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Shirin jaan, 
Great site! Very professionally done and full of wonderful readings..........................................................................................................................

Shirin Jaan,

I just finished looking at your Rozaneh site...It is beautiful...Makes me proud to see how our Iranian community is merging together throughout the globe...Thanks for the beautiful page on my artworks...If there is anything I can do for your magazine, please let me know.

Love & Light,

Shirin Khanoom, 

I love the "Garden", I get lost in it.  I have sent you one of my poem.  I am only 18, and I have come to America recently.  Don't know if my poems are good but I like them a lot.  What is your phone #?  here is mine....................please call me on this coming Sunday...................................................


Nooshin Gholami

I was so sad to see the pictures of Leila Pahlavi, I did not know she was so pretty.  Also the funeral was so sad.  I am so furious at some  comedians to make fun of it.  Extremely cruel, can't even leave  people alone for a few days for them to mourn their loved ones in peace.  So sad to be like that.

Laleh , Berkeley

I loved your tribute page to Princess Leila.  It is amazing how you are always up-to-date.  I cried reading the poems.  What a waste.  I feel so much for her family and especially for her mother...................

Just Manijeh

Dear Shirin, This issue was fab! Aside from the wonderful articles, the letters are something else again. What a wide range of coverage you have........................................................................................................................................................................


Dear Shirin,

July 1st, or 10th of Teer Maah, is the official Teergaan Celebration (Jashn-e Teergaan). Teer, which is the fourth month in the Iranian calendar, means "arrow" or "the rain star." This festival has been celebrated in Iran for centuries. There are three important things about this festival.

1. It is the longest day of the year. Weather is hot and people pray for rain. (Setaareh Teer, Teshtar) a bright star is seen in the east.

2. Families and community would gather for a feast. They would pour water on each other and have a good time. This way, they cool themselves and give thanks for this life-supporting element, which is water.

3. It is also the day that Aarash-e Kamaangeer (Erekhsha) whose name means "the best archer of Aryans" released his lone arrow from his bow. With this arrow, the border between Iran and tooran was decided and further bloodshed was avoided. This happened at the time when Afraaseeyaab defeated Manoochehr ( See Shaahnaameh for the story). The arrow flew for several days before it landed on a walnut tree, on the other side of the Jayhoon River, which is in the NE direction of present Iran. 

I sent you several poems in July, you did not put them in your magazine.   At least if you don't like them, inform me, I have all kinds of them from the old to the recent ones.  I looked everywhere, do you have poems anywhere other than the Garden? What kind of poems you like?

A.  Razaz

Hi Dear Shirin,

How are you doing? It seems you are great as usual!

I am glad to see your very exiting and interesting web site and I like to congratulate you for your fantastic job.I really enjoy it and I will certainly send it to all of my friends.I am sure they gonna enjoy it too.

I miss you and hope to see you some day .

Take care,


Dear Shirin,

I very much enjoyed your web site. Thank you for the hard work. 

There is a very interesting article which I read couple of weeks ago through the net. It was about return to the simple life, and the writer was talking about the things we all go through in our daily life. It was very interesting and my friend and I enjoyed very much reading it. I Can not very well remember the name of the writer, but I would go back to the site and will e-mail it to you. You might be interested to post it in your web site. Please let me know what you think.  Keep up the good work.


Dear Rozaneh,

I liked the satire of this issue, it looks like  a part of it was missing, didn't go back to check.  Also, going back to previous issue was not possible.  Please fix that too.  No bigi.  Good luck.


Shirin jan,

I thought writing abut Thoreau was so great.  He is my favorite writer socioeconomic.  I have done my dissertation on him.  Good job to remember him.  Ms. Barnhardt's article was excellent, hope I had access to it last year!!.

Mino Heravi, VA.

Ms. Tabibzadeh

Your article called "the tale of two revolutions" was bias and unfair.  The writer has played down the role of one of the foremost and most important revolutions in history of mankind as a failure.  While it is true that the French revolution was a bloody one, like all others, it was also the beginning of the awakening of the mass all over the world for their rights.  Many nations were inspired by it afterwards to fight for their rights.  Besides, American revolution was not a revolution as such.  It was the war of a nation to get rid of a usurper, meaning the British Empire.  If I find the time,  I don't mind writing an article on the two.    Moreover...........

