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Persian Heritage

Persian New Year will be on:

Tehran Monday March 20 09:55.35 PM

New york Monday March 20 01:25:35 PM

California Monday March 20 10:25.35 AM

History of Valentine's Day

Sent by: Shahin

Once upon a time- in ancient Rome, February 14th was a holiday to honor Juno. Juno was the Queen of the Roman Gods and Goddesses. The Romans also knew her as the Goddess of women and marriage. The following day, February 15th, began the 'Feast of Lupercalia' (festival of the wolf) which was one of the most important in Imperial Rome.

Transferring the Spirit of Rostam to Iranian Arms and Armor

By: Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani

Generations of Iranians have grown up with the story of Kaveh Ahangar. Kaveh saved many people by starting a rebellion against the tyrant Zahak Mardush. Zahak had been terrorizing Iranians for years, feeding the brains of their children to the snakes who had grown on his shoulders.

I became convinced that noncooperation with evil is as much a moral obligation as is cooperation with good.

More quotes from Martin Luther King, Jr.

An Iranian who Advocates his nation's Disintegration

By: Dr. Kaveh Farrokh

Parnian is a descendant of Karim Khan Zand from both sides of her family. She, like the majority of Kurds and Lurs vehemently reject people like Sor who are designated as "Jash". Jash in Kurdish means a stupid man who behaves like a braying donkey for his enemies. People like Mr. Esfandiari, Mehrdad Izady and Dora Sor keep forgetting that the majority of Iran's population, including Lurs and Kurds reject their message and know what the real agenda of the "Human Rights" activists is.

By: Firouz Malek-Madani, Ph.D.

This is the first article on a series of articles on Amir Nezam Garrousi a prominent 19th century Persian statesman, a distinguished military leader and an educational scholar, who served in various important administrative as well as military positions during the reigns of Mohammad Shah, Naser Eldin Shah and Mozafaredin Shah Qajar.

Aya vaght-e an naresideh ast ke az khaab-e sokre aavar bidaar shavim?

By: Dr. Ahmad Panahandeh

A review on Houshang Nahavndi's Book about the Last Shah of Iran

By: William Wolf

May I draw your attention to a new book by Houchang Nahavandi, a former Minister of the last Shah of Iran (Mohammad Reza Pahlavi). Please see the attached file for a picture of the front cover.

Saal-e 2006 saal-e Kourosh-e Kabir

By: Hoomer Abramian, Australia

Two paintings by Partov Zia in London (November 22 - December 22)

Az Bijan Sokhan migooyam, honarmand-e tabeediy-e Irani Seresht-e Irani

Dr. Jalil Doostkhah writes abut Bijan Assadipour, the talented artist, journalist, and author

Negaahi be ketaab-e "Neveshtan baa durbin" , interviews with Ebrahim


By: Parviz Hamzavi

Readers of the world unite
Author Azar Nafisi has always wanted to create a 'republic of imagination.' With the help of Web-savvy techs, she's on her way to creating a global book club


In the book club of her dreams, Iranian-born writer and English professor Azar Nafisi imagines making room for U.S. President George W. Bush, his predecessor Bill Clinton and even Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of her native land who was rebuked by the United Nations in October for his remarks that Israel should be "wiped off the map."

Introducing "We are Iran: The Persian Blogs"

A book By: Nasrin Alavi

Sent by: Amil Imani

Theirs is not the Iran of bearded ayatollahs and thuggish militias, but a country that has educated itself to the point where it finds the Islamist fundamentalists antiquated and laughable, where adult literacy (and computer literacy) is higher than in many European states, and where 70% of the population is under 30 and keen to usher in a new Iran. As one blogger (safsari.persianblog.com/) wrote:

The Breathtaking Jewelry Museum of Iran

By: Sara Mashayekh

The National Treasury of Iran located in the Central Bank, on Tehran’s Ferdowsi Avenue, is home to the most exceptional jewels of the country. It is officially named “The Treasury of National Jewels” but is commonly referred to as the “Jewelry Museum.” The museum is only open to the public 3 days a week from 2 to 4 in the afternoon and according to a law made by Reza Shah that is still in force today, the government’s representatives are required to be present while the collection is open to the public. The Crown Jewels of Iran are by far the largest and most dazzling jewel collection in the world. So valuable is the collection that it backs the Iranian national currency as a reserve.

