Bobak Etminani, the visiting artist from Iran and his beautiful paintings

"I seek the essence, the Hidden Obvious, in its might andmajestic beauty. I sense the mysterious oneness of nature, the greatest source of my inspiration. I paint to beg the Inseparable to unveil a secret upon my canvas. If my prayer is granted, a universe made of paint comes to life before my eyes, to which I bear witness. Thus I paint to harmonize my inner self with an ever-expanding force, the Grand Gesture, which unifies everything into one being; like a whirling Sufi." (Bobak Etminani)

After receiving his Masters degree in Fine Arts from the
California College of Arts and Crafts in 1991, Bobak Etminani returned to his native Iran to teach and paint. Living in Iran's transitional society for more than a decade matured his artistic vision to integrate the two opposites of modernism and mystical tradition, captured in his recent paintings, The Creation Series. Now he is visiting the United States to introduce his paintings as well as his innovative, efficient teaching method.

To contact the artist please call 805.796.4100, or send anEmail to:

His WorkShop at Berkeley:

If you are a beginner, this workshop is meant for you. You may think it is difficult to start painting or you have no talent, and I prove you're wrong. We paint over "given line drawings," so you won't need any drawing skills. Each time I give you a specific assignment to do, which follows by an OBJECTIVE critique, so you'll know exactly what you did right or wrong. Throughout this process, which takes 16 hours of your time (four Saturdays in November), you will learn A LOT about color and technique, you will gain a lot of confidence handling paint and brush, and your way of thinking about Painting will dramatically change. I have taught this workshop for many years in Iran, and I have seen its amazing result. Tuition $150.

Saturdays 10am to 2pm, November 2, 9, 16, and 23.

Address Saffron Cafe, 2813 7th Street, Berkeley, CA 94710.

For registration and information, please call 805-796-4100,

or send an Email to