Dr. Ardeshir Mahmoodian, London 

Ms. Tabibzadeh's

I would like to congratulate you for choosing so many good articles.  I personally am so proud of people like Dr. Nafisi.  I had the privilege of meeting her at her lectures several times.  She is an excellent orator as well as an extremely well balanced, good and kind lady.  I am one of her fan and hope she has more lectures in our area.

by the way what is the name of her book?

S. P., Washington DC.

I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Nafisi's article.  I hope you have more of those types, only I wished Mr. Nafisi had also done a research for finding the root to that decline.  I also would like to ask you to continue an article on the same issue, because people forget to go and find the rest of it in a month or two.  In general, not too many people are going to sit and read an article that long on the internet but if they really like them, they will make a print out and read whenever they can, just a suggestion!  In all, most of your articles are  good and sometimes very good.  The satire of the last issue had some parts missing, did you know that?  Thanks anyway for your hard work. 

 P. Mar'ashi

Dear Shirin,

Thank you for a job well done. The article by Dr. Nafisi, was one of the best articles in your periodical, I enjoyed it very much and I congratulate Dr. Nafisi for paying attention to this very delicate matter.  It is so sad to know that in our treatment of women we have gone backwards.  I have enjoyed reading those stories and it shows that we once had a more modern society than what we have today.  Our modern literature is full of putting down women, women are shelakhteh, and ignorant, and a doll or a servant for their men.  It is such a shame.  In our family we had madarshahi but I don't think people in general respected women as they should.  I sure hope to see that. Also.................................................................................................................................................................................... ................................................

Moji Hashemi, Japan

Salue Chirine

Ce'st Tierry, do you remember me? Bruxelles and Unviersity. I saw Firouzeh and Vallerie in paris last week.  Firouzeh told me of your web site.  Good site, felicitations.  I am coming to the U.S., maybe .....................................................................................

Hello Auntie Shirin and family, I was looking on the internet and typed your  name and found your magazine page, so thought i would send an email to say  hope you are all keeping well and that I think about everyone a lot even  though i don't contact you that often. I have no contact address for anyone.  I am happy to find you at last  .....................................................



Darush Nateghi, London

Dear Editor,

I am Guity Novin, artist. I congratulate you for a very interesting
and informing e-Zine. I invite you to visit my site at



Guity Novin

Congratulations! Lately I discovered your magazine. It is very nice and
informative. My name is Simin Habibian, I live in Washington, DC area.
Lately I've published the second edition of my book " 1001 Persian-English
Proverbs" You can visit my website( Not complete yet) if you get a chance.
The book has been very popular among Iranian and American communities. I
will send you some information in the mail. Please let me know if you are
interested in using the proverbs in your magazine and introduce my book.

Thank you, Simin Habibian
By the way, I also write and report for couple of Persian magazin here and
in CA. I would like to write about your magazine. Thanks, Simin

Dear Shirin Tabibzaeh, ahou and maryam, you guys are doing great, are you related? Can't you have something for us the poor guys too, it is all women stuff. NOT FAIR!


Hi, Shirin,


I can only imagine how much work it is to put out an issue of Rozaneh. You
are doing an amazing job. I could do a writeup about Farzaneh Milani's
talk here on July 14, and probably get it to you a week or two later. Does
this sound like something you would be interested in?

More soon.

Hi Shirin khanom,

Thank you for your nice magzine, it is so nice. My brother and myself read rozanehmagazine whenever we have time, so many things in there. We love it so much that we decided to write to you and ask if you need people to send you information from Iran, like agents. We can send you news, articles, pictures, or CDs. If you like, it will be great.

We also like to know if you know of a web site with the information for immigration lawyers, (Yor live in United States, it looks like). or if you have a list.

thank you and we wish you more success, please write a few lines for us.
Sara and Amir Azimi

Hello Shirin,

R.L. gave me your email address. I'm the editor of xxxxx, the
Iranian cross-cultural quarterly in English. I am putting together an issue
about Iranians and the Internet and R.  told me you had a great site.
Would you give me the url so that I can look it up and then get back in
touch with you?

Dear Mrs. Shirin

We started visiting your polifacetic Rozaneh, through Payvand site. We felt
it's a product of the heart.
Perhaps it is of help to say that the Farsi fonts do not work with normal
western PCs, programed to write left to right only. If the Farsi texts were
encoded as pictures, such as the poem on the main page, they would be
received by anyone.

