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  Vol. 1, Number 4                                          March/April, 2001  



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Jashn-e Norooz
By: Dr. Farhang Mehr

Iranian history is composed of two periods, the period of Zarathushti Iran and the period of Islamic Iran which began in seventh century, after the Arab invasion and the downfall of the Sassanian empire. Full Text

  Hakim Omar Khayyam: Poet, Astronomer, Scientist, Philosopher,....
     By Donn A.  Allen

Hakim Omar Khayyam was born at sunrise on Wednesday May 18 in the year 1048 C.E. at Nishapur.  As befitting a sage who mastered astronomy and reformed the calendar, it took a detailed analysis of the stellar and planetary positions described in the horoscope cast at his birth to arrive at this information. Full Text

Pushing Back the Night
    By Melinda Barnhardt
Persian Mirrors: The Elusive Face of IranBy Elaine Sciolino
New York: The Free Press

Consider the mirror as symbol, as it has resonated throughout the long history of Iran:  In Islam, it conveys purity and divine light.  As Laleh Bakhtiar points out in Sufi Expressions of the Mystic Quest, for the mystic, the movement of its reflected light, radiating from the center, is like that of the soul moving outward from the eye of the heart.  Full Text

Ta'zieh in Iran (Part II)
     By Dr. Freydoon Arbabi

Because taziyeh audiences were intimately familiar with the story plot and convinced of the innocence of the protagonists, Imam Hossein and his entourage, and certain about the guilt of the antagonists, Shemr, Ibn-e Sad and Yazid, it is not possible to judge taziyeh and taziyeh writing by Western methods of theater critic.  Full Text

Satire of the Month (April) By: Kayvon Sarkhosh

Crime of the Mind
     By: Fariborz Mofidian

I was channel surfing the magical tube the other night when a debate on C-Span caught my attention. It was an annual invitiation by a university back East and the honorary guests were the famous liberal attorney Alan Derschwitz and preacher and arch conservative talk show host Rev. Alan Keyes. Full Text

Forgetting To Forgive
By: Hamid Taghavi

Recently, a friend called to ask me for advice on mediating between two feuding friends, Mr. Divardoost and Mr.  Shoornamak. Full Text

A young American and her Iranian boyfriend.

I am an independent American woman in her 30s who has dated two Persian men in her past. One taught me the meaning of true love, and the other taught many sleepless nights of heartache. I cannot begin to reconcile the differences between two people coming from identical cultures. But I will tell my story regarding the first. Full Text

My Yearning
     By: Shirin Tabibzadeh.

As we approach Norooz, a feeling of  nostalgia and yearning fills my heart. The pain of a past long gone and the longing for a dear land that I have not seen for more than two decades but can still revive its scents in my mind, as if it were yesterday, sometimes becomes over whelming.   Full Text


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