Publicly Financed Enlightening Entertainment
- Shackles - Womankind Enchained - Press Release -

For Immediate Release: - January 1, 2006

My Dear Fellow Humankind,

My name is Bahram Maskanian and I am a Persian American man. Early 2004 I became aware of a few alarming reports about the existence of a highly active slave trade within and around Iran / Persia. I began researching the issue and soon found out that not only the barbaric and tragic problem of human trafficking and slavery exists in Iran, but that the criminal mullah's regime profits on the sacrifice of defenseless young Iranian women and men. Based on my research, and also on the testimony of a few survivors of this heinous practice, I wrote a screenplay for a feature film entitled: - Shackles

Mozart's 250th marked in Austria


Celebrations marking the 250th birthday of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart are being held around the world. Many of the events are centred on his birthplace in Salzburg, and Vienna, where he made his home and died at the age of 35.

Soheil Danesh Eshraghi excellent Caricature

Born in 1984in Tehran.Graphic designer and cartoonist.
Graduated in Graphic Design -Faculty of Fine art Tehran University
Began his career as a cartoonist since 1995.
Cooperation with several magazines such as “Tavana”,
“Humor & caricature” ,“Kayhan Caricature”
and etc.Activity in book's illustrations.

Iranian Film Festival 2006 in Boston

Sent by: Amil Imani

The Freer Gallery's tenth annual festival of Iranian films features five new films showcasing the best in contemporary Iranian filmmaking. This year's edition includes films by both new and established directors, along with special guests and an animated film for families. All films are in Farsi with English subtitles unless otherwise noted.

Darius Kadivar's Corner

Paris Report

About the Author: Darius KADIVAR is a freelance journalist born to an Iranian father and French mother. He works and lives in France.


The World of Cinema

JOYEUX NOEL, a movie worth seeing

You sure want to bite life with all your might after seeing it and not necessarily just for the title

French Role Model : Eternel Immigrant Charles Aznavour ...

A year ago, I had the oppurtunity to see French Singer crooner Charles Aznavour on French TV talk Show Vivement Dimanche dedicated to former Empress of Iran Farah Pahlavi. Azavour sang a touching song  "Voyages" aka "Trip" with his second daughter Katia and shared souveniers with the Empress.

French Iranian director Robert Hossein to stage
Epic Tale of BEN HUR in 2006



































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More articles about Iran

Iran: Religion and Love
Ladane Nasser

For Iran's young population, celebrating a solemn religious holiday while also gearing up for the excitement of Valentine's Day created an enthralling cultural dichotomy on the streets of Tehran last week.

Bonfire of the Pieties
Islam prohibits neither images of Muhammad nor jokes about religion.


"The Muslim Fury," one newspaper headline screamed. "The Rage of Islam Sweeps Europe," said another. "The clash of civilizations is coming," warned one commentator.

Devoted and Defiant
Babak Dehghanpisheh and Christopher Dickey

Born to a blacksmith, educated as a revolutionary, trained as a killer and derided by rivals as a mystical fanatic, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is easily cast as the personification of everything there is to fear about a nuclear Iran. But he may be worse than that—not because of how he looks to the outside world, but because of what he represents inside his country.

President Bush Delivers State of the Union Address

February 01, 2006
The White House
President's Remarks

Tonight, let me speak directly to the citizens of Iran: America respects you, and we respect your country. We respect your right to choose your own future and win your own freedom. And our nation hopes one day to be the closest of friends with a free and democratic Iran. (Applause.)