With best regards,

Ricardo Viegas

"All Iranians who care about the widespread of our Mother Culture, will
receive with enthusiasm the news that the Rubaiyyat declaimed in Persian in
two CDs has been published. The artist, Parvin Zarazvand, depicts with the
lively diction of the robais, a surprisingly contemporary portrait of
Khayyam, making the depth of his concepts astoundingly evident. In short,
Khayyam comes alive!

We are sure that you will be proud to spread the news, and communicate the
Web address where further comments are available:

We will be glad if you authorize us, to include in our Web site, a link with
yours, to invite browsing and improve retrieval."

Looking forward to listen from you,



Dear editor, I am looking for a friend.  We used to work at Etelaat Banovan many years ago in Iran.  Her name was Jila Sazegar.  I hope if any of your readers know about  her write to me.  I will leave my phone number and mail with you.  Please help.  Jila's sister, Lila was a good friend of my sister.  This is going to be very helpful.  I live in Germany and to help you, Jila was a very good writer.  Maybe some one knows her.   Moteshaker

Goli Khorvash

Salaam !

I just wanted to send a quick mail to say how grateful I am for your kindness to remind me of the new issues.Needless to say,the magazine is coming up better and better each time,and perhaps the same way that we get better and more pleasant as we age, the same thing also holds true for Rozaneh.

Any how,I don't want to take too much of your time.Once again,thanks for the remarkable effort and the wonderful product(Rozaneh).I wish you much health,success and prosperity.

Best Regards,

Masoud A.


Shirin Jaan,
I looked up your Rozaneh Magazine. Very impressive. I truly admire your efforts. I specially enjoyed your article about Noruz(it brought tears to my eyes). You are a good impressionist writer. 
Love & Light,

Dear editor,

I am a journalism student at the University of Maryland, College Park. I am currently doing research for an article that I am writing for one my classes about the differences in outlooks on life, love, career, etc., between Middle-Eastern parents, who lived most of their lives in the Middle East, and their children, who were born in the United States or came here at a very young age. I believe that there is major conflict between the generations, especially young Middle-Eastern (specifically Iranian) women
and their parents. I believe that young women are trapped between two cultures, their parents' culture and their own, American culture. From what I have seen, it seems that there is very low expectation for young Iranian women to go to college and have successful careers, whereas Iranian men are
expected to be doctors, lawyers, etc.. I would really like to discuss these issues with you or anyone else that you think may be helpful to my research. I haven't seen any research or discussion of this topic and would really appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction. Please e-mail me back at......


Dear Shirin==Eid mubarak!--I thought you might be interested in a letter I recently wrote to a friend. Perhaps you may put something on your website about what the Persian Community in xxxxxx in xxxx is doing. Naturally, I would not want you to quote my friend on xxxxxxx Anyway, tell me what you think--

"Two weeks ago, I had my friends, xxxxxxxx here to dinner and we talked into the night as they are most interesting people. xxxx had just returned from Iran and, although xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx He is our local carpet dealer (the descendent of a long line xxxxxx) and he says antique carpets in Iran are now running into the millions of dollars. Anyway, the xxxxxxx hosted a two day Now Ruz gala at our xxxxx Museum of Art and Science on the 17th and 18th. I helped with it and it was phantasmagorial. .Eight Iranian films were shown. If you have never seen one of them, give yourself a treat. They are mood evocative and you will find yourself wrapped up in their warmth. There was Persian dancing, food, a teahouse, a bride dressed in red, astride a caparisoned horse, going to meet her groom. There were interactive music workshops of all sorts, --vocalization,, percussion, tar and stringed instruments. xxxxx, 6th generation Doctor of Traditional Persian Medicine, an herbalist, had a much visited exhibit. There was a poetry festival with a special lecture and recitation on Rumi by Majid Naini and a world music concert. In addition, there were countless children's activities where they learned to write their names in Farsi, learned Persian dance, attempted to weave, colored Persian carpet patterns, played stringed instruments, etc. A high school senior, one Bijan, manned the history booth. He fascinated young and old with his heroic tales from Persian history recited in a dramatic, exciting fashion. I sold goldfish! They are an integral part of the New Year scene and every child wants his very special goldfish bowl. At one point, I was displaying khatam, a unique Persian craft similar to marquetry, people came up to the exhibit, picked up a box or pencil holder and reminisced about the same type box or pencil holder that they remember on their grandmother's bureau. It was a time of bittersweet memory and nostalgia for many--including me. I didn't want the weekend to end. The Persian community is a small one in xxxxx County but xxxxx wants to make sure everyone knows that they are here! He succeeded!-- Love -Rosemary.

