November/December, 2002


 Volume III, Number 14











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Gabriel Garcia Marquez


The Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded Jimmy Carter the honor for “his decades of untiring effort” to resolve international conflicts, advance human rights and promote economic and social development


Egypt's amazing new 'Bibliotheca Alexandrina' set for a gala opening ceremony in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria on Wednesday night

High-profile opening for the new library of Alexandria


Thousands lined the streets of Delft on Tuesday morning as the Netherlands bade farewell to Queen Beatrix’s husband Prince Claus von Amsberg, who died last week aged 76. The solemn occasion marked the first Dutch royal funeral in four decades, the last being that of Queen Beatrix’s grandmother, Queen Wilhelmina, in 1962.


Daughter of a former US president, Oxford university student, society girl, “the new John F Kennedy Jr”... Chelsea Clinton’s merits go on and on. In her latest achievement she takes on a rather different role however: that of sitcom actress in hit BBC comedy Absolutely Fabulous.
The fact that Chelsea is trying her hand at acting doesn’t mean she’s abandoned her studies at Oxford though. On the verge of starting her second year of International Relations at the ancient seat of learning, Chelsea is following in the footsteps of her dad who also studied there.


A new poll has named the top ten Britons of all time, with some surprising results. According to the BBC survey of more than 30,000 people across the UK, just three personalities from the 20th century make the grade – Diana, Princess of Wales, Beatle John Lennon and former Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Literature great William Shakespeare was chosen, as were scientists Charles Darwin and Isaac Newton. Queen Elizabeth I is the only royal aside from the late Princess Diana to be selected for the top ten – the rest of the list is rounded out by 18th century naval commander Horatio Nelson, engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel and seventeenth century Lord Protector of England, Oliver Cromwell.

Over the next five weeks, historians and celebrities – including presenter Jeremy Clarkson and comic Alan Davies – will host TV profiles of their favourite top ten personalities as viewers are invited to vote for their pick.

At the end of the series, the greatest Briton of all time as voted by viewers will be announced live by Weakest Link quiz mistress Anne Robinson after a live studio debate.


Princess Stephanie survived the 1982 car accident that killed her mother Princess Grace as the two travelled on a winding mountain road in Monaco, but has declined to speak publicly about the painful topic for the last two decades. But now, the 37-year-old royal has shared her thoughts on the tragedy for the first time in an interview to be published in next week’s HELLO! magazine.

The middle child of Princess Grace explains that the healing of the emotional scars has been made more difficult by talk of her being at the wheel of the car during the crash.

“The only real witness to the accident saw that my mother was at the wheel, that I wasn’t driving,” say Stephanie, who reveals she watched Grace’s funeral on TV from her hospital bed. “I’ve had enough of people saying that I killed her.”

She says she's speaking out now because she can't bear it any longer. "Not only did I go through the horrible trauma of losing my mother at a very young age but I was beside her at the moment of the accident. Nobody can imagine how much I've suffered, and still suffer."


Price William becomes first royal to get 21st birthday stamp


Curtis shines in stage version of Some Like it Hot


England: Darius Danesh, the most attractive man of Februray!


Miss Russia (on the right) and Miss Panama

For the first time in the 52-year history of the Miss Universe contest, the reigning holder of the title has been asked to stand down and is being replaced with her runner-up.

The current Miss Universe, Oxana Fedorova, was crowned in May in front of a worldwide TV audience of approximately 600 million people. The win caused scenes of euphoria in Russia, because the 24-year-old law student and police officer was the first Russian woman to win the title.

The Miss Universe organisation has now confirmed, however, that Oxana is to be replaced with Justine Pasek of Panama, after apparently failing to stick to the gruelling schedule of engagements assigned to the Miss Universe holder. She was fired for not fulfilling her duties, said one source.

Some reports suggested that Oxana might have flouted pageant regulations by secretly marrying her boyfriend, or that she might even be pregnant.

In the Russian press, however, outstanding law student Oxana explains that it's much simpler: she has decided that she would rather complete her studies and continue her job as part of the St Petersburg police force than honour her Miss Universe obligations.

Tycoon Donald Trump, who part-owns the pageant, said; Its too bad it didnt work out better with Oxana, but our new Miss Universe is just as beautiful and she is a tremendous crowd pleaser.


Remembering Grace of Monaco on the 20th anniversary of her tragic death