Dances With Foxes

By: Farhad Mafie

Many foxes will grow grey, but few grow good" B. Franklin

To Tame Tehran

January 28, 2006
The Washington Post
Michael McFaul and Abbas Milani

In response to Tehran's foolish decision to restart its nuclear enrichment program, the U.N. Security Council finally got serious about dealing with the Iranian threat.

Prepare yourself for the Unthinkable: War Against Iran May be a Necessity
Gerard Baker

The unimaginable but ultimately inescapable truth is that we are going to have to get ready for war with Iran. Being of a free-speaking, free-thinking disposition, we generally find in the ......

Iranian Mojahedin Accepts Defeat - Rejects Armed Struggle
Iran Press Service

LONDON -- "The Mojahedeen Khalq Organisation (MKO) rejects armed struggle and commits itself only to non-violent means of struggle (against Iran), the Baghdad-based Organisation has reportedly decided, after more than two decades of futile armed struggle aimed at toppling the Islamic Republic.

LONDON -- "The Mojahedeen Khalq Organisation (MKO) rejects armed struggle and commits itself only to non-violent means of struggle (against Iran), the Baghdad-based Organisation has reportedly decided, after more than two decades of futile armed struggle aimed at toppling the Islamic Republic.


Left Aside

By Eli Lake

Good article, please read

Now would be a good time for the peace community to sober up and find a conscience. After failing numerous moral tests after September 11, 2001, the academic left, the anti-war agitators have an opportunity with Iran.

M. Azad, the famous poet and translator died from cancer on January 16th, 2006

God bless his soul

A Carnival of Iran Absurdities

January 17, 2006
The Straits Times
Amir Taheri

Treating the issue of Iran's alleged nuclear ambition as a hot potato, the European trio of Britain, Germany and France have decided to pass it on to the International Atomic Energy Agency and from there to the U.N. Security Council.

Sex, Drugs and HIV: No Strangers to Iran

Doctors and patients together try to raise awareness and save lives

TEHRAN -- On the outside, things look pretty good for Abdullah and his wife Zoreh. They've been happily married for five years and just had their first child, Ali Reza, now six months old.

Iran's Nuclear Decision Starts Shock Wave
The Wall Street Journal

After breaking the seals on its once-secret nuclear facility at Natanz, Iran has now set the stage for a long-threatened showdown with Europe and the U.S.

Link to Reza Pahlavi interview with Foz News

by Amir Taheri

Tired of reading bad news for a whole year? Well, here is some relief: 2005, designated by doomsayers as annus horriblis, is drawing to a close as one of the best years of the new century so far.

Ignorance, the Greatest Threat Facing America

By: Amil Imani

The intention of this article is to provoke a much needed debate on the nature of a phenomenon called "Islamic Terrorism.” Most people in America assume that the phenomenon called "Islamic Terrorism" started after the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center in New York City.

Iran and the Crash of 2006

January 07, 2006
The Chicago Tribune
Marvin Zonis

Since the election of new President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in June, Iran's leaders have taken to making unusually frank statements committing their country to mastering the entire nuclear fuel cycle, thus giving them the potential to divert enriched uranium or plutonium for constructing nuclear weapons. Here is a sampling:

Waiting for an Explosion in Iran

Safa Haeri

By stating his wish to see Ariel Sharon, “the criminal of Sabra and Shatilla dead and joining his ancestors”, the news Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad demonstrated that not only he is genuine

The Rise of the Hard-liners?

January 06, 2006
Pierre Heumann

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon lies on his deathbed, and alongside him perhaps the hope of peace in the Middle East. Iran's rabble-rousing President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad threatens the fragile situation -- potentially leading to a coflict that would engulf more than just the region.

by Amir Taheri

They are well-heeled, sophisticated and full of energy. And, yet, since last August they have faced a growing sense of boredom because, for the first time in years, they have plenty of time on their hands with nothing to do.

