Women for Women International

What is it?



Women for Women International is dedicated to building a world that ensures equality and justice for all. Women for Women International's definition of justice includes economic, political, and social justices that has gender equality at its core. Women for Women International envisions a world where no woman is abused, poor, illiterate or marginalized; where women have full and equal participation in processes that ensure their health, well-being, and economic independence; and where women have the freedom to define their lives, future and
reach their full potential.


Women for Women International provides women with tools and resources needed to move out of crisis and poverty and into stability and self-sufficiency.

Through a strategic, three-phase operation encompassing (1) direct aid (Sponsorship Program), (2) skills training, rights awareness and leadership development (Renewing Women's Life Skills "ReneWLS" Program) and (3) microcredit lending (Microcredit Lending Program), Women for Women International focuses on helping poor, vulnerable and rural women -- women who might otherwise be forgotten. The strength of the organization stems from its steadfast belief in an individual's ability to make a difference in the world. Each one of Women for Women International's supporters is making a difference in one woman's life...one woman at a time. These programs -- Sponsorship, ReneWLS, and Microcredit Lending -- help women survivors move from crisis to opportunity and self-sufficiency. The programs are rebuilding the fabric of communities, fostering networks of support for women survivors, and facilitating individual, family and community reconciliation.

Women for Women International's programs: 

Provide vital emotional support to women during times of crisis and upheaval

Help women survivors know they are not forgotten

Ensure that women get funds needed for basic necessities for themselves and their children.

Provide women with knowledge, tools and resources not otherwise available to them

Increase women's confidence, skills and job readiness

Foster dialogue, trust and support among course participants, who represent various ethnic backgrounds

Create community among women whose villages and communities have been uprooted and destroyed

Facilitate individual, family and community reconciliation

Assist with the rebuilding of lives, community and society

You can make a difference: E-mail: general@womenforwomen.org