January/February 2002

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Hedayat Va Jahaanbini-e Tragic
    by: Dr. Abbas Milani
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Zanaan-e Naami-e Adabiat-e Iran
   by: Nosratollah Nooh
(Persian)(Click to read)


The End of Remembrance
     by: Reza Jula'i

Translated from the Persian
by: Farzin Yazdanfar

It was raining. Rain, mixed with snow, was coming down all evening. Under the dim streetlight hanging from a wooden pole, I could see the small bubbles on the pavement. A carriage passed me, its hood up. I could hear the sound of the horses' hooves. Once again, it was Lalehzar Street in the late hours of a Saturday night in winter. (Full Text)


Tales of Subversion -Women Challenging          Fundamentalism in the Islamic Republic of Iran
    by: Dr. Azar Nafisi

I will begin with a tale.  Its plot centeers on a woman and poet known as Tahereh.  Tahereh was not her real name; it was the title bestowed on her by Bab, a religious leader and the precursor of the Baha'i faith in Iran.  It means "the pure."  Tahereh was born in Qazvin, Iran, in 1814, to a well-known and influential clerical family. (Full Text)


Yaad-e Hoghoogh-e Taarikhi Ra Negaah Daarim
    by: Houshang Tale'e
(Persian) (Click to read)

Yaldaa, the Iranian Christmas!
   by: Dr. Esmail Nooriala


Fire, in Persian Mythology
    by: Farideh Pourabdollah (
persian) (Click to read)


The Cypress of Zoroaster
    by: Parviz Tanavoli
From: Tavoos, Iranian Art Quarterly, published in Iran.

Among the symbols which the Iranians hold dear, none is as popular as the cypress tree.  Innumerable qualities are attributed to this tree and its form. (Full Text)


    by: Sadaf Kiani
(Persian)(Click to read)


    A Literary Piece

     by: Mimi

That night I saw “Nothing’ sitting on his yellow winged bloody mouth horse of ego.  His beady eyes were shining with a sense of nefarious revenge, having it all under perspective of his eyes of snake, impatient to see the woman’s defeat.  He was tall but he looked like a dwarf. (Full Text)


Masterpieces of the World
    Wuthering Heights
    by: Emilie Bronte

     Excerpt and Translation by: Shirin Tabibzadeh
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