Domestic Threats to Iranian Stability: Khuzistan and Baluchistan Print Mail

By Michael Rubin

The Islamic Republic of Iran is facing a new wave of domestic violence, with multiple bombings in the provinces of Khuzistan and Baluchistan in the past six months.

U.S. makes its case with laptop clues

By William J. Broad and David E. Sanger The New York Times

In mid-July, senior U.S. intelligence officials called the leaders of the international atomic inspection agency to the top of a skyscraper overlooking the Danube in Vienna and unveiled the contents of what they said was a stolen Iranian laptop computer

For Jews, there have always been two Irans
By: Dr. Abbas Milani

PALO ALTO, California The Bible is full of praise for Persia (today's much-maligned Iran) and for its rulers. In the Book of Ezra, God speaks through the proclamations of Cyrus, the king of Persia, who declares, "The Lord God of Heaven hath given me all the kingdoms of the earth, and he has charged me to build him a house in Jerusalem."

Rage without a cause
A policy of appeasement will not ensure peaceful co-habitation in Europe's multi-ethnic cosmopolitan community

By: Iqbal Latif

Chirac has played its foreign policy of 'pacification' partly to keep its 5 million immigrant population mollified. In the first disturbing assertion that a European country and its capital can be brought to a halt by the massed forces of Islamist ....

United States Releases 2005 International Religious Freedom Report

"Countries of Particular Concern" include China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan

The U.S. Department of State released the seventh Annual Report on International Religious Freedom, which examines the status of religious freedom around the world.

European cities on guard for French-style violence

By Erik Kirschbaum

BERLIN (Reuters) - Images of French ghettos in flames are causing increasing discomfort across Europe and have raised fears the violence could spread across borders.

The U.S. Department of State released the seventh Annual Report on International Religious Freedom, which examines the status of religious freedom around the world.

A group of students from the Teheran University writes to the Nobel Prize winner Harold Printer

Harold Pinter won the Nobel Prize for literature for this year (2005). In his speeches that he delivered at various places, including Turin University , he lashed out at the American foreign policy. He gave those speeches after he had undergone a.....

Bush's Great Middle East Gamble
The Weekly Standard
Reuel Marc Gerecht

Since 9/11, President Bush and this most convulsive region of the Muslim world have become Siamese twins, inseparably connected in Iraq. If the Iraqi experiment takes--and we will certainly know whether a new democratic Iraq is alive and kicking by the en.....

Regime Change

Abbas Milani

The clerical cabal that rules Iran is pushing its captive population ever closer to the precipice. President Ahmadinejad's declaration that Israel should be "wiped out" has dramatically enhanced Iran's isolation. The regime's best hope is that China's insatiable hunger for energy will lead Beijing to use its veto power to thwart a possible U.N. sanction.

Bush Calls Iran and Syria 'Outlaw Regimes'
Caren Bohan

President George W. Bush on Friday called Iran and Syria "outlaw regimes" and said countries that support terrorism are just as guilty of murder as those who commit the violence. "We're determined to deny radical groups the support and sanctuary of outlaw regimes. State sponsors like Syria and Iran have a

Iran's New Anti-Israel 'Rage'

October 28, 2005
New York Post
Amir Taheri

The new president of the Islamic Republic, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has radically changed a key aspect of Iran's regional policy by committing his administration to the destruction of Israel. In a speech Wednesday, Ahmadinejad .....


Blair Hints at Military Action after Iran's 'Disgraceful' Taunt

October 28, 2005
Philip Webster

Tony Blair gave warning last night that the West might have to take military action against Iran after worldwide condemnation of its President’s call for Israel to be “wiped off the map”.

A few letters to Michael Ledeen on AEI Conference

The individuals who are the panelists at AEI’s event on October 26, 2005, “The Unknown Iran; Another Case for Federalism?”are not representatives of Azerbaijanis, Kurds, Baluchis, and Arabs. Some of the panelists support extremist views that are not .......