Dear Shirin, I ahve just opened your most recent edition of Rozaneh and both Pari and I would like to congratulate you on a truly professional presentation. There are some excellent articles. Keep up the good work. I will certainly spread the name.

Lots of love to you all.


Hi, Shirin,

I just looked at the new issue of Rozaneh, and the graphics once again are stunning!!! Also, I read your Norooz article, and there are wet drops all over my keyboard -- so it was extremely moving. Really, you did a better job of explaining Norooz to me than anyone else ever has. And I suspect also that your family celebrated it in an especially beautiful way -- particularly by doing so much for the poor, and welcoming everyone. I know that Iranians who read your article will savor the memory of so many details. I do hope that many Americans and others read it as well, and learn for the first time.


It is Very smoothing ...
Your maghaleh was beautiful.......and "Taken out my tears!!" [ashkamo Dar Aavourd] Using Flowers.... is fantastic!!

Some Suggestions....

1- You can not find other section in first page ..... you have to look!!!!
2- On all pages there better be a Bottom to go to home page!!!
3- On Pictures section need to have more guide lines to find what you want or....
4- When I e-mailed I am interested to know when is next issue .... it replied ...**March 1st**!!!

--- we fixed some, we will fix the rest at our earliest, it's been quite busy.  Thank you so much.

Bunny, your website is beautiful. I really like how you designed it! I can see you put a lot of work into it. And your articles are really interesting. 



When I read your article again, I thought it was poetic, really. It even has something of the sense of Farrokhzad. I have told a few people about it already. It is perfectly charming. And I am thrilled to have my review in such a marvelous magazine. I am thinking of writing Elaine Sciolino to tell her about Rozaneh. (I liked her very much, at the January lecture -- she is very personable and attractive, and she said that the reason she keeps going back to Iran is the Iranian people.) I probably can't do it this week, but hopefully the week after.


I LOVE YOU!!!!! your article was so intense.. beautiful.. i started crying and had to go to the bathroom.. YOU are the most amazing, strong, intelligent, beautiful woman in the world. i look up to you, learn from you, want to emulate you and am proud to be compared to you anytime such words are shed. you are glamorous, progressive, refined, classy, smart, hip, deep, intuitive, and just plain evolved... your parents would be beyond proud of you...


---thanks mamy, a bit too much, even for your mama.

Dear Shirin

Just saw my article on Omar - looks great!! You did a very nice job of setting it up. Also - I enjoyed so much your beautiful article on Norooz and celebrating with your family in Iran. It's a most sensitive and delightful piece of writing.

My very best regards,

Dear Shirin

I did see your new edition of Rozaneh. Have not read all the articles yet. But you seem to have done a good job again. I had also enjoyed the articles on Forough in the last issue. 


Dear Shirin, I think you've done a great job, keep up the good work.  

warm regards

John Winn, Paris

Hello Shirin-jan:

I have been tremendously enjoying your on line magazine.  Now I hope to be able to submit some articles to you and images. I really love the global approach you have brought to women.
Thank You!

M. O. 

Congratulations on your website, it looks like you've put a lot of work into it. We'll be regular subscribers! I 've already told some friends. Best wishes.
Kathleen Kelly.

Shirin, we have recently come to know about your Magazine on the web, we are so impressed.  Simin is a regular reader and I have just browsed through it.  It is good and the look quite impressive, perhaps you need to focus on the direction a little more.  Otherwise we are so proud of you.


S. and A. Izadpanah,

South Africa

Dear Rozaneh,

I would like to know if it would be possible to submit articles for publishing
and if there are specific formats one should follow when writing such articles.

