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Volume II, Number 10


March/April, 2002








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Naame-ye Iran-e Baastaan

The International Journal of Ancient Iranian Studies
Editor: Professor Touraj Daryaee
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An interview with Dr. Abbas Milani on his upcoming book about the life of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi. (Click to read) (Persian)

Ethnicity, Religion, and Politics in the Middle East
by: Dr. Esmail Nooriala

The other day, an American friend of mine asked me about the curious and emphatic insistence of Iranians to show that they are not Arabs. Some go to such extremes as to explain that all Iranians hate Arabs. Afghans try the same. (Full Text)


Tales of Subversion -Women Challenging          Fundamentalism in the Islamic Republic of Iran (Part II)
    by: Dr. Azar

The first challenge to the Islamic Republic is the challenge of the past.  The Islamic regime took power in the Islamic Revolution in 1979 in the name of the past, putting forward the story that modern Iran was an aberration, a fabrication imposed on the country by the Imperialists and their domestic agents.  (Full Text)


Harnessing Technology to Advance Women's Human     Rights.
   by: Mahnaz Afkhami

The 21st century will usher in rapid and unprecedented transformation in information technology that will offer women a range of new opportunities to shape the world in which we live. But these opportunities will enhance our lives only if we are prepared to take advantage of them. (Full Text)



Kherad (Persian)
By: Iraj Tabibnia
From his recently released book " Dar Setiz-e Rostam-o-Sohrab
(Click to read)


Zanaan-e Naami-e Adabyat-e Iran (Part II)(Persian)
    by: Nosratollah Nooh
(Click to read)


Masterpieces of the World (Persian)
Wuthering Heights (Part II)
    by: Emilie Bronte

    Excerpt and Translation by: Shirin Tabibzadeh(Click to read)


The last days of the year (Persian)
by: Sadaf Kiani

The Sad Story of Love*

by Moniru Ravanipur**
Translated from the Persian 
by Farzin Yazdanfar (Click to read)

Norooz, the Persian New Year


Royal Popes and Dangerous Women
Glimpses of the Lost Culture of Achaemenid Persia
by: Nick Welman

In 331 B.C. the last true Great King of ancient Achaemenid Persia, Darius III, was defeated by Alexander the Great at the epic battle of Gaugamela, in what is now northern Iraq. (Click to Read)


TArikh Va Tamadon-e Ashkani (Persian)
    by: Dr. Touraj Daryaee
    From: Bokhara, published in Iran (Click to Read)


The Gardens of the Great Kings

The Achaemenian spear established Persia's empire, an empire that covered nearly two million square miles and absorbed nations from Libya to India and from Greece to Ethiopia. (Full Text)


Leopard & Tiger Skin Carpets
by: Parviz Tanavoli
From: Tavoos published in Iran

Carpets known as leopard skin or tiger skin carpets are among the most important Iranian carpet designs.  Though these carpets are mostly used by the dervishes, their use is not limited to them and as we will see, many other groups of people, including nomads, show much interest in such designs. (Full Text)






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