Samarkand for more than 35 years. Full Text




Are you coming?
A Literary Piece by: Xavier LeGrand, Translated by: Shirin Tabibzadeh

My dear, do you remember that night when we were walking by the river watching its splendid flows and wondering at the beauty of the surrounging meadows?   I Was looking at you walking ahead, admiring your beauty and slender body in the moonlight and thinking how different from all you were. Full Text