Ba Sepas

ali Derakhshan

Dear Yaddolah, I don't work for SIP any more, I redirected your e-mail to their e-mail address.  Don't have a clue about that issue, I learned about it at the same time that you did as I don't take part in their meetings and don't have an official position in there since the new administration.  I was just doing their NL which is not political at all as you can observe yourself.   I thought I was doing  a service to the community and nothing more.  thank you.

Dear readers, if you are interested in an authographed copy of  Pulitzer Prize nominated "Tao of Surfing.....Finding Depth at Low Tide" by the author, Michael Allen, please send an e-mail to : shirintabib@earthlink.net  We will gladly process your order.

Dear Webmaster , 

first let me take this opportunity, to thank you for the great website and the amount of work you have put for this job, I congrdulate you.

I would appreciate if you would kindly place links to the following not-for-profit sites, aiming in providing information for Iranians, please let me know if you would do this, and please also provide us with your web address and possibly your banner, so I will place it in Iran News links page , or Rahnama Links page ( link page will be opening soon ).

I really appreciate your cooperation and concern,

Very truely yours
Maziar Momeni - Webmaster Rahnama and Iran News (Canada)

Hi Shirin
I like your magazine but as I try to open it some of the pages load very slowly including that of Mr. Allen. Can you fix this?

Ferry Zamani

Attention: we fixed some of them, please bear with us.  thank you.

I am an Iranian women who has lived in a shelter for a while, I took refuge there because of all the abuse that I received from my own Iranian husband!. I am now living with a nice american family taking care of their children in exchange for a room!! I have an MS. degree  in Chemistry but since I don't have any experience in this country I am working at a restaurant. I am mostly looking for a relevant job on the internet (thanks to my employer , using their computer). I know there are a lot of Iranian organizations in this area, can someone help me? If they can't help us to the extent of finding a job, I don't know what is the purpose of even having an organization. Wherever I send my resume, they need experience. I am so desperate, do you know what I can do? thank you.


attention: I sent a copy of your resume to some of the people that I thought might be able to help. My heart is with you, stick in there. I love you.

Dear Rozaneh,

The article written by Mr. Arbabi attracted my attention, I would like to read more about this subject. Can Mr. Arbabi write a little more about this subject?.  I am studying music and while I am more into classical music per say,  may write my dissertation on Persian music.  thanx.

Naz Oskooian
University of Ottawa

attention Ms. Oskooian: Mr. arbabi has recently published a book on this issue.  You may contact him personally  at: farbabi@mtu.edu or we can provide him with your e-mail address if you don't mind.   

Dear Shirin,
Congratulations on the new web magazine. I wish you success with this new initiative.
Hossein Farzin
Associate professor
Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics
University of California

I am interested to know what type of articles you are seeking to publish for I would like to submit several of my pieces to your magazine.

Once again, congratulations on your website. I wish you the best.


Banafsheh Pirasteh

Attention: Dear Banafsheh, we responded to your two messages but unfortunately they both returned, can't figure out why?  If you read this, please contact us asap.  Thank you.

I was very impressed with the article "Meditation........." by Ms. Barnhardt. Aside from the excellent manner she depicted just a simple painting that we always take for granted if it is not "made in.......", it was refreshing to hear a foreigner especially an American to write about our country and our culture with such love and affection and attachment. Her delicate expression of each and every detail demonstrates a deep, un-bios persona whom I thought to send my regards and thank her from my heart. Thanks Ms. B., it was great.


Nazem Azimi

Dear Shrin:
I love your Roanehmagazine. It is so beautiful and full of content.  When I start reading it, I forget about everything else that I need to do!
Thanks for the hard work.

Shirin joon,

This is the third time I am sending you an e-mail to congratulate you on the
beautiful job you are doing putting out your very delicate online magazine.
Unfortunately, those first two e-mails were returned to me and I couldn't
figure out why.

I commend you and the crew for the nice work. It truly takes love, caring, enthusiasm, and efforts to put such beautiful magazine online. It contains nice and beneficial articles and resources. Any particular subject of interest you are looking for?

Keep up the good work!
Marjan K.

I came upon your O/L magazine quite accidentally. It caught my curiosity and after reviewing the different pages, I found it attractive in appearance, entertaining, informative, and cosmopolitan. 

Ms. Tabibzade, you're a credit to our community and the Iranian Diaspora.

Bon Chance
Dr. Ardeshir Mahmoodian, London

Dear Mrs. Tabibzadeh:

Now I know why we haven't seen you lately, you've been busy putting together an informative web site. Looks good, and congatulations!


Dear Ms. Tabibzadeh and friends

Thank you for such a wonderful job. A friend told me about your magazine, when is the next issue due. Good luck to you all.

S. Dorostia

Hey, good job Rozaneh, only I think you are a little on the feminist side, is that true? I also think you should put more stuff related to our country, I think you are a little too westernized!!. Other than that, this is one of the most informative beautiful web sites I have ever seen. NO hard feelings???????

Saman Firouzbakht

Congratulations on starting a long due Iranian magazine on line. I already like your mag format and I am sure given time you'll have more to contribute. Keep up the good work and please let me know how I can subscribe so I'll get it automatically. Thanks, Farhad

Good job Rozaneh, Please contact me, I have some articles to send you, they are at least 4-5 pages each, is there a limit? thank you for all the information and when is the next issue coming out, I have already read it all. More than anything else, it is so easy to navigate around! Don't make it too complicated and crowded.

Mitra Vasseur


I took a quick look at your web page, as I only find a short time week nights for other than daily choirs. I would love to contribute something. I did a little research about Tazieh and was intrigued by it. It seems to have all the elements of opera. If I get a chance that could be a short article. Another possibility is to extract pieces from the little book I recently published on Classical Persian Music. The historical accounts should be of interest to general public. 

Good luck and congratulations on a job well done.

Fereidoon A.

Shirin Jan,

My congratulations to you for your rozanehmagazine.com

All during my lunch today, I was enjoying the very educational, fun and relaxing on line rozanehmagazine without leaving my desk. I had my classical music on and reading from Top Fashion in Paris to Poetry of Forough to Political Problems between Israel and Palestine.

Thanks for your CREATIVE work of Net Art Journalism.

Maryam Radmand

Dear Rozaneh,

I am so impressed with your online magazine. Your wide coverage of various topics from poetry and the arts to relationships and psychology is quite refreshing and informative! I am particularly fond of the section you have devoted to women's issues around the world. It is about time Iranian women had such a source! Please keep up the
excellent work.

A devoted reader,

F. Oshkoian

Dear Shirin:
I am so proud of you and I love your Rozaneh. Keep up the good work!
Firuozeh Zandi

Hi Rosaneh,

I would like to see more action as they say, pages like the relationship page where we can chat and fight and get to some kind of conclusions. I also like to know more about our singers, new films, fun stuff, you know. I like the colors and the pictures and the paintings. also your rozaneh picture is so interesting and meaningful. Give us more good stuff. I will write to you again. thank you again.

Nicole N.


At a glance ....This is a neat ..... Clear .... Friendly ..Relaxing ... Artistic ..... and Interesting Web Site .... Good Links ...... May be a little too much Feminist (Which is not BAD) ... and too much TabibZadeh in editorial and Management!!!

In general ... Congratulations ..... and good luck with you ...

H. Pakpour, 

Hi Rozaneh

What a cute name. I want to ask you about your article sections, what kind of articles would you accept. I like to write about my love and love only, is it ok if I send you that kind of stuff? please respond. Also tell me about the length of the article. I am quite new in this thing.


Dear Shirin

Your web site is really quite engaging. I looked at all of it, and liked it alot. ...

Here are some of my comments: I think your graphics are unbelievably lovely, really first-rate. You are extremely talented in this way, I think. I don't think that I have seen another web-site that is so consistently beautiful and appealing. Also, I thought the individual pieces had a great deal of appeal. The site is interesting partly because it shows so much originality and personal involvement. The personal involvement carries through, down to the topics selected and small details. I can feel that there is a caring and informed and exquisite sensibility behind the whole
site. It doesn't seem piecemeal. Also, I particularly liked the "articles" that seem to consist of brief memoirs or vignettes about Iran. These came off as extremely convincing and interesting pieces of experience. I think that you could ultimately put together a book of this type of thing. As a matter of fact, this appeals to me alot. I do think that the "articles" are really more like "vignettes" than they are "articles" (which sounds like news stories). Also, the two pieces on great women are a little hard to read because of the yellow font. But this may not be final, I realize. (
I changed the font on that page after I received this letter. st).

Melinda Barnhardt